27 Year Old, No Kids, 34A Having 240cc Nagor Impleo Moderate Profile, over the Muscle - London, GB

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Ahhh 4 days! I wanted to do a review on here as...

Ahhh 4 days! I wanted to do a review on here as I've found it so helpful, especially for finding girls with smaller implants.

I am booked in for 240cc subglandular implants on Tuesday 4th October. I'm excited and nervous, and paid for the procedure yesterday so no going back! I'm a 34a now and I only want to go up to a c cup, so my biggest worry is that they might be too big. I was also offered 270cc but I tried the rice sizers and they felt humongous, and on my second consultation my surgeon agreed that might look too pumped up as I'm only little. I think he's going to try a sizer on the day but I've pushed for the smaller ones.

Boob day tomorrow!

Woke up this morning with a stuffy nose so just trying to drink loads of water and eat masses of fruit to shake it off before tomorrow. Feeling nervous still, but excited. To think this time tomorrow it might be all done! At work till 8pm but I can't really concentrate, just sat here googling more boobs!

Waiting to go in!

So I'm here at the hospital. The list starts at 11 and I'm first! I feel sick but I think thats hunger. Just waiting for dr James and the anaesthetist, and wondering when to put my gown on...

Made it!

And they're in! They look very big but they're very swollen and hard. The right is worse than the left but I think it's the drain that's hurting more than the boob itself. Been sat with ice packs on since I came back to the room which the nurse said is helping but still looks very big.

Dr James went with the 240cc which is good as I felt 270 would be too big for me. I'm looking forward for them to settle in a few days!

Both boobs felt quite sunburnt immediately after which I think was the feeling of the skin stretching. They're better now, although they really hurt the first time I went for a wee. I've never felt the effect of gravity on the girls before! I have drains in and the pain in the right one is now quite localised around that, so hopefully when they come out it should feel better.

Feels bizarre to look down but I think I like them!

Day 2

Sore today. I slept better but my back was aching when I woke up. I think i'm more swollen as well as I can feel a lot of tightness around my incisions. Bought some arnica today in the hope that will help, and also taking nurofen plus as co-codamol doesn't agree with me.

Managed to have a shallow bath last night but I might not bother today. I don't want to take my bra off in case I struggle to get them back in! In between both boobs is very swollen too which is causing a lot of tightness. Urgh!

Day 2 still...

Dropped a bit but still huge!

Day 4

After an awful night where they felt so achey like they were going go explode, I've put a different style bra on from m&s thats a size smaller and so much more comfortable! I feel loads better, not walking hunched over, no sharp pain underneath by my incisions. They're still very swollen and look stuck on but getting softer.

Day 5

Really struggling to find a comfortable bra! My incision on the right is really hurting, and I think my bra is making it worse. Swapped for a different style, same size yesterday which have some temporary relief but then started hurting again when I moved around, not sure if it has enough support as the band is a bit loose. Slept in the tighter one but woke up with indentations everywhere, so I've ordered a 34dd to try for tomorrow.

Aside from that they seem to be settling, left one has been fine but right feels a bit uncomfortable. Not painful, just weird. I've got ice on it now as it looks rounder than the left and so may just be more swollen. Slept on the sofa last night but woke up with a sore back again, so might try lying a bit flatter tonight. So glad I've got another 3 days off work!

One week!

So much better today, not really feeling any pains in my incision. Still struggling to sleep on my back because of backache but lying on a hot water bottle seems to help.

Left one seems to be dropping quicker than the right. Going to sit with some ice on today to try and take the swelling down a bit more as right can feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

One week check up

Went to see my PS today for my check up. He's put me on antibiotics for 5 days as the drain hole on the right looks a bit infected and he doesn't want it to spread to the implant. He thinks there's also some fluid build up around the right implant but said it could just be that the pocket is sitting a bit high still. Going for another check up next week so hopefully swelling will have gone down by then.

2 weeks

Swelling going down very very slowly

Nearly 9 weeks

Been having mixed feelings about then this week. The right one is still very sensitive. Also when i lift my arms up even just a bit i feel they look very round at the top and sides. But then I think they look worse in different lights - which sounds weird! Left one has dropped more than the right so hopefully they've still got a way to go.

I've also put on half a stone which I can't work out. I eat healthy anyway and have been eating the same the whole way through, did lots of walking before i could go back to the gym. Got back into my exercise routine at 6 weeks and was given the OK to run, but I can't shift the weight. My implants are only 500g combined so it's not just that. Going away for xmas in 2 weeks so fingers crossed I can lose a couple of pounds before then because my holiday clothes are very tight.

Considering an explant

Really missing my pre-op boobs. I feel top-heavy and like they don't suit my frame. I'm quite petite and I miss being flatter and wearing delicate floaty clothes. Argh!

Booked in for another chat with my PS next week about having them out. I'm hoping it will be included in the original price worried it might not be.

Explant consultation

Just been to see my PS to talk about removal. I cried for hours last night because I really regret going through with the BA in the first place. They're so round and unnatural, I just want to feel like myself again. I also came across breast implant illness and I have several symptoms which have appeared in the past 2 months which just makes me want them out even more.

I burst into tears again when I saw him as soon as I said I wasn't happy with with them. He was really nice about it and said it was a quick 20min procedure under general with a really quick recovery period. He said he could do it next week but because I'm going on holiday it's best too wait. I would like them out before I go away because I feel so awful in my summer clothes but oh well. I want to get infected or feel restricted because of the incisions.

I've emailed his secretary about booking for Jan so fingers cross he can fit me in asap. I just want my little boobies back!

And they're out!

So I've just come out of my implant removal surgery and I feel amazing! I feel so light and free! Definitely made the best decision having them removed.

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