29years Old, Tuberous/ Tubular Breasts Correction with implants, 2 Kids, 5,4", 58kg, 405cc Overs - Aberdeen UK

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I wasn't going to write a review but being 3 days...

I wasn't going to write a review but being 3 days post op and severely bored I thought my story may help someone.
I have tuberous breasts/tubular breast deformity. I have hated my breast size and shape for as long as I can remember and I realised young that my breasts were not "normal" and I always knew that one day I was going to get them fixed. Genetics were not kind to me...I have ginger hair, acne, required braces, had deformed boobs and as a result suffered from some serious confidence issues growing up.

I was commenced on the pill which cleared up my acne a fair bit and I had train track braces for 2.5years which worked wonders for my smile. I was starting to feel a little more confident in my late teens but still had these hideous boobs. I never filled out bras and I wore chicken fillets a couple of times which ended up with nipples poking out or the fillets near falling out when drunk/dancing, I could never wear a backless top/dress and felt very restricted with what I could/couldn't wear. My breasts were always too small for my frame which has made me feel FAT my whole life. looking back to when I was a slim size 8 I still felt fat/massive as my stomach always projected out further than my breasts. swimwear and pjs were always an issue as I felt hideous wearing them in front of others (I did not have a padded bra to hide behind)

I decided not to take a before photo of my breasts as I couldn't bear to see them again, however a photo would have posed very useful for this review (my surgeon took photos pre op and I will request to have those) in the meantime I will try to describe what they looked like. They both lacked upper volume and looked saggy, they were asymmetrical and left was smaller and more constricted than the right, the nipples/areola were puffy and herniated due to constricted tissue and the right areola was much much larger than the left. the right breast was also saggier and lay lower on my chest wall than the left. my nipples were positioned low on both breasts close to the breast crease. they were UGLY! I felt UGLY my whole life as a result.

I had my 1st child unplanned at age 21 and my breasts increased in size dramatically and when they reduced post pregnancy to a worse shape than before I was left even more devastated. I was very busy at this time being a new mum and finishing my nursing course at uni I decided to postpone surgery. I then wanted another child and after 22months of trying I finally conceived and post 2nd baby my breasts and body looked worse than ever hence the decision to find a surgeon and get them fixed.
I have been with my fiancée since I was 16 and he has always been very accepting of my breasts and only finally agreed to support my decision of corrective surgery.

choosing Mr Amir Tadros

After getting engaged and starting to plan a wedding I just couldn't face the thought of getting married feeling ugly in my wedding dress with my ugly deformed boobs so I decided now is the time to get them fixed.

I was recommended Albyn Hospital in Aberdeen by a friend as the food is meant to be amazing (due to nausea post op I only ate porridge, toast and sorbet and was disappointed I never got to sample the delicious food)
I live in the Highlands in the north of Scotland and Aberdeen was a good choice as it is one of the closest hospitals to me despite the 4.5hr drive to get there. I googled Albyn Hospital and came across Mr Tadros and his experience and credentials stood out to me straight away. I came to learn that he has a 3month cooling off period and being impatient and wanting my boobs fixed asap I ended up researching a lot of other surgeons even in Glasgow and Edinburgh but none of them stood out to me as much.
I contacted Mr Tadros' secretary Helen and booked my inital consultation on March 8th. I was very nervous about someone else seeing my breasts and I was terrified I was going to feel hideous when being examined. Mr Tadros immediately made me feel comfortable with his professional yet approachable manner. Being a nurse I have met my fair share of arrogant surgeons but he was far from arrogant. I was confident he was going to be my surgeon.

As I was keen to proceed with surgery and due to the nature of my breast deformity I was very grateful to be able to have my surgery on May 28th.

I seen Mr Tadros again for my consultation 10th May for selecting size of implants. I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed after this appointment. I tried on two different sizers and I felt the first was too small and the second too large, however I found it difficult to self assess as there was not a full length mirror available and only a mirror above the sink in the room. I am a very indecisive person and when trying on clothes I often ponder in front of a mirror for quite some time. My fiancée accompanied me and it helped having him there for advice. I was more annoyed at myself after the appointment as I didn't enquire about another mirror or ask for more time trying on the sizers, or even ask to take a photo. The majority of my dissatisfaction was at myself for not being more assertive and saying nothing at the time when I felt anxious. We agreed on an implant in-between the two I tried on and decided on approx 400cc implants.

I emailed Helen his secretary with my anxieties and concerns re size and she phoned me very promptly to discuss this. She was amazing and extremely reassuring. He is very lucky to have such a lovely kind, knowledgeable and informative person working for him. We arranged to discuss implant size on the day of the operation to further reassure me and relieve and anxieties I had about sizing.
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