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Today I had a consultation with Dr Amir Tadros, at...

Today I had a consultation with Dr Amir Tadros, at the BMI Albyn hospital Aberdeen, Scotland for a breast augmentation.

A bit about me: I'm 23 years old, 5'10", slightly heavier than I should be/used to be, no children, 34A bra size. I have wanted a breast enlargement for years and with my first job after university I will be able to pay for it. Researching before the appointment I thought I would want anatomical implants under the muscle to make a large B/C cup.

Arranging the initial appointment was easy and I didn't have to wait long. Helen, Dr Tadros' secretery was extremely friendly and helpful. She phoned me a few days before the procedure to explain what will happen and the basics, and also gave me an idea of how long I would have to wait for a surgical date which was good as I had to readjust my expectations! I'm obviously impatient.

The appointment was pleasant. Dr Tadros introduced his self, took a brief history, offered a chaperone, and examined by breasts and took measurements. He told me that I have accessory breast tissue, in both armpits (I thought it was just fat!) which makes the breasts look smaller as it hollows out the upper portion of the breasts. The options were to bulk out the hollow with implants and/or remove the accessory tissue surgically during the procedure. This would require a larger scar and the risk of excess skin. He advised that I get sub glandular round implants! Totally different to my expectations but he explained it well and I agree. Thinking about it, I would like if the accessory breast tissue could be removed at least partially as I can't wear anything strapless at the moment, and I always have flesh sticking out bras/swimming costumes.

Dr Tadros likes his patients to have a 2-3 month cooling off period, then have a further consultation to discuss the implants more, then the date of surgery can be booked. I left the consultation feeling excited and confident in Dr Tadros' judgement. Can't wait for the next stage!

Before photo

A photo of my breasts pre-surgery. (Ignore the red mark, but have just scratched my self!). Notice the prominent axillary breast tissue.

March 1st

So excited. After weeks of trying to find an available date for surgery that fits in with my rota and swapping with colleagues, I've finally booked March 1st! It doesn't seem like a long time away. I'm sure the time will fly by. Currently trying to get in shape and lose as much weight as I can, since I'm at my heaviest I've ever been (relationship, new shift work job, general love affair with bread) and I know I can't do strenuous exercise after the op.

I will have an appointment in February to try sizers and decide on what size to go for. I wish I could bring my boyfriend along for a second opinion but he is in Australia at the moment. I'm hoping for a full C or D.

Also, I only have 12 days off after the op to recover. I hope that's enough. I go back to a busy and active job.

Would love to hear about a few things:
1. I'm nervous to tell my parents, I think they will be angry and disapprove! Anyone been in this situation?
2. I'm wondering how to deal with colleagues and acquaintances who will notice. How have people found the reaction?

Thanks ladies!

Pre op appointment and sizers!

So I've been totally obsessing over real-self reviews, loving hearing about everyone's experiences and (more importantly) seeing photos. I thought that 330cc would be a good option for me.

Tonight, I went for my pre op assessment. Mr Tadros took measurements again. My left breast is slightly smaller than the right. I was wearing a non padded sports bra, and a fitted white top. I tried on "chicken fillets" or sizers. Started with 250cc - too small.
Next tried 330cc - looked fine, but thought bigger would fit better with my proportions.
Tried 460cc - I'd probably be fine with this size, but it made me look non-athletic and couldn't see myself wearing anything classy (if you know what I mean)
Last tried 500cc just for completeness - made me look totally frumpy, way too big.

So! We decided on 400cc. Super excited! Bigger than I thought I'd go, but I think in between the 330 and 460 will give me the look I want in keeping with my height and pear shape.

In other news, I told my parents about the surgery (over the phone). They took it a lot better than I was expecting. They think I'm "off my head" and it's unnecessary, but after the shock sank in, they seemed supportive. Not sure what I'm going to do about my sister, extended family and friends...

March 1st can't come quick enough!!

Today is the day

Waiting to be admitted. First on the list so I should be getting started at 8. This is so surreal actually! Can't believe I'm doing this!

On the other side

So I'm on the other side! Not in a lot of pain, and already managed tea and toast and not feeling sick at all. Just a bit dizzy and light headed. Not feeling that happy like I thought I would though.

I arrived at Albyn, got admitted by the nurse and had to change into my gown,!conpression stockings and awful paper pants!! Haha. Then met the anaesthetist briefly. Mr Tadros came in next and marked me, took pictures and went over the complications. Soon I was getting wheeled off to theatre.

The anaesthetist took two attempts to put in a cannula after some digging around! But I must have small veins so i don't hold it against him haha. Then I was put to sleep, just like getting drunk.

Next thing I know I'm waking up, very drowsy and shivering uncontrollably because I was so cold. I have a compression sports bra on but I can see that one, my left, is way bigger than the other. And I notice that I have a drain in that side. I'm from a medical background so I asked to see the post op note to see why and when I got the drain but they said no. I have a lot a bruising under my arms since I got liposuction on accessory tissue there too. I also have an extra incision on the right - but the nurses weren't aware of that when I asked. The nurses also forgot to bring the analgesia I asked for. I'm a bit upset and frustrated that I don't know how the op went as clearly extra things had to be done.

My left breast continued to increAse in size and my drains were emptied. Turns out I have two drains but again the nurses didn't know if they went into the breast of the axilla. It's tenser so they got the staff doctor to see me. He wasn't great to be honest, didn't know the procedure I had and didn't examine my breasts.

He phoned Mr Tadros who is coming back to see me and in the meantime have sat me up and put a makeshift armpit conpression bandage since its in such an awkward place!

Also, I overheard that I was taken back to theatre because of bleeding to place the drains. But the nurses wouldn't tell me this. Starting to get a bit upset and frustrated that they won't answer my questions or let me read the operation note so I can find out what happened.


400cc was what was decided but I left it to me Tadros' discretion and was happy to do so. But the nurses wouldn't tell me what size I got?! I'm not sure if they don't know or they just aren't telling me anything

Emergency theatre

My PS came back, examined me and redid my compression dressing because the nurse did it completely wrong. He then observed me for another hour or so and decided to take me back to theatre as an emergency because he was worried I had a haematoma.

Went to theatre and took a while to come round from the anaesthetic. Again was shaking and very cold, and I also felt my muscles were tensed up and was grinding my teeth.

Made it back to the ward and yet again the nurses didn't tell me any information. Mr Tadros then came back to assess me after he was finished in theatre and told me what was happening. He explored the left breast and left axilla. The two pockets weren't connecting so there way no blood trickling from the axilla into the implant pocket which is great, it was bone dry apparently. There was loads of soft tissue swelling though. The axilla was oozing and again really swollen. There was no bleeding point or haematoma so that's great. Apparently my PS hasn't seen bruising like this following liposuction! He's going to keep me in an extra night (so I'll stay two nights in total is all continues to go well) just to be cautious.

Very happy he came back to explain things and the nurses weren't communicating and was making me very anxious and upset. Mr Tadros put my mind at ease so hopefully I'll sleep well tonight.

Day 1 post op

Day one post op with one drain removed, another still in place in the breast

Day 3 Post op

Yesterday was awful. I woke up and was sick and feeling nauseous all day so I asked for something to get my bowels working since I hadn't been and think that was making me feel queasy. Got my second drain taken out then was allowed to go home but got given no painkillers of anti-emetics. When I got home the abdominal cramping was unreal and I finally went but had a lot of diarrhoea, and was also vomiting. Not pleasant, sorry. Basically slept all of yesterday.

So today, day 3 post op I woke up feeling less sick but unable to drink water without feeling sick. Still getting some cramps. The chest pain is bearable. Tried to have a shower without getting any dressings wet.

Day 5 post op

From a boobs point of view I think thinks are coming along well. They are softening up a bit and I havent needed any pain killers, are only sore if I move too fast/too far. I'm wearing a sports bra or my Macom bra 24 hours a day because they are really tight and uncomfortable when I take it off. Hope this goes soon.

I got liposuction under my armpits as there was extra breast tissue there. This is the problem area. They are still very bruised and lumpy underneath and restricting my movement. The left particularly has a big lump underneath the bruising. My bras are cutting in on them. I spent last night using a hot water bottle to heat them then massage them. I'll try again tonight to help the drainage.

1 week post op

So it's been 7 days. Feeling more like myself and have energy. Righty is coming along great, feeling a lot softer and the swelling is almost gone I think. Lefty is still swollen and a bit uncomfortable, but I think that side will take longer to heal. Just got to be patient!

Day 9 post op

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