Thankful for my New Opinion on Plastic Surgery...and the New Tummy - Bluffton, SC

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Let's start with my reason for doing this. I have...

Let's start with my reason for doing this. I have three super awesome kids (4,2, and just turned 1) My last pregnancy was a repeat c-section and ended up with some post operative difficulties. A small part of my incision opened up and became infected and once I got it to heal it continually caused pain when I would stretch, workout, lift my children etc. I had seen several doctors all with the same conclusion that I should seek a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck consult. My Insurance company sent me to one but I had some reservations about proceeding with any kind of surgery.

Pre Operative was kind of scary...I just knew how close I was getting to surgery. I was so nervous. I was given all my prescriptions to get filled (including these anti coagulant injections for after surgery...Those were fun...said no one EVER) I went through all the consent forms (eek...who ever wants to read that stuff) Drains were explained and then one more appointment with the Dr. I was really thankful for the pre op appointment. Dr. Weniger's confidence in what he does put my nerves to rest.

Surgery Day!!! My Surgery was Nov. 26. The surgical center was husband and I got there so early...I totally could have slept like 30 extra minutes at home. Nurses did their thing... anesthesiologist came in did her thing...and for the super fun part...Dr.Weniger came in and marked me for surgery (I swear my 4 year old son would think that is the greatest thing ever to color on someone with a marker and not get into trouble. ) I was taken back for the surgery and I woke up insanely uncomfortable. Tight is an understatement to describe how I felt. I pretty much slept the first day and remember only saying how uncomfortable I felt...and one of the first things I told my husband was I felt no more pain from the old c-section scar tissue! YAY!

The best way I can describe how I felt was feeling like I had just completed the most intense abdominal workout while wearing a corset. Each day has gotten better. I took the pain meds for a few days. I had a horrible panic attack on like the 3rd or 4th day (I was convinced I had a blood clot...nothing was wrong with me except that I obsessively worry) I hate the way I feel on narcotics so I just quit taking them. Thankfully my Dr. told me I could take Ibuprofen which personally I think made things feel way better. I hate walking all bent over but I know that will pass. The drains were really not that bad. The stitch that held them in is what I hated. I got one taken out 8 days post op and the other 12 days post op. The firs tone removed left this burning sensation for like 5 min after its removal. The second was a breeze. I am thankful that Dr. Weniger talked to me about leaving the drains in for a while to make sure they were not removed to early and cause other issues. Had I not have known that I would have been going crazy wanting them out....but I didn't mind being patient with those pesky drains for a few extra days.

Some of the hardest things about this so far...I hate not getting to take care of my kids. I knew I would not be able to pick them up but I guess in my head I would be doing it sooner. I want to heal correctly because I don't have time to do this again so I will do what I am suppose to do. I didn't realize how emotional I would be. The first week I was so upset that I had done this to myself. I immediately could see the results but I had never started this adventure for cosmetic reasons (all of that has been a super awesome bonus) after my drains were out I put on my clothes and was blown away by the new shape I had and that was at 2 weeks post op. I wasn't prepared for the amount of people to talk about my procedure...I don't know why I let it bother me that people notice it. It is very obvious. Seriously Dr. Weniger did an amazing job...I feel very blessed to have been able to have my surgery performed by him.

I am extremely happy that the discomfort from the old scar tissue is gone and my abdominal muscles are put back where they should be. I am so thankful for my doctor. God has blessed him with a tremendous gift. I am VERY pleased with the look of my new tummy. I have a whole new view on Plastic Surgery. I never realized what a tremendous impact on my overall self it could have. In my ignorance to plastic surgery...I just assumed people participated in it out of vanity (Maybe that is why I get so bothered by other noticing my surgery....I assume they must think about me the way I did about others). I am very thankful I have been allowed to experience all of this and my opinion has changed so greatly. I really respect the art of plastic surgery as well as its ability to correct painful problems as well. Totally Worth It! I can't wait to be fully recovered and resume all my awesome activities! I will update with photos when I can!

Hilton Head Island Plastic Surgeon

Why 5 Stars...because 6 stars wasn't an option (lol) . Seriously, he gets 5 stars because he has truly earned them. He is very skilled in his profession. I am 2 weeks post op and I am very pleased with the care he has given me in all my post op visits. His staff deserves a 5 star rating also. They are so kind and all of them are very good at their job. You will not be disappointed with your experience at Dr. Weniger's office. Oh and by the way...the wait time rating....even if I had to wait...Good things are worth waiting for! I only wanted to go through with surgery if it could be fixed the right way the first I started my research. I found Dr. Frederick Weniger here in SC. I was so pleased from the moment I stepped into his office. His staff is wonderful and the level of professionalism they demonstrate sets the bar high for any other doctors office in the area. Dr. Weniger is fantastic. His bedside manner is great. He acknowledged all my concerns and did a great job explaining the things that needed to be addressed. He was so detailed in my consultation ... I knew I was in super good hands.

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