Waiting for This Since I Was 50. Now Am 68. I'm Ready ( I Think) - Bluffton, SC

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Later, haven't had surgery yet......2/9 @ 8 AM. I...

Later, haven't had surgery yet......2/9 @ 8 AM.
I have been wanting to have work done for over a decade. Seems lately I've been looking so tired though I am not...it was my eyes, the baggy eyes took a toll on me as well as the wrinkles on my cheeks when I smiled. OH and my 'lovely' marionette lines at the mouth. Oh yes, I've decided. My surgery is 2/9/ 15, this Monday. I'm a bundle of nerves!
Photos are a week old, just returned from OUR FIRST CRUISE. Definitely a BEFORE pic.

ITS OVER, now the HEAL!!!!!!

Had my surgery Monday. This is the third full day!! I have not looked into the mirror yer, I think I'll wait!!!! I'm not in pain but just a discomfort: the pulling of my face so swollen, the feel of my draining tubes, my sutures and stretched lip area making it difficult to eat. I'm eating soft foods.
This is the first day I could focus (with ointment and eye drops it's hard to open my eyes fully)

Friday, Feb 13

Generally feeling OK. Draines are out and this is GOOD. Half the stitches and sutures are out and I GOT TO WASH MY HAIR TODAY, EVEN THOUGH I NEED TO DO IT AT LEAST THREE MORE TIMES TO GET RID OF ALL THE GELS AND OINTMENTS.
I am resting Nananna, thanks for writing. I had a problem putting the pics on here. Glad u were able to see them. I did look in the mirror today since Doc showed me a massage technique.
Nan, you getting excited about your surgery? Wont be long, uh? Prayers for you. Talk later, I'm going to eat????????????????

Still Friday.......still swollen, but upbeat????

Doing as well as expected. Doc is pleased so I am pleased. I can really see how people get depressed though.
I'm trying to retrieve my pics from today......????

Friday early evening......

Just ate, feeling OK. FACE LOOKS BETTER TODAY, STILL SWELLED and a little bruised, but it knew that would happen????.

Friday early evening.

Looking better today.....swollen and bruised but healing.

Sunday, Feb 15, Day 6

Other than being swollen and bruised i think im doing ok. Still achy!!!!!!
Heres a pic from this morning..........i cant wait for this swelling to disappear.

Sun. Afternoon

Yadda, yadda, yadda!!!

Day 8.....

Doing ok. Last night was the first night that i was sleeping at a 25% rather than 45%. What a difference.
Brusing has been diminishing but my face still feels pulled, around cheeks and lips. I hear this is normal. I guess i am so so impatient. Ill get there! Im just overly anxious.
Bless you all for all the positive and complimentary comments. I love them :)
Latest pic from 5 seconds ago.

Still day 8

I found another BEFORE pic of me showing my bags......I always looked so tired.

Update.......2 weeks today

Still swollen, pulled, ears numb, tightness in cheeks and neck, bloodshot eyes. Im trying to be upbeat and patient but i find i am worrying.
What do you think??????

Two weeks and one day.

Slowly but surely. Better today that last week.

Day 16

Actually wearing a bit of makeup..

Today........two weeks, three days

Stiff, swollen and numb. Other than that, I AM GOOD.

Day 17

Other than still having squirrel cheeks, im good. Stiff a little too. AND right ear is numb.

Saturday, feb. 28

Saturday. Three weeks this Monday.
I went back to work last night. Face was tight, but not bad! I was a little tired though. Hmmmph!!!!
Picture is from last night. " me, at work!!!!"

It will be four weeks Monday.....tomorrow.

Im happy, still swollen on one side but ive been notice
Ing a wrinkle near my mouth that has me worried. Hope after the swelling is gone that the wrinkle there smoothes out. Im afraid it wont.......
Got back from Florida today. Went well. Had a great time. Wore my hat and glasses everywhere.
Later all...

One month, four days.

????one month, 4 days????
Still swollenand stiff but I understand this is normal.
Heres my current pictures.

At work......

Here I am at work. Face is stiff, cant 'move' it too mu h. Ha!!!!!

35 days tomorrow

Doing well. Swollen and stiff and numb but thats all. Oh...AND my back hurts (sore and achy) and I think it may be from the "fat transfer" that was used for my cheeks. Anyone agree?????

36 Days

36 days.
Im going to be patient.
Im going to be patient.
Im going to be patient.

March 23....

March 23. Had surgery on Feb 9.
Still healing. My cheeks still a little swollen and stiff .
Getting there. Give me another month i am told....
Head is a tad sore where clamps were. Neck is tight.
Not complaining, just facts????.

Surgery was Feb 9......

Ive been doing ok but still have numbness on both cheeks and right ear. Places on my head near my hairline are sore also. I wonder if this is normal.
sorry for not getting on RealSelf earlier; ive been ill with Bronchitis and STILL cant get rid of it, its lingering. anyone have a cure? Ive been on the Z Pac but I guess it didnt help much!!! still feeling blah!
enclosed some recent pics

2 months and 25 days.

Doing fairly well. I am still a little numb in the cheek area as well as my neck. I'm told to give it time. My hair has gotten very thin and breaks off when I brush it.
Lately, Pain above ear where stitches and sutures were ( and are since I'm told they haven't dissolved yet).
When I open my mouth to chew or move my jaw I get a pain. I am sure it is related to the facelift, maybe an infection. There's a little bump above my ear that hurts when I touch it, it's tender. What can it be????
I called my Doc today and he feels it IS the suture that hasn't yet dissolved. "Sometimes takes 6 months". He did suggest I come to see him and he'd remove the suture. Does anyone have this problem? Any comments, ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Oct. 6, 2015

Doing fine but am going back for injection (fat) into my cheeks....still looking hollow. Hope all of you are well.
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