Fixed my Chipped Front Tooth and Side Tooth with Dental Bonding - Looks Real - Baton Rouge, LA

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I'm not sure exactly how it happened or if my...

I'm not sure exactly how it happened or if my front tooth just naturally had a curve to it; however, after having braces and invisalign, I decided to fix it. I met with my dentist and discussed options including bonding and veneers. I did not like the idea of veneers as they have to remove about half a millimeter of the tooth and the description of how they do it turned me off like nails on a chalkboard. Veneers are also expensive. I believe he told me it would be about $1,000 for just one!! Bonding is easier and less expensive. The composite resin used in bonding can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth. Also, my health insurance would pay for almost all of it. I believe my cost was almost $400 for two teeth and my cost was about $98 out of pocket. Not bad.

My front tooth had a slight curve to it, which really didn't bother me much. However, I figured since I was straightening my teeth with braces and invisalign, I might as well fix that. During my Fast Braces treatment, a gap was then left between one of my front teeth and that side tooth. The dentist gave me an option to fill that with resin like I was using for my front tooth. I agreed. Both were done the same day and look less than an hour. It did not hurt. They matched the resin to my tooth color. No one could tell I had anything done! I would recommend this. However, you have to keep in mind that bonding can come off or stain. It's not necessarily a permanent fix. If mine get damaged or come off, I'm just going to have it done again. It's reasonably priced and a quick fix.

A little new chip??

So I was looking at my teeth in the mirror when I was flossing. I noticed that the front left tooth (the one I had gotten bonding on) now had a small chip or unevenness to the rest of the tooth. Not sure if it chipped as I wear my invisalign trays all day except eating and think I would have noticed if I chipped it. Not sure if the bonding is "slipping" like I read in other reviews. I will have to have this checked out during my next visit. I will ask them to file it evenly if it's something minor. I didn't go through all this to have a chip again. See photo to see where I'm talking about.

Update on front new chip in tooth

I went to my dentist yesterday for a 6 month cleaning and showed him my front tooth chip. He will fix it for free as it's still under warranty. Hooray!! He will also fix the canine tooth next to the other front tooth with bonding to build it out and bring it down since it's obviously not going to move on it's own. We will just make it look like it had with bonding! That is covered under my warranty, too, as I had that bonded after I got the Fast Braces off. Right now I'm on tray 9 of 11 so have a few more weeks to go before we have that bonding done. I'll post pics once I do.

Fixing Bonding on Front and Side Tooth Today

Today is my last day to wear invisalign. Hooray!! Once they remove the button on my tooth, they will fix the front tooth chip with bonding as well as build up the side problem tooth with bonding. This is free as I paid for it the first time and this is just adding on to it under the warranty. I'm hoping the build up of the bond will look and feel natural. I've only had bonding for chips and this will be thicker so just worried about that. I just want to be done!! The only thing left after this will be to get the permanent retainer placed on the back of my front teeth. Then I will truly be done with everything other than checkups and cleanings.

Final bonding done

So yesterday they fixed the bonding on my front tooth that had chipped. Looks good now. Only thing is that now that tooth looks a little longer than the front tooth next to it. Easy fix. Just need them to sand it down some to match. They also bonded the problem side tooth. Looks good also. Just don't like how wide the tooth is now but that had to be done. Just makes the other teeth or matching tooth look smaller now. I hate being such a perfectionist! Teeth are supposed to be unique not necessarily all a like.

I will let you know once I get the one sanded.

FRONT TOOTH CHIPPED ALREADY AGAIN after one day having been fixed

I just got my front tooth bonded yesterday as it had chipped a little the first time they did it. It has been one day and it has chipped again but even worse! Now it looks like it's two different levels or like a step! Check out the pic. He can't fit me in until Monday so I'll look like this til then!!

Bonding Fixed Once More

I went in to have my chipped tooth rebonded again. Was covered under warrenty so I did not have to pay anything extra. He added bonding to the front chipped tooth then shaved it down to be flush with the other front tooth. He also narrowed the side of the front tooth as I felt it was too extended with the bonding covering the side tooth. He agreed once taking a second look and fixed that. Same goes for the problem side tooth. That looked over extended onto the canine tooth so he narrowed that some as well. It looks good. Now I'm just waiting 2-3 weeks for my metal permanent retainer to come in.


Yes, you can feel the bonding

I forgot to mention in my last post that yes, you can feel the bonding. I can tell where my real tooth ends and the bonding begins. I don't notice this as much on the front of the tooth as I do on the back. The dentist said it's smooth and to not play with it with my tongue cause I can make it chip or come off again. I don't feel it so much on the side problem tooth where they built it up in the front. I feel it more on the back of my front tooth where they fixed the chip. It's bearable but I do find myself tonguing it. I did not need to get a shot or anything to have the bonding done. The only thing that really made my teeth or mouth sore was when they used the sanding strip to narrow the side I was complaining was overlapping a little. It was just pressure and back and forth motion.

Hopefully I won't have any more chips and this will be my last bonding posting. We will see.

Bonding chipped again - Fixed it like new

My front tooth corner bonding chipped twice since I got it done originally. I had to go back and get it fixed again. Sorry I didn't take a pic of it when it chipped. I only have photos of after when it was fixed. The chip was on the outer corner closest to the side tooth (not the corner closest to the other front tooth which is the side that chipped last time). I'm not sure why it chipped as I did not bang it. I think it may have chipped cause I have not been wearing my retainer at night and maybe I'm grinding or clenching my teeth at night. I love my bonding results as long as they stay. I know they are not permanent as they will chip, stain, etc but I want them to last longer than less than a month! At least they are covered under warranty for a year. P.S. I do not feel the bonding this time around as much as I did the first time. They smoothed it out nicely.

So Far So Good with re-fixed bonding

It's been over a month since I got the bonding on my front tooth fixed again. I have not had any problems with it since then (knock on wood). Everything looks natural and I get compliments on my teeth and smile all the time. :) Although I was okay with how my teeth were shaped unperfect before, I am happy that I got the bonding to add that extra charm!


IMPORTANT NOTE - if you whiten your teeth, be careful if you have bonding. Bonding does not whiten with your natural teeth!!! You'll have two shades! The dentist did tell me about this but I decided to try anyway and I can tell the difference. Hopefully the natural teeth will get a little more "yellow" to match the tooth with bonding eventually! Can't really tell in photo. Gotta be close up like I do in the mirror.

Bonding Stains

So I've had my front and incisor tooth bonded for a while now. I used to drink only water but recently I have been drinking more hot tea and iced tea. I noticed that my teeth were turning a little yellow or tea colored slightly so I wanted to whiten them. I used the whitening gel my dentist gave me to use after treatment. It whitened all my teeth but the bonding! I could tell. Not sure anyone else could as I didn't let people look at it closely. I drank tea again to get the color of my other teeth to match the one with bonding again. I would love all my teeth to be whiter but if I did that, I would have to get the bonding re-done with a whiter color. I'm not willing to go through that... so I think I'll just have to be satisfied the way they are. It's really not that bad. I'll try to post a pic when I take one. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up so you can plan ahead and be careful of this. whiten your teeth first before bonding if you know you are going to want all your teeth whiter but just keep in mind that the bonding will stain or stay the white color you chose while your other teeth will discolor with age, eating and drinking, etc.

Bonding has chipped once again

The bonding on my front left tooth has chipped once again. It's not that noticeable but it's sharp. I have an appointment on Tuesday to get it fixed. I will have it rebonded. I think that it chipped from either me not wearing my retainer one night and I grinded my teeth or maybe possibly when I was drinking tea from a mug. I'm not 100% sure cause I don't remember actually doing it. I'm kind of disappointed because this is like the third time that I had to get it fixed. I think it's worth it though and insurance pays for most of it anyway. Things we do for a perfect smile.

Dental bonding does not last forever

So my one front tooth had dental bonding on it. It had a slight curve and I made it straight. Unfortunately it has worn down again. I asked my dentist about it and he said it's just because of my bite. I really don't mind it being the way that it is. It's not really a bad flaw to have. This is just a reminder to all you out there that bonding isn't a permanent solution.

More photos of dental bonding worn away

Just a few more photos of my smile. As you can see the one tooth has a curve to it cuz the dental bonding wore away
Dr. Paul Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is a very kind dentist. He listened to my concerns and tried to help me fix them as best he could. I feel; however, though that we took the Fast Braces off a little too soon and may have been able to close that gap naturally instead of having to use bonding on that tooth. However, I'm happy with the results and would go back to him again. There was no follow up with me after the bonding. However, when I go in for my next set of invisalign trays, I'm going to ask them what they think of the bonding.

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