Metal braces worked better and faster for me than Invisalign

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I am a 35 year old woman who had braces in high...

I am a 35 year old woman who had braces in high school then Invisalign as an adult to fix the teeth that moved back after not wearing a retainer for many years. I wore Invisalign for 2 years and 2 months. I "completed" my treatment in January but my two problem teeth are still in similar placements from when I started. See photo of before Invisalign and after. I don't see a big difference. However, Invisalign did straighten my bottom teeth for the most part, except for one canine tooth. (You can look at my Invisalign Review for more information.)  In any event, my doctor recommended either another set of Invisalign trays which may have taken another 7 months or Fast Braces at no additional cost. Of course, I chose Fast Braces as mentally I was done with the Invisalign Trays. I was only supposed to have them on for about 6 months and had to wear them for 2 years. I was done! So I am patiently waiting for my appointment to get metal braces. I have 5 days to go. I am excited but nervous at the same time. I'm excited as I get one step closer to my ideal teeth but I'm nervous as I'm going to have metal braces at age 35. It wouldn't be a big deal if I had a job where I was only on the phone, but I have to see people every single day in person. I hope this doesn't change they way they see me. I already look younger than 35 and braces will make me look even younger (not that I'm complaining about that)! I'm just worried they won't take me seriously. Luckily, Fast Braces is only supposed to take 3-6 months. I'm hoping for the shortest amount possible since I only really am trying to fix two teeth. Unfortunately, they have to move all teeth to move those two! Let's see how this goes. Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted.

Ready - Get Set - GO FAST BRACES GO!

I got my fast braces on yesterday after work. It took 2.5 hours total. It wasn't very painful until the dental assistant burned the top of my lip with the curer (the thing that heats up the bonding to attach the button to the tooth). It created a blister. Unfortunately, the doctor had to move my lip to get to the teeth to put on the top buttons. It hurt! Accidents happen but the thing that bothers me the most is that she didn't even apologize or acknowledge that she did it. See photo. To be continued.....

Ready - Get Set - GO FAST BRACES GO - continued

I was a little nervous to get the buttons on as I hadn't brushed my teeth before getting to the dentist (and I had lunch already). However, they "cleaned" the teeth off with water before putting each button on. It still kind of bothers me that I didn't get to brush, and I'm hoping that I won't get a cavity under a button. The doctor said not to worry so much.

Dr. Nguyen worked on the top arch first placing a button on each tooth (except one that he said didn't require a button according to the Fast Braces treatment recommendation). After the top was done, we took a 5 minute break. I took a photo of my top teeth with buttons (see last posting) and checked out the blister. At this point I only felt the pain and hadn't seen what it looked like. I put Vaseline on it but not sure if it helped. When they came back to the room, we started my bottom buttons. They put a different mouth guard on around my lips so that I didn't get burned again and so that they could get to my teeth easier. Placing the buttons was not hurtful at all but just took a lot of time. Maybe 40-60 minutes. Each button had to placed on each tooth in a certain spot. Each tooth surface had to get bonding on it and then the button had to be heated/bonded to the tooth. After both top and bottom was done, the doctor then fitted the top arch with the metal band. Not sure the right word for it. He marked the ends that past the teeth and then cut them off. He then placed clear bands around each button to hold the metal onto the tooth. I could have chosen a different color but I wanted clear to be "professional" for my job. The same was done for the bottom once the top was done. After all rubber bands were placed around the buttons, they then showed me how to put rubber bands on the brackets to help with my bite. This is my least favorite part. It's hard to get it around and takes time. This is also the most painful part of me having to wear my braces so far.

Today was the first full day with braces for me. I woke up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and my mouth was so sore! I took Asprin to help with the pain. Not sure if it worked because I went back to sleep. When I woke up, they still hurt. I took some more Asprin. For breakfast, I typically eat cereal but my mouth hurt so much that I only had a yogurt and banana. Healthier anyway! Around 10 am I usually eat a granola bar for a snack but that too was too hard to eat. I was able to eat it by breaking it into small pieces but it was annoying. Every time I eat I have to take my rubber bands off and after brush fully. So this is going to keep my snacking down. It's hard for me to talk with the bands on and I'm supposed to wear them 22 hours a day. I think it's them that causes most of my pain. Around 5 pm when I got home, I took the bands off and I have much less pain right now. I also took ibuprofen instead and that works well. I made Shepard's Pie for dinner in hopes I can eat it cause there is not much chewing needed with that. Hopefully the pain goes away some tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Fast Braces Working FAST!

I have been wearing my fast braces for about two weeks. My problem top tooth already turned and is straighter than I have ever seen it! It's also not behind the main front tooth anymore. There is still a space now between the main front tooth and that tooth now but that should be closed after more time. The bottom tooth has not moved yet. :( These are working faster than expected. I am getting used to the bands now and am more confident wearing them in front of people. It's getting easier to put the rubber bands on and take them off. I think the most annoying thing now is that almost every time I eat something, food gets stuck in my teeth unless it's liquid. I have to brush more than 3 times a day. That's not a bad thing but just annoying when I'm working. Can't be seen with food in my braces so I have to do it. I'm very excited to see my teeth in another month. From what I can tell I don't have any other changes so I'm only posting the one photo of the tooth that has made the progress.

One Month - Top Braces OFF - DONE

I had my one month follow up appointment yesterday. My top teeth are done. My problem tooth is as straight as it is gonna get. I'm pretty happy with it. I got my braces off my top and a retainer made. I have to wear it for about a month so the roots can become stable before I go without my retainer during the day. If I don't wear it, they may shift again. My bottom teeth still need to have the braces on as that canine has not moved during that motnh. However, it's been only 1 day since my visitand It has already shifted. They put a power chain on it to help move it. I chose silver bands this time instead of clear as the clear ones changed color too easily with what I ate or drank. I have a cleaning on the 17th and the dentist will check my progress of the bottom tooth. I think I may be done everything in less than 2 months total. I should have gone with regular braces instead of invisalign to begin with. I will post photos shortly. Just a note: moving my top tooth made a gap between the front and side. They will fill this in with composite.

Photos one month post fast braces on top

See photos

Photos of Top Teeth 1 month Post Fast Braces without Retainer

These are photos of my top teeth after one month of fast braces. In these photos I am not wearing my retainer. You can see the small space left next to my front tooth. If they move my teeth over to fill that gap, it will leave a gap somewhere else. Therefore, we will fill it with resin composite and make that look like part of the tooth. That's to be done in a few weeks.

Next Monday

So on the 17th I go in for my cleaning. I'm glad that I got the top braces off so they can clean every tooth without the metal brackets on them. The bottom still has that though but they said they can still clean my teeth with the brackets.

During this visit, my dentist will also check out my bottom teeth to see if it's time to remove the braces. I believe it is as that one problem tooth has finally moved. There is a space now like the top tooth but I'm okay with that. It can be fixed with bonding if need be.

I'm going to my dentist during my lunch break. I wish I had more time to get the bottom braces off, get my bottom retainer made and get my cleaning. However, I think I can only get the cleaning. We'll play it by ear and see what the dentist says. I'm really looking forward to getting the top space filled with bonding and it looking complete. I'm 90 percent happy. :) Anxiously waiting for Monday.

My Appointment Results - March 17th

I went in for a cleaning on 3/17. My top braces were off by then but my bottom braces were still on. I was still able to have a cleaning done, but it just took longer due to the bottom braces. On the top, she cleaned as usual. On the bottom, she had to clean above and below the brackets as well as use a threaded to floss. Just took a little bit longer but she was a pro and did so quickly! My bottom teeth had a gap now between one of the bottom front and canines. To close that gap, I had two options. 1) I could get a power chain and have that close it. 2) I could close the gap with bonding like I'll be doing on the top. I chose to do the power chain as I rather do as much as I can "naturally." Plus, this is on the bottom and not as noticeable as the top. I'm doing the bonding on the top to close the gap and fix the chipped tooth. That was the best option as if I did the power chain on the top to close the gap, it would have made a weird triangle gap in between my two front teeth and I don't want that!

Today after work, I go in for a check up on my bottom teeth movement. I have a feeling that they may remove the braces. I feel that they are almost perfect. The one problem canine could use just a little more twist movement but not much. Wonder if they can fix that. I should be getting the bonding on my top teeth today! :) Photos to come.

Yesterday's Appointment - Bonding Done

I went in for my checkup on my bottom teeth yesterday. There is still a little space between the bottom canine and the other tooth so they are going to keep the Fast Braces on for another two weeks to try and close it. If it doesn't close by then, we'll just leave it as is as it's not noticeable.

We bonded the front, top, left tooth and the problem top tooth next to the right, top, front tooth. The color bonding they used matches my tooth exactly. You can't tell where the bonding was done. I can feel it though as it's a little gritty but that will get better with time. It made my side problem tooth a little wider and longer but not enough to make it look weird. It's different than the other side tooth but that's okay. Teeth aren't necessarily all the same size. They also bonded the corner and bottom of my top left tooth as it was curved up/had a chipped look. They evened it out. Does it look too long or about right? I keep thinking it's longer than the other front tooth because I'm so used to seeing it so short but maybe it's in my head. I'll post a photo soon so you can judge and tell me yourself.

I go back to the dentist in two weeks to have my bottom braces removed. Then I should be done my entire treatment other than getting a permanent retainer. What What! :)

Photos of new teeth with bonding

Looking good on top. Please comment.

Before and After Bonding

My top teeth are done!

Bottom Braces To Come Off on 4/9

I'm scheduled to go back in for a checkup on my bottom braces on 4/9, next Wednesday. The plan is to remove the fast braces if that little space closed up next to the canine. I'm not sure how much it can close if it hasn't done so by then. I will not use bonding for it as it's very minor. I noticed that my bottom teeth are much more yellow than the top. Since I don't have bonding on the bottom, I think I will whiten them using a gel my dentist gave me. One step at a time though. First it's get the braces off and scrape off the glue like the top. Hope they get all the glue off this time. I don't want to whiten and then have streaks or spots like I started to have on the top due to the glue still being on there.

Now that i have the bonding on the top, I feel the chip and the space look better but now I'm being more critical on the two teeth next to the top teeth. I feel like they aren't aligned right with the bonding. They look like they are pushed back some. I asked my dentist about the one problem tooth and he said that's the best they can rotate it. It won't go any further. So that one I have to deal with. Now the other side tooth to the left looks smaller and behind. Maybe it's just me or the shadow. I might just be nitpicking or being too harsh on myself. I'll post photos and see what you think.

Bothers me

See the two side teeth next to the two front teeth? They are slightly pushed back further than the front. Hope it doesn't give me that bugs bunny teeth look.

Too Hard On Myself

I guess I can't be too hard on my teeth. I looked back on a few photos from before invisalign and braces and during and after. The teeth I am referring to have moved and came a long way. They do look better. I guess I'm too much of a perfectionist that I want the best. I have to settle on good enough. I made a photo of some before and during pics to compare to now. See new posting.

Comparison photos


Not much change.

Took photos again today. I don't see much change from before I had braces. I done see a more positive change in the lateral incisor. Its not behind the front incisor anymore but still pushed behind. Grrrr. All that time and $.

Bottom Braces Off but Bad News

I went in for my visit yesterday and got my bottom braces removed. Everything looks good and straight on the bottom. No changes are needed. However, the dentist was still not happy with the top after I pointed out what bothered me. So the bad news is that I'm back to invisalign again for who knows how long. They took impressions and are sending them away to see how many new trays I'll have to wear on the top to fix the two incisor teeth next to the two front teeth. They are pushed back and need to move forward. So I had 2 years and 2 months in invisalign. 1 month for top braces. 2 months for bottom braces. Now back to invisalign again. Good news is this is all included in my original fees. No extra money. Please visit my invisalign posting for future reviews as my fast braces are now complete.

After Fast Braces Results

These photos are of my teeth as of 4/10/14. I got my bottom braces off yesterday. Happy with bottom but need to finish top with Invisalign. See that posting for updates.

Ankylosed tooh or another Fiberotomy?

The community manager TwoPlusOne brought ankylosed to my attention. I'm going to ask my dentist about that when I go in on 5/21. That's when I should have my new trays in for the refinement.

When i was in h.s. and was having problems with that same tooth, my ortho told me to get a fiberotomy.

"A fiberotomy or pericision is an orthodontic surgical procedure designed to sever the gingival fibers around a tooth. It usually reduces the tendency to relapse of tooth rotations corrected by dental braces or other treatments. The most frequently encountered post-orthodontic problem is the retention of re-established tooth position. Relapse (drifting of the tooth back to its position prior to orthodontic correction) may occur anywhere, but it is often associated with teeth that have undergone rotation (twisting) as part of the orthodontic therapy."

"A fiberotomy involves the detachment of the fibers that attach the tooth to the bone via the gum. The fibers act much like twisted rubber bands and releasing the tension between the fibers and the tooth reduces the forces that attempt to pull the tooth back to its original position. It is performed near the completion of the orthodontics and is shown to be effective in preventing the relapse of teeth. To perform this procedure, the area around the tooth is numbed and simple cuts are made along the gum to sever the fibers; this procedure is painless as long as the patient takes an analgesic after the numbing has worn off."

I had this done in h.s. and years later, the tooth is back! It didn't stay in that position very long. I will ask them about that again as well as ankylosed.

Back to Invisalign After Trying Fast Braces

I'm not sure if my dentist pre-maturely took off my fast braces or if fast braces couldn't help anymore. Whatever the case may be, my four front teeth aren't still where they need to be to be flush and straight with each other. I feel like I have slightly bucked teeth or a bugs bunny look cause the two front are forward and the two next to the front are back. This is what I'm hoping to fix by going back to Invisalign. If it doesn't go back the way I'd like, I'm probably just going to let good enough alone.

Please see my bonding review for more information

If you are interested in reading more about the dental bonding I had done after my fast braces treatment, please check out that review. Thanks!

No More Fast Braces, Invisalign or Buttons

I AM DONE!!! NO MORE FAST BRACES OR INVISALIGN or ugly buttons on my teeth!!! I feel so relieved. It's been way too long dealing with everything. Don't get me wrong. I love my dentist, but I just got tired of the length of time for treatment. I went from 6 months quoted to 3 years!!! That's a big difference. I recommend getting metal braces over invisalign as it's faster, more accurate and proven to work for years. Invisalign was good too but took forever and did not work on all my teeth but that's just me.

Final Result after Braces, Bonding and Invisalign

I feel that I would have had faster and better results if I just went with the metal braces from the beginning. I believe I would not have had to go through this process for 3 years if I just started off with braces to begin with. Either way the cost would have been the same or similar but my time would have been saved. I had to get the bonding on my front tooth redone twice as it chipped but I like the results. I also have a permanent retainer now behind my teeth on the top and bottom so they never move again! I have a plastic retainer I wear on all my teeth at night so that my back teeth don't move. See photos for my final results. I'm done everything unless my retainer falls off or my bonding chips again.

Generic Update

My teeth have been doing really well. I have not had any additional problems with the bonding. I did have to get the top permanent retainer re glued on one corner as it came lose. Other than that though it's looking good. It's harder to floss and keep clean but that's worth a straight smile that stays! I probably won't be posting any more posts or pics on this one unless I have an issue or get more bonding done! Write if you have any questions. Thanks!

3 year post op pic of teeth

I took this picture today. It's 3 years after invisalign, fast braces and bonding. Did a little at home whitening as well.
Dr. Nguyen

I met Dr. Nguyen originally in January to discuss changing from Invisalign (which is also done in his office by Dr. Bruni) to Fast Braces (which Dr. Nguyen performs). Dr. Nguyen examined my teeth, took an x-ray and had an impression done so he could study my teeth before my 2/3 appointment where I would get the Fast Braces placed on my teeth. Dr. Nguyen has a great personality. He is bubbly and funny and had a nice smile. He himself had braces on for I believe 5 years total. I am looking forward to getting my teeth fixed by Dr. Nguyen.

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