5'6 158 Lbs Broad Shoulders and Hips, Scheduled for 450 Cc Augmentation - Blue Bell, PA

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I haven't gone for the procedure yet but an...

I haven't gone for the procedure yet but an scouring before and afters as well as other girls' cc choices. I was discouraged at first because it seems everyone chooses 350 cc and under for a natural look. 450 cc is the size that looks full but natural on my grams so I was beginning to question whether it was too big. Then I found a tall girl forum and I've started to feel better :)

Bear with me...

I'm only just learning what a 'review' is, and many of yours have been my nighttime reading. I so appreciate you girls taking the time to share your experiences!! I'll do my best to return the favor. I am all set to go for June 2! I am thrilled but now that the time is getting closer I'm obsessing over size. I don't want to make the wrong choice! When I tried on sizers, and look at my vectra imaging, the 450cc looks perfect, but when I see it on some girls it looks HUGE! (Which is fantastic for them but I'm trying to have discreet yet proportional fullness) Here are the different sizers I've tried. What's your vote? Anyone else scheduled for June 2?

One Piece Swimsuits!!

Maybe this is weird, for not the most common thing you were here on the forum like this at least, but I am so excited to wear a normal one piece bathing suit and have it fit well! I'm always wearing more modest swimwear because I have three kids and I'm never sitting still when I'm in or near water with them. I need something comfortable and cute without feeling self-conscious about what else is hanging out. I have never been able to wear a one-piece swimsuit because my chest never fills it out just right – the stretch in the torso prohibits it from lifting anything! But now I will be able to! I just ordered these beauties.

Freaking out

I'm two days pre BA and I'm starting to freak out! I'm thrilled but I hope I'm adequately prepared and I really hope I'm blowing up the pain too much in my head. It would be nice to be pleasantly surprised by that...

BA day yesterday!

Yesterday was BA day. We have three kids so my friend drove me. I was so nervous, so I made her tell me story after story from her college days. I got there, took my zofran, got into a robe and booties, and waited for Dr. Mirabile. He came and drew on me, and assured me that I would love the size I chose and not to go down like I was wondering about. The anesthesia went smoother than I thought. She knew I was nervous so she put something in my IV to take the edge off. The room seemed to quiet around me and my body got warm, then next thing I knew I was working my way back toward consciousness again. That was the worst part for me- being shifted and moved, feeling like I was in pain and fighting to wake up but struggling. After about 20 minutes of half consciousness they got me ready to go. I won't lie, I was in such pain I did t even bother to look at my boobs. I just wanted to get my meds and get home. Got meds and took them when I got in the car- every bump was a nightmare! Finally got home and my everything hurt, not just boobs. Arms, hands, ribs, and ofcourse chest muscles. The oxy wasn't touching the pain so I was feeling discouraged. My friend made me some soup and a drink of Gatorade and surprisingly after that I felt remarkably better! We spent the day lounging around and watching movies in my room. Our husbands had our kids. It was my dream day- aside from the excruciating pain lol! I stayed on a four hour schedule with my pain meds, even through the night, and woke feeling much better. At one point I tried to change my shirt, while I was home alone, and got stuck- photo included for your visual. But then hubby helped me change into a baggy tee. This afternoon I finally peeked- I LOVE them!!! And I'm excited to think that they're only going to get better! Dr. Mirabile said after surgery 'wait til you see how pretty you look! I think you'll be very happy!' He was right! He's a very skilled surgeon!!

Vectra imaging vs actual results

When I was in the office for my consultation I was hesitating about doing the procedure because time the vectra images looked awful. If that's you, take heart- the vectra images don't look anything like the final outcome!


This pic was 2 days post op. Finally showered but can't get the purple to go away completely. I can't stop staring at them! I can't believe they're mine! ????

Post op appt today

I had my post op appointment today at 5DPO. He said everything is looking great and he is happy they are still high because 'they would be down by my belly button later if they weren't high now'. He wants me braless for another week.


Here is progress from day one, to one month, to two months, to 4 months. Drop and fluff is real folks.

Vectra vs actual

This is the image that vectra gave me beside my actual result. It comes close, but you shouldn't get hung up on small things like awkward shape or nipple appearance. Trust that if your surgeon tells you that you will look a certain way, you will. Mine told me that my breasts wouldn't have the gap that vectra pictured and he was right. That was my biggest worry. I'm very satisfied with my result and I'm glad I trusted him!
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