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Hi Realselfers, First, I want to thank all the...

Hi Realselfers,
First, I want to thank all the thousands of people who have posted their stories and share their knowledge. It has been invaluable! It has been feeding my secret obsession for self improvement for years! Hopefully some of you will identify with my story. I'm scheduled for a gastric sleeve in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Nov. 30th!!!! I start my pre-op diet tomorrow ????.
TMI about me: I'm soon to be 42 yr old female, 5'1" and CW 181.2 lbs.... One grown child. I was never skinny but always athletic, exercised a lot, short and stocky with very little body fat. I'm Asian and white. I always got the comments..."Wow, you don't look Japanese! I thought maybe Hawaiian or Philipino" because I've always been thick. My legs were always too big and short to sit cross legged :( or have a thigh gap :( .... My natural weight was always around 125-135 lbs which according to BMI chart is on the high end for my height. While I've always thought I was too fat, when I look back at pictures of myself, I looked good but never appreciated it at the time....

The struggles with my weight started about ten years ago... I went through a painful divorce and internalized everything thinking I wasn't pretty enough or thin enough and that's why my marriage was failing. I starved myself down to 98 lbs due to anxiety and sadness! I think this seriously messed up my metabolism! When I finally came to my senses that I was killing myself I started to eat healthy again. I went up to about 120 lbs and kept my weight there for three or four years. This is where I was when I met my current husband.
Then I started to get sick with my thyroid (hypothyroid) which seriously messed up my hormones. I packed on the pounds despite a fighting it EVERY step of the way!! I ballooned up to my current weight in a matter of 3 years :( despite running every day (5 miles at 5 am) and counting my calories on a high protein low carb diet. The running became more and more difficult, the hypothyroid robbed me of energy and the ability for my body to recover. I started to feel hopeless. Why am I putting SO much effort into watching my diet and pushing myself to exercise if I struggle to lose just five or ten pounds and the second I slip I gain it all back and then some?

Things I've tried to lose weight in the past ten years:
Low calorie diet, low fat/high fiber diet, high protein/low carb diet, sugar free, Atkins diet, South Beach diet, blood type diet, gluten free/dairy free, lectin free, weight watchers, Alli, phentermine, cabbage soup diet, master cleanse diet, paleo diet, whole foods/organic, probiotics and enzymes, low glycemic, raspberry ketones with guggle stones, white kidney bean extract, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, apple cider vinegar, and many more...

Two years ago I successfully lost about 40 lbs and got down to 145 lbs and kept it off for 6 months after doing two rounds of injectable HCG diet. I was so proud of my self that I treated myself to a mommy makeover with TT and BL (no implants). I had some complications after the procedure that made exercise and diet difficult...I slipped up and gained ALL my weight back in one year!!
I want to get the hell off this roller coaster!

Some people may think that I don't need the sleeve but for those that want to judge, you can't know what some is going through until you've walked a mile in their shoes. I've read lots of reviews of people with hypothyroid that lost weight with the sleeve so I have hope again! I'm not going to give up on myself and just settle... I want to be healthy and active again. I want to run again, do yoga, go swimming, go snowboarding, and mountain biking (all things I used to do 5 yrs ago)....I want to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, wear and tear on my joints, and heart disease. I'm not looking to become a super model but DO want to feel comfortable in my own body.

May God give me the strength to see this through as I am putting my faith in your hands. This is my last attempt for its all I have left in me... Thank you all for listening!

I will continue to updated on my progress so wish me luck and keep me in your prayers! Pictures soon to come!

Here are my pre-VSG pics

As you can see, I was much thinner 5 years ago...

Liquid pre-op diet day 3

Ugh.... Now on day three of liquid pre-op diet.... Down 2 lbs! Woo hoo! It's been challenging and I'm STARVING! Luckily my doctor will allow a small piece of protein and a green veggie for dinner... I was reading comments from another poster and she compared the liquid diet to asking a crack head to quit crack "cold turkey" BEFORE going to rehab! Lol....I mean isn't this why we are having surgery in the first place?! Anyways.... For those of you struggling with hunger, I highly suggest this additive to your shakes! It's called PGX and it's a konjac root extract with no carbs, fat or sugar, and very few calories. It helps you stay fuller longer and thickens up your shake.

Week 1 pre-op diet done!

I'm officially day 7 into my two week pre-op liquid diet and I've dropped 7 lbs!!! I'm down to 174.6 YES!! It's been Soooo hard, I'm not gonna lie.....
Two days ago, my company had potluck Thanksgiving at the office and there was sooooo much yummy food...????. I spent half a day baking a brown butter sage and butternut squash lasagna from scratch to bring and I couldn't eat ANY of it????????????....
I stayed STRONG and pathetically sipped my protein shake ????????????????. It was super hard but I have my eyes on the prize!! One week from today and I will be sleeved!!!!

It's REALLY Happening!!!

OMG, I could NOT sleep last night! Today I'm getting on an airplane to Las Vegas for my VSG surgery scheduled for Wed. 11/30!

I made it through Thanksgiving with out cheating on my preop diet ; ) ....(patting myself on the back).... It's been Sooooo hard... For some reason I haven't lost more than 7 lbs ??, but I'll take it! 7 lbs is 7 lbs.
Also TMI but it's that time of the month and I gain an average of 5-7 lbs typically...Also I seem to get a horrendous stomach ache (feels like gall stone pain) ?? From the protein shakes I've been using. I don't like them because they are WAY too sweet... I got Dymatize brand ISO whey isolate in Vanilla and Chocolate...not my fave ????. I also purchased Syntrax Nectar's "fuzzy navel" which tastes much better and didn't seem to give me the same stomach ache.
Has any one else had their gall bladder removed at the same time as their VSG? I'd love to hear about it....

Today is "THE" Day!

It's been a whirlwind of stuff the past few days! I arrived here in Vegas on Saturday 11/26 a few days before surgery so I could have a little fun before hand. I went through a company called to make my arrangements. They give you discounts on surgery and hotels etc. I booked a week stay at a hotel that they are affiliated with and got a few hundred dollars discount!

I've been shopping (probably shouldn't have done), seeing shows, being a tourist in Vegas, and enjoying myself a bit. Monday, I went to Blossom Bariatrics to meet Dr. Umbach and staff. They have a nice clinic and their staff was very kind and helpful. It's was bustling with people just like me! They have pictures covering most of the walls of professionally taken and framed photos of HUNDREDS of before and after WLS! Pretty amazing! They have this down to a science at that office and work like a well oiled machine! Most of the staff working there has had WLS and an tell you first hand about their personal experience.

I came in and they were organized and ready for me. There was a small group of about 10 of us ( young, old, male, female, and various BMI) that were brought into a conference room as a group for pre-op teaching. I met a woman 5 days post op in the waiting room and she looked great and was flying back to her home state that day after her post op. She said she was out shopping two days after surgery!! During the pre-op class, we were individually called back to meet Dr. Umbach in his office to discuss any special concerns. We then watched about 90 minute video about peri-op nutrition, expectations, troubleshooting, etc. which was very informative. Then one of the medical assistants came in and talked about the "day of surgery" and the surgical process, what to expect, the do's and don'ts, and post-op expectations. They were very thorough and gave us each a binder with all the info. covered.

I felt much better about the whole process after going through that class. I also met several people who were low BMI and private pay like me, or that were also having hiatal hernia repair. Dr. Umbach runs a thorough and organized process which is always a good sign in a Doctor. He also gave me the okay to eat a "last meal" of what ever I wanted last night!!! Soooooo yummy after 2 weeks of protein shakes and meat/greens dinner!!!

I found that Trader Joe's carries a lot of low carb snacks such as kale chips, broccoli "chips", chick pea snacks etc. I also found some good low carb websites that sell all kinds of low carb chips and snacks. It will be a while before I can eat anything but I ordered somethings to try out when I'm ready. I stocked up on unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a variety of protein powders as well as broths. I'm allowed to have sugar free jello, SF Popsicles, SF puddings, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and of course...protein shakes in the first week post-op.

I've been up since 5 AM because I can't sleep!!! I go to the surgery center at 11:30 AM today....I know I've lost some more weight because my clothes feel looser but I don't have a scale here at the hotel. I hope I can make good progress but won't be too surprised if I lose slower than most because of my low BMI.

Wish me good luck and hopefully some of you guys are reading this and will say some prayers for me!! I will update again from the sleeved side ????. Thank you all for your support!

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