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I am left with the same sagging jowls and neck,...

I am left with the same sagging jowls and neck, after going through a great deal of pain and expense. I now have permanent nerve damage (numbness) around my face edges and up into my hair line. My cheeks also burn, itch and sting. I have contacted Lifestyle Lift and they choose to ignore me.
The pictures are from right after the surgery and the others were taken on 5/4/14

Bad Lifestyle Lift

I see that the "right after" pictures didn't go through so I will post more pictures.


This is what I look like today.


These are more pictures of what I look like today. The preceding picture was of my jowl and neck area.


Thank all of you for you for your support. I only wish that others would bombard the BBB in Utah with complaints, and ask their state's Attorney General to investigate LSL for misleading and false advertising. Both FL and NY sued LSL and were awarded $300,000 each. We need to hit them financially in order to get them to stop ignoring us and doing harm to others.

Lifestyle Lift

I received another message through BBB from Lifestyle Lift. According to them, I am being unreasonable. This is a company that is making millions, and as we baby boomers age, they will make even more, as we are their main target for this surgery. I don't imagine any of them would be willing to go through this kind of pain and mental anguish and pay $13,107 for it, only to come out looking worse than they did before the surgery. Lifestyle Lift needs to take responsibility for their actions. People who have good results say that we are a small percentage - would they be saying that if they had the results like I did. Gloria

Lifestye Lift -Horrible Facelift

Please contact the BBB in MI if you have had a horrible Lifestyle Lift, as well as your state's Attorney General and ask her/him to investigate this company for misleading advertising and pressure tactics. NY and FL have sued and each received $300,000. This is the info that you will need. Lifestyle Lift, 100 Kurts Blvd., Suite A, Troy, MI 48084. This company needs to be held responsible for their devastating results. They think the solution is to ignore us. We can complain all we want, but it will get us nowhere. PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW

Lifestyle Lift

I misstated that the BBB for this company was in UT, when it is actually in MI. Please send in your complaint. Thanks

Lifestyle Lift

Some of you have suggested that I get an attorney and sue LSL. So far, I haven't found one that will take my case. They have stated that it would be too costly to pursue, another said that it could be fixed by additional surgery. In other words, I could pay even more and take the risks and pain. Another said that juries weren't sympathetic towards this type of surgery. This isn't about the "type of surgery", it's about what this doctor did to me. Other attorneys just had different excuses. I will continue to search for one. I wish that others would let LSL know that they have read my story, but please don't harass them, Thanks, Gloria R.

LSL Facelift

I see that I gave the wrong date. My surgery was done in July of 2013, so all the healing that is to take place is done. The nerve damage and results of this surgery have already taken place and are permanent.

Horrible Lifestyle Lift

Horrible Lifestyle Lift

These pictures are of what I look like today, and did about 5 mos. after surgery.
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

He offered to do the surgery again. If he couldn't get it right the first time, I am certainly not going to let him do even more damage. He said that the results were my fault because I have the type of skin that wouldn't hold the stitches. Since the stitches dissolved by themselves, that doesn't make any sense.

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