18 and had a full TT, Lipo, and Saline Breast Implants- Bloomington, IL

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I'm 18..young, I know..anyway, I got pregnant...

I'm 18..young, I know..anyway, I got pregnant when I was 16 and had my beautiful baby boy when I was 17 on April 14th 2011. I chose to put him up for adoption, out of love, because it was better for him. It's an open adoption and I'm still a big part of his life. I used to be a size 1-3 and 110lbs and an A cup. I had tight skin and perky breasts all without stretchmarks. I gained 35lbs and no my breasts and stomach are covered in stretch marks and I have very loose skin. I went to my consultation last week and am putting the down payment down next week when I schedule it. I am nervous about how my stretch marks will look because my Dr said I will still have some around my belly button and of course my breasts. I also have never had surgery before. I also don't want my belly button to look unatural. I'm really nervous about not looking the way I want to.

Okay so it took awhile because of some money...

okay so it took awhile because of some money issues but now FINALLY everything is in order! yipee! on June 11th I put my deposit down and booked my surgery date for July 5th. My pre op date is June 25. I have a few questions to ask my doctor but does anyone have any other advice on what to ask or any other information I should know? I'm trying to get everything covered so I'm not completely clueless. Still really nervous about the pain. I'll also update some more pictures too since I have lost a little weight and some marks have faded a bit. Cant believe its less than a month away!

Okay so today is July 7th, I had my surgery on the...

okay so today is July 7th, I had my surgery on the 5th. I got a full standard tummy tuck, liposuction on my love handles, and saline breast implants. Right when I got there everything went to smoothly and on time, everyone was so friendly and helpful and always informed me about what was going on. When I woke up from surgery I was doing pretty good and didnt feel too much pain. I went home a few hours later. It was hard walking because I had to be hunched over so much. Most of the time my back ends up hurting more than anything else. my breasts are sore and sometimes its hard to move my arms too much, my stomach feels like its burining a lot. I have not been able to see my stomach or breasts yet because my doctor said i cannot take my dressings off at all until i go back for a check up. Mornings are extremely rough but once I get moving I do pretty well considering all that I had done. I empty my drains about every 8 hours but theres never a lot just a little amount so hopefully when i go back they will tell me i can take my drains out. I get shakey a lot but I think its just because of my nerves.

So today I had my first post op. my dr was...

so today I had my first post op. my dr was actually gone so I saw a different dr, which I already knew would happen ahead of time and I was completely fine with it because theyve been working together for awhile and see each others patients and I've seen great reviews for him as wel. He was very friendly the whole time. I got one of my drains removed but had to keep the other in. Not going to lie it kinda hurt. I got to finally see myself today. My left breast was bruised and my right wasnt, they filled my left one more than my right so they would both be the same size. I have no infections there and he said I am healing great. I have bruising on my sides from the lipo. My TT scar is healing great too. I still have stretchmarks but not nearly as bad. the ones on my side are still purple while the ones in the middle are white. Does anyone know any ways to help turn the purple ones white? ive had them for almost two years now. the white ones you cant see as well but it upsets me that the purple ones stand out a lot and i ended up with more on my left than my right. my belly button looks kinda off center? but I'm not entirely sure. Im very swollen still. I'm impressed that my scar seems to be pretty even compared to lots of otheres I've seen. My stomach isnt completely numb but close to it. It doesnt really hurt either. I just cant wait until the swelling goes down and I start to heal more. I'm ready to go shopping! :)

So last tuesday i got my second drain out, OUCH. I...

so last tuesday i got my second drain out, OUCH. I am now wearing my own sports bra and i havent taken any pain meds in awhile, I seriously feel sooo great! I might be doing a little too much but i feel so back to normal that its crazy. I ended up buying my own compression garment because i wanted one that fit me a little better and didnt come all the way to my knees and i love the one i got. My breasts got smaller because the swelling keeps going down, and my implants are still higher up. I feel like they're kinda sagging a bit? probably because they're heavy and I'm not used to it and maybe being too anal, although they have taken on an odd shape which I will talk to my PS about at my apt this thursday. My belly button creeps me out a bit...I hope I can get it pierced.. I'll try to update sooner after my apt =) I'm so surprised that i feel this good.

Its been awhile since I've updated. I guess I'm...

its been awhile since I've updated. I guess I'm kinda unhappy. Ill try to upload some pictures soon. My breasts shrunk A TON after the swelling went down. a lot more than I expected, I am a B/C cup.. I wanted a C/D cup or slightly bigger. I feel like they arent that round and still sag some. My stomach still has a ton of stretchmarks and my scar from my bellybutton goes off to the side oddly (will post picture) and my scar is raised a bit on the left side which my PS is going to fix. and my scar is high up so i have to watch what I wear. I didnt expect perfection, but I guess I had my hopes a little too high.

Its been 6 months now. I am not very happy. I have...

Its been 6 months now. I am not very happy. I have to go in and have my scar fixed because the ends pop up. It seems like I have fat build up around my scar, hopefully I can lose some weight and it will help. I still have a ton of stretchmarks, but I'm mostly upset about my breasts. Once the swelling went down and my implants dropped it was like I barely got implants. I went up one cup size. They arent as round or as perky as I want them to be, nor the size I wanted. If I get them redone it will cost 5 thousand, which I dont have since I already spent 12, so I'm out of luck and a little depressed over it. I feel like it was a waste of money and not sure what to do now.

It's been almost a year, not feeling so great

next month itll be a year post op. I have gained a little bit of weight. My scar and stretchmarks look horrid, in my opinion. My scar seems to be high up and I still have marks above my belly button. My breasts fall to the side and are a lot more saggy than I expected. I thought they'd be bigger, rounder, and perkier. but instead they have a weird shape to them and seem uneven most of the time.I went up one cup size.... not exactly what I wanted. So I'm not feeling to great about my decision.

Adding some pictures!

here are some pictures to go along with my last update, for some reason It wouldn't let me post them with it
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