Tummy Tuck with MR, No Lipo (Hysterectomy at the same time) - Bloomington, IL

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I'm 32, 5'6" and 163 lbs. I have 2 kids, one in...

I'm 32, 5'6" and 163 lbs. I have 2 kids, one in 2005 and the other in 2007. I had gained 60 lbs with my 1st baby and also gained all sorts of stretch marks. My 1st kid was large and I had quite the episiotomy from that birth. I only gained 35 with my next kid and so I did not gain any new stretch marks. I maxed out on my weight at 218 at the end of my 1st pregnancy and since my 2nd, I've maintained a weight of right around 160. I'm quite active and I love weight lifting. I workout 3-4 times a week.

A few weeks ago I saw a urogynocologist regarding some pressure I've had in my nether regions. It turns out I need to have a hysterectomy because everything is prolapsing. It started with the uterus, which is falling on the bladder and bowels. I'm done having children, so I'm ok with having a hysterectomy. They also have to reinforce the vaginal walls, tack up the bladder and bowels (mesh?). They are leaving my ovaries so I won't go through early menopause and they are also leaving my cervix. So, with all this work they have to do, I started to consider my dream of getting a tummy tuck.

Since I had my 1st kiddo, I've always wanted the contour of my waist back. No more sad belly button. I always said in 5-8 years I would seriously consider it. With the other major surgery though, I thought now would be as good as time as ever. I'm already going to have to take the time off of work. I'm already going to have to be on bed rest for 1-2 weeks. So, no harm in to looking into it.

Today I had a consultation with Dr. Tattini. He explained everything very well and after the examination, determined I am a good candidate for getting an abdominoplasty. I will be getting muscle repair (MR) and body contouring from him. The reason we decided against liposuction is because of the risk it would present with all the other surgical procedures taking place. He said he doesn't think I need it anyways, but if I ever wanted to get it in the future that will be an option.

My surgery date is still pending. I know it will change from the 16th of December because my PS already has something booked that day and they need to coordinate with the urogynocologist. I just know at this point that it will be before the end of the year. I can't believe it is really happening! I definitely makes the whole "getting a hysterectomy at 32" news a whole lot easier to take. Plus, I won't have periods anymore. This is going to be great. :)

I had my consultation with the PS today. It went great! Here is my back store...

I recently learned that I need to have a

Photos from today

These are some photos I took today. I'm a little over 2 months pre-op. I'm 5'6" and currently 164 lbs.


I have my new surgery date, December 13th! In the meantime, I am going to get serious with trying to lose weight. I'm actually happy where I am at now. I've maintained this weight for over a year and I don't feel deprived. I really don't like dieting, but I really would like the doctor to pull as much skin as possible. So, in order to do that, I would like to shed some more fat. I've decided to follow a paleo diet, but keep the carbs low enough to burn stored fat. I already workout plenty. They say abs are made in the kitchen!

Here are some measurements, to compare along the way:
Bust- 41 in
Chest- 35 in
Waist at BB- 37 in
Hips at widest- 38.5 in

Who did you tell?

I'm curious, who did you tell about your tummy tuck? Did you tell family, friends, coworkers?

My parents know and are supportive. They know I've wanted this for 8 years. They are loaning me the money and we set up a monthly plan where it will be paid off in 3 years. I'm so greatful for them!

All of my family and friends know I'm getting a hysterectomy. That'll be the reason I'll be down for awhile. I'm telling my 5 best girlfriends for support and my personal trainer, because I feel that information will be vital when I am building back up my strength. My husband is 100% supportive and also feel it's ok to keep the tummy tuck under wraps. We won't be telling both sets of my in-laws or my hubby's brothers and sister. I won't be telling co-workers and other acquaintances.

I just don't want the judgement and opinions. I feel it's not necessary and frankly it's non of their business. I'm fit, I'm happy with my body..... Except for the flabby skin. I know you girls understand!

So, who did you tell?

2 months away!

I can't believe in 2 months I'll have all this sag cut off!

I started physical therapy for my vajayjay last week. It's basically lots of kagels, pliƩ squats and that side of your hip muscle exercises.

I'm reaping the benefits of clean eating. I've lost 6 pounds! I'm sure some of that is water weight. Regardless, I feel lighter and my clothes fit better. I included a full body pic, minus my head. I'm loving seeing my hard earned muscles making an appearance!

This and that

Hi! I just have some random things I wanted to share.

With my first born, I gained 60 lbs. I wish someone would have told me you don't need to eat for two! My weight topped out at 218 lbs. I knew better carrying my 2nd child. I gained about 35 lbs and lost that much quicker than my first. I didn't acquire anymore stretch marks, nor did I need another horrid episiotomy.

I had my 2nd appointment with the physical therapist regarding kegel exercises. She informed me that I have a 3 finger gap separating my ab muscles! 3 fingers! That's close to 2 inches. Crazy. She said that separation is another reason my pelvic floor is so weak. I had no idea. I'm so glad they are repairing those.

I'm no stranger to surgery. In Jan. 2012 I have a partial microdiscectomy. They took out part of my disc in my low back that had ruptured. I'm concerned about my low back after surgery, as I hear there is a lot of low back pain. I've been pain free since after rehabbing from surgery. So, to help prepare, I have been doing those same exercises, making sure my low back is as strong as can be. I also do a lot of weight lifting, but I think it's important to focus on my low back, just to make sure I have all of my bases covered. The other major surgery I had done was a combined sinus surgery and rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum. My nostrils used to collapse due to the deviation, so insurance paid for everything. I actually liked the shape of my nose better before surgery (it's a tad fatter now, because they added tissue so my nostrils wouldn't collapse) but the plus side is I can breath better thanks to the 2 surgeries. I've also had LASIK, gum surgery (after I had braces), and my wisdom teeth removed. The good thing is that I know I don't have any bad reactions to anesthesia.

I started this journey at roughly 164 lbs and I'm currently at 158 lbs. More importantly, my inches are dropping. I've lost and inch off my bust (boo), .75 off my chest, .75 off my natural waist, 1.5 off my waist at BB, and .75 off my hips. That's 4.75 inches lost!

I took a few more pictures... I'll post them in another update since they are on my phone. Have a nice and healthy weekend. :)


I forgot to mention my plastic surgeon for my rhinoplasty is the same dr. who is doing my "body contouring," which is what he calls it since I have mostly skin and don't need lipo.

Here are some pics...

One month from today!

One month until the big day! I don't know what I am more excited about... No more periods or losing the pouch. :) Only one more period until I'm done forever. Woah.

For a Halloween costume I wore my Spanx I've had for awhile. I haven't worn it in a long time. Well, let's just say I hope my TT results look better than me in Spanx. I looked like a sausage. I completely lost any shape I had. Maybe because it is squeezing all of that jelly together? Gosh, I hope so. I think I looked better without it!

Speaking of jelly, will I mess playing with my belly laying on the couch? It's so squishy. Nah, probably not. ;)

Halloween was tough. I seriously love candy, specifically chocolate candy bars. I had to make sure those were out of the house. It was my duty. Hah. Well, now that they are gone, I am back on track.

My doctor is switching up my meds. They are trying to find something that will help my fibromyalgia. I've been on Lamictal about 6 months, which really has changed my life. Last month they put me on Cymbalta to help with my sleep, energy and muscle soreness. Well, it didn't do anything for me and I weaned off of it about 6 days ago. What hell that has been! I wish I had known this before going on it! I can't imagine people who have been on it longer than a month trying to get off of it. I was extremely nauseous for 3 days and now I'm dizzy and having these brain zaps. It feels like a jolt to the brain. It's unreal. I hear these can last a week to 3 weeks. I still hope I'll be able to find something to help me. All I want is a good nights sleep and less chronic fatigue. The muscle stiffness/soreness I can deal with for the most part. I just want to be able to function.

At any rate, things are good otherwise. I have an appointment with my urogynocologist next Monday to do a bladder test. They are checking to see if the valve works correctly. There is nothing that I like more than being cathetered and filled with fluid so they can watch my hoohaa to see if I leak. :P I also meet with the PS on Wednesday for the pre-op appointment. So exciting! I'll update then. :)

3 Weeks Away!

Monday was my urodynamic testing. It took about an hour and was not pleasant. To start I had to empty my bladder and then they put a catheter in to see how much urine was left. There was half a cup left. Then they took that cath out and put another one in which would put saline into my bladder. They also inserted a tube into my butt to see how those muscles were reqcting. Sooo not what I was expecting. Anyways, so they filled my bladder and I had to tell them when I first felt fluid in there, when I could go to the bathroom, when I would need to go pretty soon and when I really need to go or might pee myself. Each time I told them those sensations they had me stand up and cough a few times to see if I was leaking. The only time I leaked was when my bladder was at capacity, so that's good. I had to empty my bladder after this with the catheter still in place. Then, they took it out (the saline catheter) and put in a regular catheter to empty my bladder again. Seriously, 4 catheters and another up the butt! Geesh. I go in next Tuesday to see my urogynocologist to go over surgery details and get the results from this test.

Wednesday was my pre-surgery consult with Dr. Tattini. I really cannot believe this is happening. He kind pulled my tummy around to show my expected results. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm sure it's normal to have these thoughts of, "Will my results be what I wanted?" That's my biggest concern. Doctor says I'll be flat. He says I'm in great shape and my stomach has lost it's contour from the muscle separation and extra skin. Argh... I've seen his website, I know he does great work. I know it's normal to be nervous. He says I'll need a recliner because he doesn't want me laying flat or sitting upright. I'll borrow my grandma's since she's in a nursing home. It reminds me of my grandpa.

3 Weeks Pt. 2

For some reason it only posted part of my update. Here is the rest...

Things are going well. With the holidays coming up, I only have 6 more days of work left before surgery. I'm going on a trip to Washington DC and Baltimore with girlfriends for 5 days the 1st week of December, so that's the other reason I only have 6 more days. Now that is something I can get excited about. :)

I'm not really losing any weight at this point and that's ok. I've been stressed trying to get things done. I've had a ton of appointments, trying to organize my house, finish home projects and planning holiday stuff. I'm just focused on keeping the weight off that I had lost. I'm right at 160. Keep on keeping on!

Here are some new, different angled pics too. I want to remember how I looked before all of this.


One last pic that didn't upload.

Urogynocologist Pre-op Appointment

Today I had my pre-op appointment with my Urogynocologist. I don't know why, but this appointment really hit it home that this is happening. I actually got teary eyed on the way home. He said I'll be in surgery around 6 hours for both surgeries and will be in the hospital 3 days, 2 nights. I am getting nervous and scared, a bit anxious. I got teary eyed on the way home from my appointment. I'm thankful for my girls trip next week cause I'll need something to keep me from stressing over this.

I asked the dr. about all the details regarding what he is doing to me. I included a pic for visual reference (he circled everything I have going on), in case you don't have any idea what I am going through (I hope not). First thing he'll do is take out most of my uterus, except for a nub and leave the cervix. He'll wrap the uterus nub in mesh, attach that to the bladder and then tie that all up on a ligament on my spine (green marks). I have developed a bad urethra valve, so they'll fix that up to (red mark). In addition to all of that, they have to reinforce my bowels/vaginal wall so they will no longer fall into the vagina (blue marks). They do this with either pig skin or human grafted skin. His portion of the surgery will take about 3 hours and the PS will take about 3 hours. The PS will come in, mark me up and make the incision. The UroGyno will do his thing and then PS will do his thing.

*Just Breath*

On a positive note, I just finished my last period ever. Forever, ever. It feels so good to say that. :)

Day Before Surgery!

Here I am, the day before surgery! OMG, Omg, Omg! I'm nervous and excited. Getting this tummy tuck has taken away some nerves about getting my lady parts worked on. I think if it weren't for the TT, I'd be all nerves with little excitement.

In preparation for these surgeries, I had to do a low fiber (aka low residue) diet yesterday. I had a few sweet potatoes with no skin, some chicken, crackers and ice cream. As you can see, a well balanced diet. Today I get to do a super colon blow! Just water, broth, clear juice and jell-o. At 1pm I have to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate. At 3pm I have to drink another bottle and take 2 laxative pills. This is in preparation of the woman work I need to have done, not the TT portion.

I have to be at the hospital at 6am, with a scheduled surgery time of 7:30am. I'll speak with both the PS and urogynocologist before. The PS will mark me up and they'll wheel me back into surgery. The PS will do the incision and open me up so the UroGyno can do his work and then PS will finish up.

I'll take some last before pictures later today. I'll also do some measurements and weigh in.

On a side note, I had a nice time on my vacation. It was great traveling with my friends and visiting our friend in Baltimore. The ice storm kind of put us through a loop. We had to leave early and add an extra day onto our travels (we drove). It's always nice to get away and definitely helped take this surgery off of my mind for 6 days.


Here are some final pics before my tuck tomorrow morning! They compare non-flexed to flexed ab muscles. I also got this darling new bikini. :)

They moved my surgery time up to 7am. I need to get there at 5:30am. I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight! Thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. :)

1 day Post Op

I'm alive! I was done with surgery at 2:22pm yesterday, says hubby. They started about 7am.

I woke up from anesthesia just fine. Both of my arms were completely numb from their positioning on the table. Being on my back constantly, my hands are still numb. I have some lovely pinched nerves back there. It doesn't bother me a to , just opening and closing things.

I was on a wonderful pain pump yesterday until today about 4pm. It worked great, except it messed up my sleep big time. I kept waking up from a low respiratory rate, like sleep apnea (which I don't have, but they said pain meds can temporary cause it). I slept better after 4am, when I laid off the pain pump a bit.

They had me walk around the room last night. It hurt so bad getting out and back into bed. I dry heaved and belched, but no puke. I hadn't ate since Wednesday at 8pm. They left the catheter in and let me rest the rest of the night.

At 4pm today I switched to Percocet. So far, so good with that. My pain is about a 5. I'm uncomfortable. They took the catheter out at 5:00. It was 6pm when I had the urge to go, but my bladder was not emptying. This effects up to 20% of anesthesia population. It happened to me after my back surgery too. I walked around the floor several times, tried 4 times.... And no go. I was in a lot of pain by then, so they catheter me again and the pain is a bit better. Tonight I'm having some gas action, which is causing more discomfort.

Yesterday I only ate 1 container of jello. Today I had some yogurt, 2 eggs, a fruit cup, and a handful of popcorn. Ugh, I don't feel so hot.

Dr. Tattini (PS) said he took off 2 lbs of flesh... 2 lbs! That's so insane. I thought since I wasn't having lipo they wouldn't nearly get that amount.

I took some photos. I just have a before photo with my markings and a crappy photo of a quick look while the nurse was checking my dressing. The drain tubes are down on my mons pubis, so the belly button isn't as low as it appears in this pic. I also shared a pic of all my arm candy. Hah.

Happy healing!

So much pain

Thanks to gas, I can't sleep and have some serious shooting abdominal pain. They say this happens as a result of eating solid food again. I say it sucks. I just want to curl up in the fetal position but can't.

Home Sweet Home

Hello! Yesterday was day 3 at the hospital. They gave me some Milk of Magnesia in the AM hoping it would help get rid of the gas AKA have a BM. It made the gas so much worse. It just sounded like a jet engine plane, air moving through my belly. It was so loud it was almost unreal. My guests at the time were shocked it was my belly. Heh. They said if that didn't work they'd give me a laxative suppository later one.

They took out the catheter again about 11:30am. They wanted me to poop and pee on my own before going home. I was cruising the halls pretty well, so that wasn't a concern. After still not being able to have BM (lots of painful gas in my belly, but not able to pass it = painful bloating) they gave me the suppository at 1pm. Best decision! Faster acting which means no hours upon hours of gas pains. I tried to go about 30 minutes after the fact and just passed some impressive gas. I felt so much better getting just the gas out if my belly. I still couldn't pee. I walked the laps in the hall a few times, tried reading, using a warm squirt bottle... None of the tricks were working to wake up my sleepy bladder. It got so full it was painful. My awful afternoon nurse kept giving me attitude, like it was my fault I couldn't pee. I told her this has happened to me before! I told her there was nothing more that I wanted than to go home. Like I wanted to be there with her? Yah right.

They called the doc and decided to send me home in a catheter. While waiting for them, I did have a BM. That's always exciting after surgery. :p Now I am on a regular Milk of magnesia regimen. All that stitching they did down in my nether regions makes it hurt to go to the bathroom.

Speaking of which, when the tech re-cathed me, she said there was no way I was going to be able to go pee because my urethra was so swollen! See, Nurse? The catheter hurt to go in because she had to force it. :( I'm kinda glad to have this bag though until Wednesday, because it is just going to be so much less painful than that swelling business I was having. I'm hoping I can pee on Wednesday when they take the catheter out.

I'll have my blood/swelling drains at least till the end of the week, maybe 2 total weeks depending on how much they are draining. I have a follow up with PS Thurs or Friday.

I got home about 7:45 pm. Getting in the car hurt so much. :( I'm so glad I won't have to go anywhere until I see the urogyno on Wednesday. My wonderful hubby got me situated in a borrowed recliner. PS does not want me laying flat or sitting/standing straight up. I was positioned this way at the hospital too. I slept better at home than the hospital this first night! Yay! I got up at 2am, took my Percocet and sat there thinking how much my ass hurt. Not even 5 minutes later hubby come to check on me.

Rest of my update from this AM

I must have been too sleepy, but I only copied over half of my update earlier. Here is the other half:

Not even 5 minutes later hubby come to check on me.

3rd times a charm?

Not even 5 minutes later hubby come to check on me.


Not even 5 minutes later hubby come to check on me.


I'll try again later. WTH?

5th try

Not even 5 minutes later hubby come to check on me.


I'll try *again* from my computer later. Maybe mobile devices are acting up.

I did take some updated pics!

trying again

Not even 5 minutes later hubby come to check on me.

Typed out part 2

Not even 5 minutes later hubby came in to check on me.


It was like he knew! So, we set up a nice pillow situation on the couch, so I'm still bent, but less sitting my ass. It's so much better already.

Yesterday before bed I had to put the bigger catheter bag on. That was easy. My binder was chafing my boobs big time so I took the binder off and put a tank top on, then put the binder on over that. That trick I learned from you lovely ladies at RealSelf! It's so much better. I was so uncomfortable doing this, I didn't snap a pic. Let me tell you what though... besides swelling, I was flat! So unreal. I'll try to get a pic next time I do a sponge bath since I can't shower till the drains come out.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I am so blessed to have my husband home for 3 weeks while I heal. He had enough PTO saved up and wanted to be here to take care of me. There are not enough words that express how much I love him.

My other family and friends have been so incredible thoughtful and caring. I had 4 flowers delivered to my room, a handful of cards, candied almonds, cookies and caramel popcorn all brought to me. I loved having visitors and hope to continue to have people over at my home.

The medicine makes me a sleepy head so I apologize for not proof reading and making crappy sentences. I'm usually kind of OCD with sentence structure, but I'm just tired. Plus, I'm typing this from my phone, which in itself is kind of a pain.

Wow, it finally let me paste it + another update

I wish I could go back and delete all the times I tried to post the 2nd half if that blog. It was so annoying it kept cutting it off even though it looked fine on the preview.

Today went pretty well. I definitely am not enjoying walking! It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the catheter in. It would be even better without the drains. I'm using a walker to help take some pressure off of my back. I'm doing laps around my living room, down the hall and back. Once I get the catheter out, I think my hubby and I will try walking around the mall, or Target or something. I'm usually active, so sitting is getting hard. My butt hurts.

Both my UroGyno and PS follow up appointments are now on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to those. Hopefully I'll say goodbye to the catheter and take the dressing off the scar or change it. I would like to see what it looks like. I doubt the drains will come out just yet; we'll see.

Hubby wiped me down with baby wipes today, It's the easy version of a sponge bath. It felt nice and I definitely felt cleaner. No shower until the drains come out! My hair might need a sink washing, though. It's getting too oily.

My appetite is missing. This wouldn't normally pose a problem (I never am not hungry) but I'm not eating enough and I get shaky when I am walking. It's probably the pain and lack of calories. My stomach is still super funky. It is a giant, gurgling gas bubble. I'm taking MoM twice a day for a few days now. Should I resort to taking daily suppositories until my nether regions heal? These are questions for my UroGyno.

I think that's all I got for now. I posted some updated pics earlier today. Have a good night. :)

Gettin' Swole

Well, I wish I was gettin Swole at the gym, but isn't my muscles getting large My stomach now resembles what it used to look like in Spanx... A sausage, packed tight!

How long does it take for this swelling to go away? It is no joke!

Yesterday I developed a lovely rash on my booty. It almost looks like a tape allergy. Would they tape my ass during surgery? It's parallel to the floor and itches like a mofo. I had hubby do a late night pharmacy run last night to get me calamine lotion. It's helped. I have to apply 3x a day, which helps the itchies. I'll ask the doctors tomorrow.

I felt pretty good today. Best day so far! I got up and walked a few times, addressed All the Xmas cards, ate 2 meals! I'm finally getting some appetitie back. I was starting to feel weak due to lack of calories. I slept pretty well last night too, which I'm sure helped my mood/energy today. I've also taken a few less Percocet today.

1 week Post-op!

Hello. :)

The last few days have been interesting.

Wednesday I had my 1st post-op doctored appointments. The PS took out all of my stitches and dressings. He also took out 1 drain. He applied new dressings to the BB, a support for the remaining drain site and a bandaid on the drain site he pulled out. Pulling out the drain wasn't so bad. It burned for a few minutes and that was it. The scar looks good and flat and my BB is so cute! He said I could discontinue the binder today. I went without it all morning and then felt like I needed more support. Maybe that is the feeling of my belly starting to swell?

On Wednesday my Uro-ObGyn took out my catheter and we hoped I'd be able to pee. We hoped the swelling went down enough to allow me to do this.

I went home and went. I felt like it wasn't a full release. I called the Dr. and they said every time should hopefully get better. By 9pm, I went 4-5 times but I could tell it just wasn't keeping up with my urine output. I started to feel too much pressure.

We were at the ER by 10pm. The doctor did tell me if I couldn't pee, to go to the ER and get a new catheter put in. I was in a lot of pain by the time I waddled into the ER. It took them an hour to get my order to put my catheter in. By this time I was standing, leaning on the counter doing Lamaze breathing. It was terrible. I of course tried to pee in the meantime, but couldn't at all. So the catheter went in, but it took so long to get released. We were out of there at 1am. That 's 3 hours in the ER for a 5 minute catheter hook up. ER = Ugh.

The doctor called the next day and told me to be on bed rest except to pee through the weekend. He also switched my medicine from Percocet to Tramadol. Apparently Percocet can cause Urine Retention.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful until the evening. I could feel some BM pressure. I have been taking Miralax 2x a day to help prevent constipation. I was hoping to start to move away from laxative suppositories. Well, by 10pm, I had to do another suppository to get things going. I thought I was going to die. 30 minutes later I was done, but with that BM I have some pretty significant bright red bleeding from the vagina. Eek! I also had pain from where my uterus was. Talk about concerning. I put on a new pad, took a pain pill and went to bed praying for the best and a plan to call doctor in the morning.

By the morning I soaked through a pad. I called the doctor and spoke to the nurse. She told me to take some Colace in addition to Miralax 2x a day. She said when you have a hard, large stool it will aggravate this stitches right by the small intestines. She wasn't super concerned. She said if I was soaking a pad every hour to call back. It hasn't been that bad. Now I am just spotting new blood. It should hopefully get better. All the complications I am having stem from my woman surgeries.

I took a few updated pics. I had surgery one week ago today! My lack of swelling this morning got me super excited about my new shape! I know I am still swollen, but I am super impressed about my results so far. I was so bloated last week I was getting bummed! Yay!! :D

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I'm a week and 5 days post op now. I'm doing really well! I've been off pain meds since about 8 days post op, which I think is super impressive because of my multiple surgeries.

I went in Monday to get my catheter out and was able to pee just fine. I do have pain when I urinate so I went in again on Tuesday and they ran a urine test. That came back "ok" they said. There was some white blood cells in there, but said that was probably from the catheter being in there for 10 days. They prescribed me some medicine that will numb my bladder, hoping that it just needs a few days to calm down. Let's hope!

I've been a little swollen the last 2 days. I've been busy with Christmas which means less time taking it easy. I tell you what though, my swelling is nothing compared to some of you ladies! Yikes! I'm sure it's coming though. :)

I'm standing about 95% straight in the AM and by the PM I am more like 80% only if I am up and moving a lot. My MR hardly hurts except when I am coughing or if I sneeze. Laughing doesn't hurt much anymore. My incision pulls when I stand up, especially towards the end of the day. I'm slow when I walk around... Slow and steady! I can't imagine if I had to run for some reason. ;)

I go in tomorrow to hopefully get my last drain taken out. Fingers crossed! Maybe they'll uncover and leave my belly button out. My guess is that they'll change the tape on my incision. My incision has been kinda itchy today. Healing perhaps?

I'll take some updates pics on Friday. :)

2 weeks post op

I am 2 weeks post op today!

I saw the nurse at the PS office on Thursday. She changed my incision tape, took off my belly button dressing and took out my last drain. The drain was in just shy of 2 weeks. It hurt a bit more coming out than the first, which she said was normal.
Last week the doctor said I can stop using my binder. I haven't used it unless I've done too much and need that extra support in the evening. That has only happened a few days.

I like my new belly button. I'm so used to my old cavern of a belly button. It's nice to see the bottom of it! I am sticking a small plastic bead in it to open it up a little bit... Another little trick I learned from you ladies on RS.

I took my first real shower today! I was probably in there for 45 minutes. :) I also started sleeping in our bed 2 night ago. Things are starting to feel more normal every day.

Here are some comparison pictures; Before and today, 2 weeks post op.

3 week review

I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks! Happy new year, btw. :)

Things are going very well regarding the TT. I'm healing great. My MR doesn't hurt, except for this spot on the right side. I felt it pull one day 1.5 weeks ago when I sneezed.

I am afraid I might have 1, maybe 2 dog ears. I think this is everyone fear. Of course, I was aware this might happen before surgery. The last thing I want is to have a revision surgery, but if I need it I will get it.

My belly button looks good. My tape came off so I finally have a good look at my scar and those possible dog ears. It looks pretty good. It's scabbed over in the middle where I have a small vertical scar from my belly button not being able to stretch all the way down. It'll heal and look like the rest of my stretch marks. I had a lot of stretch marks and I really don't mind that I have them still. I earned those stretch marks. They tell a story. All I wanted was my pouch gone and guess what, my pouch is gone. I am one happy camper. :)

I've lost some weight since surgery. I went in weight 160 and today I weigh 154. 2 lbs of that was from the skin removal and up to one pound was from my hysterectomy. I know I'm losing some of my precious muscle, which makes me a little sad. I worked hard for my little booty (flat butts run in my family). I got off track with eating better for the last 1.5 weeks, but I'm happy to say that is no longer an issue. I feel better putting good food in my body.

I still cannot wear jeans comfortably. I fit into them just fine, they just ride on my incision super bad. :/ I bought 2 new pairs of fleece lined leggings to help get my through this no jeans period. I have those, yoga pants and sweats. I need to go buy some thermal leggings as well, cause baby, it's cold out! -45 wind chill here... Frostbite in 10 minutes. No joke.

My hysterectomy healing is going pretty well. I finally stopped my post surgical bleeding. I'm glad that only lasted 3 weeks, not up to 6 like they had mentioned it could. I've had some weird cramping the last few days. It feels like I have a uterus, like period cramps, but worse than I ever had when I had a uterus. I did some reading and some said it could be hormonal fluctuations still since I have my ovaries, some said it could be bladder spasms, some said it could be adhesions. Who knows. We'll see how it plays out.

I'll post some pictures later. :)

New pic!

1 month ago today!

Happy 1 month surgeryversary to me!

I turned 33 last week too. I had an awesome night celebrating with my friends over the weekend. My gift from my hubby was this surgery (probably my Xmas and bday for a long time... Lol) and he did give me some lovely red roses. I'm so thankful. :)

I was able to wear a pair of my jeans comfortably all day today! I've been living in leggings, but it's nice to wear jeans for a change. I definitely still prefer to be as comfortable as possible. My scar is pretty sensitive on my hips.

I'll post some new comparison pics on Friday. That will be 5 weeks post op.

Here is a pic of me in my jeans... So flat and you can see the curve in my waste. I love that!

The 2nd pic is my scar close up where it is still healing. You can see where they had to cut around the old BB and sew it together. It's still red, but it's not spreading so I just think it's just taking a longer to heal.

Talk to you Friday!

Oops, pic 1

From previous post.

5 Week Review

It's been 5 weeks since my surgery. I met with my PS on Wednesday just to see how things were healing up. He said everything looked great! He said the scab and redness on the middle of my incision is normal and the scab looks like it's getting close to falling off.

I asked him about my muscle separation and he said it was pretty significant. He said he sewed it up one time and it needed to be tighter so he went back and did a double stitch.

I have instructions to massage my scar now. He also said I can tape the scar to help my sides heal flat and hopefully not with dog ears. You can see the tape in the photos.

He said I can go swimming now, that I just need to slather my scab with antibiotic ointment since it's still healing.

I have barely any pain now related to the TT. I still have some pain peeing from the portion of my bladder lift. It's getting better and hopefully it just needs more time.

Here are some new pictures comparing the day before surgery and 5 weeks post. I am so incredibly glad I had this done. I can now confidently wear shirts that were hugging my belly before. I am the exact same size in shirts and pants, just without the bulge of loose skin in the front.
Bloomington Plastic Surgeon

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