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I interviewed a few drs, but Dr Poulter knew what...

I interviewed a few drs, but Dr Poulter knew what my vision was, he explainedeverything and made me feel very comfortable, I will be having a full tummy tuck with lipo of sides and back. going tomorrow for blood work and am ekg, setting my dr off Friday for a clear to have the procedure done. Monday station back to Dr Poulter to get results and go over one more time what we are doing and get my instructions for surgery day. I'm nervous but excited at the same time. I'll post pictures if before soon, and keep everyone posted on the progress.

count down starts

I am down to 2 weeks trying to fit in as much as possible before the 16th, I am a Realtor by trade and of course just like vacation once you book something you get busy. I have everything bought and ready to go, just doing some last minute cleaning and rearranging to make room for my recliner to come up from the basement. I will post before pictures later as I hate looking at them. I am 5'10" around 180 lbs all tummy, I stopped smoking almost 6 weeks ago.

before pictures

last week before the big day

The count down begins, I've been trying to get as much done as I can before next Wednesday. I have been looking at Compression Garments anyone have any suggestion or advise on which ones are best?

Tomorrow us the big day

Today will be spent doing some running, and My daughter and I will get pedis later, a little pampering before tomorrow to help relax, measured my waist and hips so I have a point of reference. I have to be there at 6:45 so I'm the first on the books. Staying over night so I'll be home Friday. Daughter has said she will take care of fathers day cooking for me. When I booked this I thought fathers day was last weekend. I'm a little nervous not about the procedure but the recovery, my hubby is taking a week off to take care of me, I have a recliner that I'll be in for a little bit. I will try to update later tomorrow afternoon. Have a great day ladies

On my way

In roughly 1hour and 45 minutes I will be under the knife, lol, was crazy cleaning shopping for food for the family. Trying to get everything in order before today. I'm starving and have a headache from hell from not eating I'm sure. I'm nervous but so ready I'll try to post pictures later depending on How I feel. Have a great day ladies I'll be seeing you in the flat side soon

Day 4 po

Today is day 4 feeling pretty good pain isn't as bad as I had thought it would be. Swelling is crazy numbness is crazy to. I have mostly irritation at the incision site, drains are a pain in the ass, hopefully they will come out this week. Standing almost 85% up right back is really sore

Today is day 10 po

Well today sucks, I am an emotional mess feeling so swollen it hurts to move, want to sit and cry all day. I have been feeling so good all along and the last 2 days have just been rough, still have a drain in hoping to get it out Tuesday. Dr. Poulter said everything looked great Friday at my first po appt. I'm wondering if sitting with some ice on my belly would help with the swelling, I can't get my binder any tighter unless I go buy a smaller size which I guess is good but I just don't feel it today.
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