46 yo, 5'4, 140 pounds B Cup to C 350cc. TT, BL/BA - Ready to No Longer Be the Fat Girl.

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After 4 years old waiting I'm finally financially...

After 4 years old waiting I'm finally financially ready to do this. I visited 3 doctors and really liked Dr. Chad Tattinis office. I believe in his abilities, he spent quality time with me and gave me realistic expectations. His staff is wonderful!!
I am less than two weeks away from my procedures. I have only told my boyfriend and mother what I am doing. It's so hard not to feel judged.
I have been overweight my whole life. But after 100 pound weight loss, I need to finally complete myself by doing this. I don't want to ever be "the fat girl" again.
Good luck to each of us on our journeys. Thank you for posting and being here.

Before photos. 10 days away!

I am posting some before photos and woo-wee doesn't that just say it all!! Yee gads! I am really looking forward to this. I'm absolutely petrified tho!! What if it all goes terribly wrong?!? I have a teen son and lost my 8 year old two years ago and I need a massive change in my life. I'm so scared that i am making a choice that might cause health complications.
I just am going to let go and let God. That's all I can do, and trust that this path is good.

Less than a week to go

I'm starting to get very excited about this. I honestly have not been Trying to have any expectations. I just know that I have chosen this proceedure to better myself and I'm going to let go and let god. I am posting more tummy pics so that I remember where I've been and we I see the after photos I can see how far I've come.
I have a walker, front bra, maderma scar cream, palmers oil, a sit up pillow, arnica gel and straws. The doctors office said I really don't need anything, but I'm taking the recommendations from you all.

Surgery Day!!

At Bromen Surgery Center. It's very nice. Staff have been very nice. I'm so nervous. I just pray I'm doing the right thing. I know my mom sitting here with me is not happy with my decision.
The surgery is 8 hours long.
But I'm here and I'll be ok. Thank you for all your support.

Tips for surgery - today was my day

If you have the chance to stay overnight at the clinic... DO IT!! I can't imagine being home and trying to deal with the pain or trying to move around or just getting comfy.
If u r offered morphine... Take it. I can endure some pain, but between my muscle soreness and tt incision site. This hurts like a mo-fo!!
My BA/BL don't hurt near as bad, but that might change tomorro.
But yet with saying all of that I am sooooo happy I did this!!
I needed the real me to shine finally. I'm no longer going to hide behind big brown clothes and pounds.
Thanks RS women for your support!!

First Day

So so happy!!! I actually have boobs!! Drove one hour to get back home from surgery center. Note: if u r driving put pillows and blankets in the car to get comfy. Ride wasn't to terrible. My mom was trying to miss the bumps as much as possible.
She has been great and I'm sooo blessed to have her help.
Out of everything, my back is hurting from bending over so much. I started feeling the burning stinging in my abdomen. I'm glad to feel it since it means nerve endings are coming together.
I have one post op pic of BA. Dr. Did not have to do lollipop or anchor on me. I'm thrilled about that!!


I'm keeping up on pain meds and getting around well. The worst part is my butt and back being so sore from sitting all the time. But I am not complaining one bit!
I love Rita and Louise and yes, I'm going to say it. I wish I had done this 4 years ago. I needed to be a new me. And here I am. My outside finally matching the lady on the inside.

Day 3 post op

The swelling is upon me. My thighs are even tight and swollen.
But I feel good over all. Just muscle soreness is the biggest thing.
This is the first time in my life that I've ever wanted to post pics of myself!! Lol

Day 4 - lesson of the day- take it easy!!

I have felt great today. Only taking Tylenol and really having no pain at all. My drains kept detaching from where they were hooked and pulling. But other than that it's been a great day. I walked more, sat upright. Was able to walk a little straighter. Well... About 6pm I feel something streaming down the legs. I started to have so much blood that it was pooling on the floor and my left bulb was filled up to about 100 cc's. My poor mom was near heart attack as I could see how worried she was for me.
I called the docs office. He told us right what to do. He said what could have happened. He was honest with me, but didn't want to scare me.
His first questions to me were. Did u pick up anything heavy and what was your activity level?
I hadn't picked up anything heavy. But had moved a lot more.
He had me empty out the bulbs and lie down for an hour. If the bulbs filled up again or it didn't slow then I needed to go back to surgery immediately.
I did just like he asked. An hour passed and the bleeding stopped and the bulb became normal. There could be a chance that there may be internal bleeding. He said to check for a large bulge on my stomach. I will have to monitor this closely for the next few days and really weeks.
I just want all you ladies to remember this when you go to pick up that heavy object or go do housework. It could be very bad and you do not want a loved one looking at u the way my mom did tonight.
Dr. Thinks a blood vessel burst and it might have been a one time thing. Especially since it was pulling to badly. But that I HAVE to take it easier.
So please learn from me... Take it easy. It's major surgery. I felt so good I just thought I was good to go. God pulled me back real quick tonight.
Many blessings to all of you wonderful ladies.

Day 6 post op

Feeling really good. No more bleeding. My first post op appt today. Doc says signs of something wrong are black blood in drain or really really bright red color. I got drain out and one remains for another week.
I'm standing 80% upright. Once you stand all the way upright you can sleep normally. I am highly motivated to stand upright!!
Got dressings removed and saw tummy for first time. What a huge difference!!

Hiding drain under clothes for work and church

Any advice?
I heard two things.
Pull drain up into bra, but the tube isn't long enough.
Then to put the bulb and tubing into front pocket of pants with jacket over it. This sounds good, but I find it really sticks out of my dress pants.
I'm hoping to fine another option. Thank you in advance for any help you could offer.

Post day 10

Amazing how quickly the body heals. I still have one drain. Producing about 10 cc/ day or less. I feel really good. I'm sleeping on my side again, standing straight, no pain meds, back not hurting. Finally did a BM today. holy cow! Push those stool softners, water and healthy fats. Cuz that was a little painful and it's been at least 10 days ago I had one.
Scheduling this in Feb was so good. I had no idea how great the timing was. It's one month that here in the Midwest we arnt able to get out a whole lot and I'll be healed nicely by swimsuit weather.
This is the first time in my life I've ever looked forward to swimsuit season!!
I'm so happy I did this. I went out this weekend and felt like a new person, cuz I literally am. I am so confident, feel like the beautiful woman I knew I always was. After 20 years I found me again. I love her. So glad she is back. :) it's been a little emotional going out. People looked at me. Noticed me. I was no longer hiding in the corner beneath layers of dark colors and pounds of excess weight. Truly life changing.

All bandages off!!

Don't think the swelling has gone down all the way. But I feel great. I love my new look. I'm so much happier!!
Bloomington Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tattini has to be one of the best doctors in the area. I visited three and there is no comparison!! He answered all my questions thoroughly. On the day of surgery he went thru each procedure step by step. I told him my mom was very nervous and he took every opportunity to let her know I was doing well and eased her mind so much. His staff, Julie and Ashleigh are wonderful and really went out of their way to explain things and kept me informed. There was no pressure at all.

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