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Well I am 5'5" and well not stating...

Well I am 5'5" and well not stating weight just yet as I'm 8 months pregnant currently, however this will be my last child. I'm 31 years old and have a 3 year old daughter already. Prior to having kids I was a 34D and firm/perky. Even at that size I could go without a bra in a shirt that required it. Then I got pregnant with my daughter and went to a DD and breastfed her for 3 months and suddenly dried up.

After her my breasts deflated to a C cup. I never lost all my weight from her and was at 175 when I got pregnant this time. We dediced that since we each have a child from previous marriages and that I dont deal well with pregnancy physically that this will be our last.

I've wanted my pre baby breasts back since I lost them and so he told me to go ahead and call around. I found 2 doctors through research and through referals. I have my first appointment on 9/26/11. They know I'm pregnant but said that to come in and get my questions answered and such things and then if I choose this particular Dr. that we would schedule an appt for once I'm done breastfeeding.

I plan to breastfeed and pump at the same time for the first 3 months and in doing so I hope the pumping will provide my baby at least 6 months of breast milk and no formula, provided I dont dry up unexpectedly like I did with my daughter. Then I am hoping to be dried up within 3 months of stopping, because my wedding to my fiance is October 2012 and I want to be healed and looking pretty normal before then.

So I hope to have surgery by May 2012 if everything goes as planned. I'm nervous and excited for my upcoming consultation.

Well I'm not sure that I liked the surgeon I met...

well I'm not sure that I liked the surgeon I met with yesterday. She seemed nice enough but didnt really click with her. She kind of contradicted herself as well. First she told me that I'd have to wait min. 6 months and up to 1 year after I stop breastfeeding before being able to do the surgery (even tho everything I've read from other dr's has said once milk is gone which is usually 3 to 6 months is enough) and then she turned around and said we would need to do it while the baby is 15lbs or less so that I could still care for baby during the 6 week recovery period, well considering my babies are usually large (over 8lbs) that means that the window would be passed by the time I was dried up from breastfeeding. Not only that but she said she would want me to pay for an augment and lift and she would decide in the operating room weather a lift needed done or not if not she'd refund the difference. I did get to feel silicone and saline and definately liked the feeling of silicone much better. The total cost of the two procedures plus surgicenter and anesthesia would be 8600. I really dont want a lift if I can help it. I dont know. It was 90 dollars for the consult but it goes towards the surgery if I use her. The other dr. I'm considering has a consult fee of 50 dollars but I have to schedule surgery for within 4 months of the consult in order for the 50 dollars to transfer to the surgery. His employee quoted me 5800 over the phone but wasnt specific as to what that covered etc. So I guess I'll be waiting until at least January before I call and set up the consult for him. Just hate to keep spending money I'm losing that wont go towards my surgery.

Well, I am now 4 months after when I was forced to...

Well, I am now 4 months after when I was forced to stop breastfeeding. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and some other things however I am highly dissatisfied with my post children breasts. I have had my tubes "tied" so there are no more babies coming and I HOPE to get my augmentation done within the next year my health and pocket book willing. I may need a lift as well I don't really know. I know that now that I'm finished feeding my children the size difference between the two girls is much more noticeable to me which I already didnt like prior to children, and one sags quite a lot more than the other. I wish I could get this all done prior to my wedding on New years eve however that isnt going to happen unless we hit the lotto or someone wants to gift it to me lol So for now I'll just stick to my heavily padded push up bras lol...cannot wait to have cleavage and full girls instead of flabby saggy ones that point to the ground at just a few months shy of 32. If ya know any surgeons that do pro bono work like attorneys be sure and let me know lol

Still no gift for mama....yet

well a lot has happened over the time since I last posted. I have some disabilities now that I'm dealing with however I haven't given up hope. In fact I am hoping that within the next 3 to 6 months to start the process of finding a doctor that's right for me and scheduling my surgeries. I did meet with one local doctor over 2 years ago and I simply didn't care for her personality, she came off on the rude side and a bit condescending which simply doesn't fly with me in any shape or fashion. So we will see what happens. I should know more by the end of this month, fingers crossed. I will post new photos tomorrow but I have no doubt that I will need a lift and if I get the lift I'll likely drop to a "full" A to a small B once they are lifted and well I simply dont want that, I was a perky 34DD before kids. So perky that I could go braless in order to wear open back or backless shirts and even with strapless shirts, so I really dont want to go back to feeling like I have the body I had at 14. So that being said I do definitely want to get implants as well, I'm just not sure what kind or size. There are so darn many choices and options out there its crazy!! I also have lost all of the pregnancy weight from my son and almost all of it from my first born, my daughter. However due to my disabilities and my aging body and aging metabolism combined with my ab muscles being so far apart (had a nurse check them by feeling them and say there were close to 2 inches apart) I don't think I can lose any more weight. I've plateaued and stayed at the same weight only fluctuating by 2-3 pounds for the last almost year. So because of that I want to also get a tummy tuck. My aunt got hers done a year or so ago, and so she gave me the low down combined with all my reading on here. I just figure one time of being down for the count and one surgicenter and one anesthesia fee rather than 2 separate times would be best. My sister agreed to come take care of me, my house, my kids etc during that time too so that and my husband when hes not working I think will be good plus my mom is 20 minutes away at most if we need anything. So anyway I will post photos tomorrow and then we shall see how things go in the coming months.


Well it took me a few more days than I had planned but here are my updated pics. They are of breasts and tummy since I have decided I want to get both done now.
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