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I'm one month pre-op, and so excited! I have been...

I'm one month pre-op, and so excited! I have been wanting this for so long. I have had three c-sections, and although I'm fit, exercise regularly, and eat well, I have loose flabby skin that will not budge. Will post before pictures soon.

Curious - how does the TT recovery compare to c-section? I know it's not the same, but it's the closest point of reference I have.

Before photos

17 days to go!

My pre-op appointment is in two days, and I'm anxious yet excited! I'm keeping a running list of questions for my PS, and thinking about what I'll need to do/get in the next couple of weeks. And did I mention I'm excited?! Posting more before pics, I'll be so happy to have my smooshy extra skin gone!

Getting excited!

My pre-op appointment went well - lab work consisted of urine test (check for infection, protein in urine, etc), blood tests for CBC (counts) and BMP (electrolytes), followed by an EKG. All healthy and normal. I then had a lengthy (1 hour+) visit with my surgeon Dr. Randolph - she is fantastic! She puts me right at ease and I feel so comfortable, and she clearly and patiently answers all of my questions. I never felt rushed or that I was taking too much time. Now 11 days out from my May 24 surgery and I can't wait. I'm getting my house in order, getting things I'll need after, made arrangements with my employer, etc.

Seven days!

I'm all jittery now, anxious and excited energy. Can barely sit still now that I'm only a week away. Any last-minute pointers?

Surgery Day!

Surgery went very well, tummy tuck including diastasis repair and slight lipo. I remember the anesthetist asking me if I'd had Valium before (no,) he said it would take effect in a minute or so, then they were wheeling me through the hallway. I had a very pleasant dream (can't remember what about), then woke up in a recovery room 4 hours later. Have no recollection of anything else.

Pain hasn't been that bad, about a 2-3 out of 10 depending how much I move. I'm using a walker and getting around just fine - going to the bathroom a lot due to all the water I'm drinking. My mouth is very dry, could be the meds or just a side effect of the breathing tube.

Day 3 post-op

Oh wow - I skipped a pain med dose overnight (sleeping), and when I woke up to get it MAN THE PAIN!! Don't do that...

Most of the time I'm settled in the recliner with 3-4 pillows and I'm fairly comfortable. I only get up to go to the bathroom, leaning heavily on the walker because otherwise my back hurts.

I have my first post-op appointment with PS today, so I'm excited to see my tummy in progress.

Well, that was unexpected

Post-op went very well yesterday, then on the way home we were in a car accident :(. An 18-year-old girl ran the red light and t-boned our minivan on the driver's side. My poor husband's door took the majority of the impact, his side curtain airbags deployed.

Ambulance took both of us to the hospital to be checked out, and my incision and drains are still fine. No increase in bruising, swelling, or drainage. Husband has pain and swelling in left arm but X-ray was fine. He has whiplash in neck and back, just sore in general. I'm so glad we weren't seriously injured, especially him.

We think the van is totaled, but waiting for insurance to get back to us. My plan is to shower today and get some better post-op pics.

The Itching!

My scar itches like crazy! Bruising over my lipo also itches! Gah, this is driving me nuts, especially when trying to sleep... I know it's normal and means I'm healing but MAN it's annoying!

1 week post-op

Got one drain removed yesterday, other one will come out next week. Only putting out 15cc per 24 hours now. Can't wait to get it out! Results look SO GOOD already.

Thrilled with results so far

Going back to work tomorrow, will be two weeks post-op on Tuesday. Healing nicely!

What is that line?

Three weeks post-op and looking better every day - I now have a vertical line above my belly button that wasn't there before. Hubby insists its abs but I don't know because I never had abs in my entire life.

1 month PO

Checking in

Almost 3 months PO, I'm having a slightly itchy burning type of pain around my incision and lipo areas - the healing continues. I look better in jeans than I ever have, though my skinny jeans don't fit yet.

Swelling at 4 months PO

So things have been going great, I've been back to the usual routine for awhile now. Since I have a desk job and I'm still up 5 lbs since surgery, I recently started trying to increase my activity throughout the day - standing more, walking around the department for a couple minutes, etc.


Coincidentally or not, my swelling is back big-time. My scar is fine, but my overall abdomen (scar to bottom of ribcage) is puffy - I look seriously bloated.

My skinny jeans STILL don't fit because my love handle/hip area is also puffy and/or swollen (had some lipo there with the TT). Don't mistake what I'm saying - I LOVE my results and would do it all again in a heartbeat. I'm just ready for my favorite jeans to fit again!
Bloomington Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Randolph is excellent - she was very thorough at explaining the procedure and took her time to answer all of my questions. I never felt rushed or that I was taking too much of her time; she truly cares about her patients and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. She was reassuring and understands the risks, complications, and side effects of the surgery and I felt well-informed and confident in my decision as a result. My mother (caretaker post-op) was also very impressed with her knowledge, and her office staff are friendly and helpful. The outpatient facility (located in the same building) is also top-notch and I'd highly recommend!

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