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I am a 56 yo woman that had mentioned to my hubby...

I am a 56 yo woman that had mentioned to my hubby that I'd like to get a revision and a lift for my breast implants about a year and a half ago. I've had the same implants since 1985, I think a new pair would be nice! He told me to wait a little longer and we'd have the $ to do it. I woke up on 2/19/2016 with a very red, swollen and extremely painful right nipple. I went to the ER immediately and it turned out to be cellulitis of the nipple. My primary care doctor ordered a diagnostic mammogram with unltra sound just to be on the safe side. On 3/3/2016 I went for my mammogram. My right breast was clear, no problem. My left breast wasn't so lucky. They found a small suspicious mass and wanted a biopsy done ASAP. I had the biopsy done on 3/20/2016 and the results were in on 3/25/2016... Invasive Ductal Carcinoma! So, now I am getting ready to have a mastectomy of my left breast with immediate breast reconstuction implant/lift procedure. I don't have a surgery date yet but I'm meeting with my breast surgeon for the second time on Thursday morning. The lump is so small that Dr Heidt hates to remove the whole breast but with my aged implants radiation could be a problem. I can have a lumpectomy with radiation and possibly chemo or go with a masyectomy and not have to have radiation nor chemo. I've decided on the mastectomy... Now everytime I tell my hubby of 30 years I'd like this or that he tells me to "Be careful what you wish for". I'll add my before and after pictures at a later date. I've been pretty calm the past 7 weeks but I'm starting to get really nervous and a little scared. Any suggestions from anyone having gone thru this yourself would be greatly appreciated!

Visit with breast surgeon 4/28/2016

My appointment with Dr Heidt didn't go as well as I had expected. She went over what will take place during the surgery in more detail. I had originally decided that I'd go with having the cancerous left breast removed and a revision and lift on the right breast but I will have a double mastectomy instead. I made this decision based on possibly having to go thru this again in the future. One round trip for me! It's been 2 months since my diagnosis of IDC, and it really hit home that this is really happening. All of the emotions I hadn't experienced 2 months ago hit and hit hard! I do really well most of the day doing my usual routine but when down time comes around it hits again. I thank the Lord that I will be able to fall asleep listening to the frogs sing and wake up to the birds singing for many years to come! I'm still waiting for my insurance to approve the PS doing the surgery. As soon as that's done I'll have a date, at this point all I know is "As soon as possible! Everyone take care!

Mastectomy/Reconstruction rescheduled until 7-6!

I was all set for my surgery tomorrow when I got the call last Thursday from my breast surgeon having to reschedule from 6/6 to 7/6! With no explanation, just that something came up?!?! It's been one delay after another! Three month fight with my insurance, waiting for my plastic surgeons schedule to open up, yada, yada, yada! I told the surgeon's office one more cancellation and I'm requesting a different surgeon!
I've met twice with my plastic surgeon and he's just awesome! He makes me laugh! I called him yesterday morning and talked for a bit about type of expanders and such. Dr Wise answered all of my questions and gave me answeres to questions I didn't have to ask! He is great!! I love him and his staff are wonderful also!
Bloomington Plastic Surgeon

So far I've been very comfortable with both doctors. The girls in both offices are awesome and put up with my frequent calls

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