35 Year Old Married Mother with 4 Kids. In Need of a TT, MR,Lipo. West Bloomfield, MI

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5 days to go!!!! I am so excited, yet nervous!!......

5 days to go!!!! I am so excited, yet nervous!!... I had to stop smoking for 2 months before I could have the surgery. I've been doing a lot of research on how to prepare for this surgery! It's been on my mind 24/7, I cannot even think straight! Hope all goes well and cannot wait to get to the FLAT SIDE! My surgeons name is Dr. Michael Gray; Bloomfield Hills Michigan. Has anyone here ever had TT, MR by him before? If so could you please post before and after pics?!

3 More Days!!! ... Yayyy

For the past month my blood pressure has been extremely high so I Went to the doctor to have him prescribe medication. Been taking medication for 3 weeks now and just got back from the doctors to check to see if my blood pressure have went down some because I was worried about my PS cancelling surgery, but everything turned out fine . Blood pressure is at normal range!!! Yayyyy. Now I can sleep!


13 hours to go!!! Really nervous about not waking up(don't know why) but that's normal I guess!! I've been praying and praying , and a lot of my Facebook friends have been sending their prayers!... I feel good and I'm READY to GET TO THE FLATSIDE.
Also check out Tummy Tuck Queens on Facebook, it's an awesome community! Wish me luck and happiness. Bye!.....

3 Hours!!!

Couldn't barely sleep at all last night. Woke up to the bubble guts and a racing heartbeat. Getting ready to send my kids to school and off I go......

Day 1 of Surgery.

Went by very quick! Soon as they laid me down for anestetic she asked me how many children did I have and their ages. She said hers was back from College for the summer and I told her mine was also. She then proceeded to ask me what major she was taking up.. Then out of nowhere I was woken up in the recovery room!!!???? Wow!!! I wasn't really in that much pain, I just had a very hard time getting up and sitting down.
My throat is extremely sore from the breathing tube, and my uvula and tonsils are very swollen to the point of touching the top of my tounge (so uncomfortable) .

Taking off dressings!

I have to take off dressings and clean areas really well.

Swell Hell

Definitely showing some ab definition.

Belly Button

Week one

Week one

He seems like a very nice guy! Friendly, Fast talker, was hard for me to keep up what he was saying but Board Certified, I liked his before and after photos, has a nice web site set up, comfortable office and friendly staff.

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