Gastric Sleeve - 5'7" 235 31 years old

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So I had a breast reduction back in August and I...

So I had a breast reduction back in August and I am still pleased with that. It has made working out easier but unfortunately I have been working out hard in the gym 4x a week and eating better and I am not seeing my weight budge so I decided to self pay for the sleeve because I have no co morbid conditions that will allow me to qualify for insurance to cover the surgery. I am currently 5'7 230. I have been stuck at this weight for a while. I even creeped up to 250. I am sick of this dieting lifestyle. I need a fresh start.

Change of Plans

OK .Originally I decided to see a doctor in Michigan to have the gastric sleeve which would have been $11,200. But upon research I decided to go to WLS 4 Better Life in Tijuana. Dr. Ponce De Leon will be my surgeon. I booked my flight for 2/22 to San Diego where I will be picked up by someone on staff. I have already talked to the Docs assistant (Trish). Believe it or not I am not 1% nervous about going to Mexico. Trish was great and called me and answered all my questions. I have read nothing but good things about this place. I am ready to go. I have decided to go on my own because I do not want to drag anyone along to sit in the hospital even though I know they would go. I would be allowed to leave after 3 days but I have decided to stay an extra 2 days to allow myself extra time. The $5,000 covers all fees and 2 nights in the hospital and 1 night in the hotel. So I will pay the extra 2 nights I am there. I will post measurements a couple days before surgery.

One week from getting sleeved

I am 7 days away! Got the cashiers check for the doctor on Saturday. I have a pile of comfy pajamas, white tees, sweats and personal care items ready. I fly out Sunday morning from my hometown at 6am. Decided to get there a day early to get situated. My doc requires a three day water and yogurt diet so I will start that Thursday since I will need to stop food intake Sunday evening. I took all my pre op measurements and pics. I will share those once there is some progress. I find the Facebook group "gastric sleevers no judgement zone" very helpful. Everyone is so willing to share their experiences. I will be updating my review the night before operation and every night for the first week so you know roughly what you might be able to expect. I will note that I usually have a higher tolerance than most when it comes to pain just to give you an idea. I think the biggest challenge for me will be the mental change of eating. I do wish I would have started changing my eating habits months ago. Although I have been researching this for a while it wasn't until about three weeks ago I said to myself I can't live this way anymore. I am 31 years old. I should be open my closet and not wonder how terrible I am going to feel today by wearing a certain shirt. I told my boss I was having a female surgery and I am hoping to return to work at the one week mark but I will not push myself. My mom is doing the surgery about 10 days after me here in the US so that will be exciting.

I am in Mexico!!! Surgery tommorow.

ok tomorrow is the big day. I left NY at 6am snow storms kept delaying my departure time. It was a long long day but when I arrived at the airport Trish (more about her later) from WLS4Life had her sons waiting to pick me up. They were very nice boys made me feel comfortable. Drove about 30 minutes to meet up with Trish who is Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leons coordinator. I opted to come a day early to get settled in so I paid for the hotel tonight. Trish was so so friendly. My mom even texted her and she agreed to text my mom once I was out of surgery. Trish took me over to the local grocery store so that I could get yogurt and water for the night. Now I am a slight hotel snob after a bad experience I vowed never to end up in a crappy hotel ever again. I went to NYC last weekend for a fun getaway and stayed at the W hotel in NYC. I can honestly say that Hotel Lucerne beats the W hotel and it is less than half the price. Clean comfortable and friendly staff. Make sure you get the deluxe room thought (the pics are attached). Free wifi. Now for the surgery you only get two nights in the hospital and one night at the hotel. I decided to leave on Friday morning so I am going to pay for my hotel Sunday. Hospital Monday and Tuesday night. Wed hotel is paid with $5000 surgery cost. Thursday I am paying for out of pocket. I could have gone home Thursday morning but I am glad I decided to stay an extra day because that flight back to NY is going to be long and I wanted to give myself an extra day.

The easy way out? lol

Hi everyone

last night was so rough for me. I could not stop vomiting. The anti nausea medicine actually made matter worse. Tommorow afternoon I get discharged after my leak test. I will say the hospital staff and doc are just as good as any in the U.S. I was nervous coming to another country by myself but everything Is turning out just fine. I just cannot wait to get discharged and go back to the hotel. My back really hurts. I was able to walk quite a bit today with no pain. Just a little heartburn here and there. I was able shower on my own I did have to sit down a couple times though. So I will confess that my doctor required a 3 day yogurt and water diet and I only did one. So had I started eating healthier a couple weeks before maybe it would have made a difference in my nausea. I am not sure but the worst part seems to be over. I cried so hard. The pics attached are the morning after surgery. As you can see I have one larger incision on my side where the drain is and 4 other small ones. Dr Ponce De Leon actually gave me a dvd of my procedure which I will watch when I get home. I will update once I get home Saturday with my 5 day weigh in. I will also let you know how my long plane ride back home went (San Diego to Rochester NY)

Finally home! Update and 5 day weigh in

It feels so good to be home. I got home around 1 AM today. I missed everyone so now I feel a little more optimistic about what I did. I left on Monday but the Saturday before I left I did weigh in and I am down 10.6 pounds in a little less than a week. Liquids are getting a lot easier to take in more at a time rather than tablespoon by tablespoon but I am not rushing it. I can really only tolerate super cold water apple juice and cranberry juice nothing else really seems to agree with me. It was kind of hard to do any walking today because there's so much snow outside so my mom is going to pick me up in the morning so we can walk around the mall for half an hour so I can get some exercise in. I do plan on going back to work Monday I'll see how it goes obviously if I'm not feeling 100% all day I will let myself go home. When I got home last night I cried wondering if I did the right thing just because it's been very overwhelming not being home all week so I'm hoping that those feelings start to change. Even 10 pounds was enough of A difference for me to feel a little different in my jeans so that was a good thing. I cannot say enough how the Facebook groups have helped me. Everybody is always so willing to answer questions. The most difficult part of this has been smelling all the wonderful food. Seeing all the commercials for food just passing by restaurants. But to be honest with you at this point I'm just excited to be switching different juices LOL. Next Saturday is my smoothie stage But who's counting down the days. I have lost a couple inches off of my waist but I won't do those measurements too often I don't want to get discouraged I think maybe every three weeks or four weeks I'll do measurements and as much as I say I'll just weigh in once a week it'll probably be more than that but I will update you guys every Saturday because that's the day that works best for me. I am more than happy to answer any questions that I can at this point I look forward to updating everyone.

Almost 2 weeks post op

Hi everyone

Down from 235.5 to 218.7 feeling great. Tried a scramble egg this morning my stomach is not liking that I think I'll stick with the full liquids a little while longer. Met with a nutritionist this morning to make sure I was on track. I got a lot of useful information. I went back to work Monday and was completely fine I was not drained at the end of the day. I will update with pics next week once I am closer to 20 pounds gone. I hear there is a pretty common stall in weight loss at about three weeks post op so I am going to put the scale away for a while after next week.


I've been doing so good I have been forgetting to update! I am down about 22 pounds at almost one month post op. My waist is down about 3 inches. The hardest part is having to wait half an hour after eating before I can drink. I have more variety in my meals now soft cooked meats, eggs, soups etc. in about a week or less I'll try more normal foods.

Good Morning

Ok Here are my current stats.

2/23 sleeved
Starting Weight: 235.5
Current Weight 210.8
Loss of 24.7 pounds

Chest from 48" down to 45.5 "
Waist from 47" down to 43" (belly button all the way around)
Hips 45" down to 42.5
Thighs about .5-1" loss there
Body Fat from 46% down to 41.58%

I do not feel like my shape haas changed much from the original pics but I feel the difference and see the numbers :(

I am starting to eat a little more normal. Ex I had a pancake for breakfast.

I need to start working out this week. But every day I am steadily losing a little more weight.

Side by side pics

A couple of the before shots look different but were taken within a week of each other well before my surgery. The after was taken a few days ago.

6 1/2 month update

Sorry everyone! Life got the best of me. Bought and sold a house and left my job for self employment are among the many reasons I haven't had a chance to update. I am so much more full of life. I also had a stall for a good 4 months which is why I was feeling down. I was stuck at 195 for a long time. Regarding the stall do not get frustrated. Put the scale away and enjoy life. I was weighing everyday and then I didn't weigh for a month and now my weight has been falling off again.

2/23 surgery
Starting weight 235.5
Current weight 180.8
Down 54.7 pounds
Body fat went from 46% to 35%
Waist went from 47" to 39.5 same for hips
Chest went from 48" to 43.5
Thighs went from 26.5" to 23.5"

Pants went from 16 to 8/10 depending on brand

No more pre diabetes
Normal blood pressure
Regular periods (suffered from pcos)

I do drink soda a lot :-/ not to encourage anyone but it doesn't affect me. I don't do bread simply because it's a waste of space. Not being able to eat how I used to doesn't bother me at all. I still have the mindset that I can eat as much as I want but I am quickly reminded otherwise. I am aiming for 15-20 more pounds about 165 and I'll be happy

I plan on going for a TT and BBL around my one year mark.

1 year update

Just a quick update. It has been about a year. No regrets down about 65 pounds and 7 days away from some plastic surgery in the dominican republic (started another review). I could have lost more but I really do not exercise and honestly I am happy where I am. I am currently 171
Mexico General Surgeon

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