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First off, sorry I did not take before and after...

First off, sorry I did not take before and after pictures -- I'll try to explain my results in words instead. I'm a 33 year old male who has done 3 tours in Afghanistan and 1 tour in Iraq. I developed major sun spots on my face (nose and cheeks) from sun exposure, especially from Iraq -- a lot of sun damage in that country. I also had serious acne scarring located mainly on my chin in the form of reddish, uneven skin tone, bumpy scars. I was really self conscience about the area on my chin. Also, I had large pores on my nose and in the corners of my nose on both sides.

I went in for fraxel not knowing what to expect, the lady performing my fraxel said instead of starting on a low level laser she was going to go for it and start me on a very high setting after looking at the condition of my skin. The procedure only took about an hour (20 minutes for the laser and 40 minutes for numbing cream). l'm going to be straight up with you all, the pain was intense. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'm guessing the pain was at a 9. Keep in mind I'm 33 and spent a lot of time in Iraq and Afghanistan so I don't consider myself a wuss by any means -- but this hurt. It felt like the laser she was using was slicing my skin open.

After the procedure was over, I looked in the mirror in the office expecting my face to look horrible -- however it did not look bad at all. The doctor informed me though that the worse as yet to come and 8 - 12 hours later my face looked bad, spots of blood and puss was oozing out and I was applying a cream 4 times a day. You do not want to go out in public, make sure you have everything you need to last you for at least 3 - 4 days.

Results: My procedure was done on a Thursday morning and by that Sunday all of the sores were healed, my face was still a little red but by Monday I felt comfortable enough to go out in public again. I have to say after 1 session my results are amazing! Sunspots were reduced by 30 - 40 %. Acne scarring on my chin reduced by 50%. Pore size on my nose also reduced by 30 - 40%. And this is only after 1 session! My doctor originally recommended 5 sessions but after seeing the results I got from 1 session, I'm guessing I'll only need to have 1 or 2 more.

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