33 Years Old and my 3 Kiddos Left Me with No Boobs! - Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hi ladies! I'm a 33 year-old married mama to three...

Hi ladies! I'm a 33 year-old married mama to three little ones. After nursing all three for a year each, my poor boobies have been destroyed! Luckily my husband is very supportive of my decision to get some help up top.

I went to two different doctors and decided that the last doctor was the right fit. I'm a little over 5'7" and weigh about 125 pounds. I'm looking for a natural look to take my barely A's to a full B. I enjoy running and working out and don't want my chest to get in the way of staying active.

I was surprised when both of the doctors suggested a 400cc silicone implant for me to achieve this look! I'm going in for a second consultation because after looking at about a zillion boobs, I feel like this size implant would be too large. The doctor I chose uses Natrelle implants under the muscle. My breast width is 12cm if that helps.

I've heard of "boob greed" but I really don't think I will have that. Although D breasts are awesome, they aren't right for me!

I've included some pics of "wish boobs" and feel like I may be better off with a 300cc or 325cc implant. Thoughts?

Thanks everyone!
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