TT in 2 Days- Am I Doing the Right Thing??? - Bloomfield, CT

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I'm 46yrs old and 2 days away from having a TT...

I'm 46yrs old and 2 days away from having a TT & Lipo and i'm sooo nervious. i have had a tummy that "hangs" for alot of years and since ive thought about a TT for a long time i finaly said im doing this! I have been married for 27 yrs with one son, also 27yrs. so why not, its all about me now! husband was upset when i went for the consultation & booked the surgery but he's has excepted it and is wonderfully supportive now.

I find myself wanting to "lie" when asked why i'll be out of work, unable to attend an event etc..does anyone else feel the same?

sometimes i think "i'm to old for this" although i feel 35 most times, we are very active with lots of friends but i am 46yrs not 26yrs and wonder if i should be so insecure about my body to the degree that i would spend this money & go thru this procedure. then of course, i get excited the next moment when i think how great it will be to have a new belly and a new start to get my body in shape...sooo many emotions!

I'm 2 days post op, so crazy.. Lots of pain more...

I'm 2 days post op, so crazy.. Lots of pain more than I expected, I ended up being admitted to the hospital because when I dozed off in recovery I would stop breathing not sure what that was all about anyway it was a blessing in disguise staying in the hospital overnight was the best thing, the car ride from the hospital to home, I was scared it would be unbearable but it was fine I was comfortable. I don't have much of an appetite I try to eat something when taking pain pills other than that I don't feel like eating. I will see my p s tomorrow. I have still not seen my belly, hope it's all worth it. I feel no nausea which is good I have a perscription just in case I do. And of course the antibiotic twice a day. When I was in the hospital they gave me shots every 8 hours for blood clotting. I get up and walk around the house every couple of hours I find that the more I move the more drainage I get. When I woke up from the surgery I was wearing a compression garment which started just below my breast down past my knees with a large opening at the crotch, I'm hopping they will give me a new o n e so I can have to when one is being washed.
Breathing is kinda weird my lungs feel like someone sitting on my chest sometimes, anyone else feel that way?
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