Blepharoplasty Not Worth It; Beware

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I had lower blepharoplasty performed because I had...

I had lower blepharoplasty performed because I had what I thought were "fat bags" under my eyes.   I went to a well-known NY plastic surgeon. 

After the surgery, I still had the "bags" and also had newly developed wrinkles and apparent asymmetry.  I now realize that the "bags" were probably not "fat bags," but malar mounds or festoons for which blepharoplasty is not recommended. 

My plastic surgeon kept telling me that the puffiness would go away, but it never did.  He also told me that I had the asymmetry before but would not let me look as the pre-op photos.  If I had any asymmetry before, it was not noticeable.  He recommended a chemical peel, but, after getting other opinions, I realized that it could result in lower lid drop and would not help the asymmetry. 

I now realize that I should have done more research and should probably have gone to a oculoplastic surgeon.  The surgeon I used came personally recommended by 2 other people, but they did not have lower blepharoplasty done. 

Lower blepharoplasty is not a simple procedure and can be quite tricky.  If you are considering having your lower lids done, go for consultations with several oculoplastic surgeons or plastic surgeon who specialize in lower blepharoplasty.  Please beware and do more homework than I did!!

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