Not Sure Quiet Yet, but Probably "Worth It"

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I have had, ever since I can remember from my...

I have had, ever since I can remember from my youth, the sagging over my eyes. No one could ever see my eye makeup, and my eyeliner always ended up on my eyelid. I finally got sick and tired of looking tired, so I went to a plastic surgeon locally for a free evaluation. I was ask what my expectations were and we discussed the reasons for having it along with what the realistic results would be. I was also advised by the staff to begin taking 2000 mg of vitamin C, and eat pineapple for the prevention of bruising. After an EKG, my surgery for my upper blep was scheduled. I entered through a special door for patient privacy in my pj's. I saw the doctor for measurements of my eyes and he drew on my lids how much fat and muscle to remove. I was sedated with an IV in my hand and didn't know anything until everything was over. I was instructed to take my pain medication before the anesthesia totally wore off which helped tremendously. Immediately after arriving home, I started placing frozen peas in frozen food bags on my eyes. My eyes never gummed up or swelled shut. After 4 days, my stitches were taken out. I had no bruising and very minor swelling. My doctor told me that I had made history for their practice as far as no bruising and very little swelling. I am told after three weeks now that everything is excellent, but my scars are still somewhat red, and there seems to still be some swelling under them. I am having some difficulty with dryness around my eye area which I have never had. My usual creams do not seem to be helping at all. If anyone can help me with this problem, I would appreciate some feedback. I must be ready for a major event by the end of October. So far, I will say, it was worth it. My husband stares at me and tells me how much bigger and brighter my eyes are. The only con I can say now is I think the length of recovery is more than the doctors staff and others say. At three weeks, the scars can be seen on the outside of my eyes, but I try to cover them with eyeshadow. My husband tells me that they are not noticeable at all. I think we all expect perfection, when there is no such thing. I am 54 years old, and I do not expect to look twenty, even though others guess that I am 37 to 40 years old. I only regret not having this done sooner!!!
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