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I got my allergan cui implants under the musle...

I got my allergan cui implants under the musle almost 6 years ago, as I am over the whole insecurity of smaller breasts I have decided to explant full en bloc. I have met my surgeon in dublin ireland and delighted for him to do my procedure. Wish me look. Thanks to all you ladies on here for reassurance

6 days to go

Ok so I am 6 days pre op and really really nervous was having nightmares last night just so scared can't think of anything else.... as you ladies all know I'm getting full capsule removel with drains. My surgeon did warn me this is more painful but as he said it's the right thing to do. Can anyone tell me how bad the pain will be please someone reassure me

3 days to go and am rid of these toxic implants

Feeling excited and extremely nervous as you can see implants are too big 500cc under the muscle. I can't wait to be rid of them and to all you ladies on here that are on the other side a big well done from me, you are all an inspiration. I'm feeling quiet anxious and as always I come here and get great reassurance from all your great reviews. A big thank you and wish me luck x x I'll keep you updated

The other side

Delighted I am on the other side my surgeon and his team done a fab job implants came out all intact and he removed 99.9 per cent of capsules which was fantastic. I have the drains in until morning there a nuisance. No real pain but I am very drowsy and lightheaded when I stand. My surgery lasted 2 and half hrs. I am hoping I'll feel a bit more alert tommorrow and hoping the drains will not hurt when coming out. I did get a quick look before I left hospital and I must say I did not get a huge shock I know from this sight time is a great healer. I will update with photos tommorrow as my surgeon took some for me.

2 days post op

In a lot of discomfort this morning it's now only 5am. When I take deep breaths it really hurts and I think the fact I had not moved much yesterday made me more stiff. But I needed the rest was very nauseous tired and dizzy after anesthetic. Anyway drains are coming out at 10am dreading the pain as it is quiet sore under there ???? but it will be a bit of a relief ????

Drains out

Ok so drains came out this morning surgeon delighted with amount of fluid that came out. I have to admit I was a nervous wreck the left drain really hurt coming out the right not too bad I was squeezing my husbands hand am sure it was hilarious ???? still taking antibiotics and painkillers sore under breasts and stiff also a little itchy. Gonna sleep in recliner chair for few more nights I feel more secure as I can't move too much in it. I looked at my breasts in surgeons office earlier I don't appear to have any bruises or markings outside of my wound area which same is pretty tidy. I promise I will post some photos when I feel up to it just don't have the courage right now. X x thanks for all your support

Picture of implants intact

So here are the pictures of my implants with and without capsule removed. I'm on day 8 and feeling great still limited to physical activities but that's to be expected. So glad I am the other side and healing very well will update soon with pictures of breasts to give all you brave ladies some hope x x

Support bra

Here are pictures with my support bra. They really look good in it. Last app with surgeon this weekend so as promised I will update with photos next week x x
Dr. Fuan Chan

Dr chan was very realistic and honest, he was extremely friendly and easy to speak to. He answered all my questions and husband. I felt very at ease with him and was delighted to here he could do explant and en bloc as this procedure is hard to find in ireland.

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