25 Year Old Breast Reduction UK Lancashire - Blackpool, GB

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So admittedly I was an overweight teenager,...

so admittedly I was an overweight teenager, therefore by age 16 I was double F cup, by early 20's they grew to HH cup and I hated them! After losing 2 stone and none of it came off my chest, I decided to do what I had been thinking about for 10 years, went to my GP about a reduction. Anyone from the UK may know that you can get this operation on the NHS if you fit the criteria (google breast reduction on NHS for the criteria).

After seeing my GP, I was referred to Dr Saiden at Chorley and South Ripple Hospital and I was accepted for the surgery, however I had to lose another 2 stone to get to 26 BMI. I achieved this and was advised by the surgeon that he'd remove roughly 400g from each breast and was placed on the waiting list - he said at this point the waiting list was roughly 3-4 weeks. However after waiting 5 months I could wait no longer so went private.

To prevent any confusion, the price mentioned is converted roughly using google lol. My price was £5,550 at Spire healthcare, plus £155 for the initial consultation. My surgeon was really friendly and went through all the risks and potential complications - loss of nipple sensation, wound breakdown, infection, asymmetry etc - and I signed the consent form and was booked in for 4 weeks from that date. He asked what size I wanted to be but made it clear he can't guarantee sizes, but I said as small as possible (I want to go into the police!). He said that there are limits to the amount they can remove (obviously)

So after the normal preop (medical questionnaire, blood and urine test etc) my operation day came. It took roughly 3 hours. I don't want to put anyone off but i woke up in AGONY!! This was soon sorted with morphine and about an hour later I was allowed something to eat, happy days. My surgeon told me he had removed 4 and a half pounds, and I was in a C cup sports bra - big tip, get one that zips at the front!! They put this on you while you're still asleep so you are pretty comfy afterwards considering. I had one drain in each boob, I didn't really feel these while they were in though, maybe I was lucky?

Post op pain wise, apart from the initial agony when I first woke up, there wasn't much pain at all. I was on codeine and paracetamol every few hours but I didn't feel it was particularly needed. Another tip if you get given codeine, save some of your food because it tasted revolting, water didn't help!

Anyway..the following day I was released after having the drains removed. I was offered morphine for this but as I had been told it was only a few seconds discomfort I declined...I regret this! The first one was fine, but the second felt like it ripped me apart, so I would advise accepting pain relief!

Once home, I was pretty mobile with very little pain. One week on and I have only taken 3 of the codeine they sent me home with, paracetamol covers any discomfort. The only time it feels sore is when you first lay down, and walking can be a bit sore. Another little tip, when laying down, to sit up without pain, roll onto your side then pull yourself up :) For the first week or so you will need someone at home to help wash the top half of you as arm movement is slightly restricted and also you aren't allowed to do a lot of the household chores (vacuuming etc). Apart from this I have been pretty much independent.

One week post op and I have absolutely no regrets! It has been so much less painful (not really any pain at all, more discomfort if that) than I thought it was going to be. The worst thing I found was the fuzzy head for a few days after the anaesthetic and mild muscle ache from learning a new posture!

Motivation - self confidence, clothing difficulties pre op, exercise almost impossible therefore my dream of joining the police was impossible.

Pros - everything! HH to a C cup! So much more confidence now, I no longer have to cross my arms to hide the big boobs! Used to be UK size 18 on top for shirts to button up, now size 14s are loose and I still have 1 stone to lose. No back/neck/shoulder ache from the heavyness. 4 and a half pounds lighter.

Cons - the only one I can think of is not doing this sooner!!! I have missed a lot in the past few years due to the big boobs and lack of confidence.

Outcome - as stated above, pre op I was HH cup, now in a C cup sports bra! Not sure how it works in other countries but...going private turned out to be the right decision. He took over double what the NHS surgeon said he'd be able to take, as well as the lack of waiting. Ladies in UK, if you can afford to go private, don't hesitate and do it!

As I typed this I got an error when trying to upload photos..will try again later.

Ladies if you are/have been thinking of having this surgery, it is 2000000% worth it. One week on and it has changed my life. I have no regrets and its really not that painful at all.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I wrote this at 1am so probably missed something!

12 days post op - first checkup complete !

Hello all. So 12 days post op and I've just had an appointment with my surgeon who also removed the dressings. All is healing well and I'm so happy :) the dressings removal was not as bad as I thought it'd be (I hate plasters and dressings of any sort) and now I get to have a proper look in the mirror !
At this point there is not much pain at all. The only soreness really is underneath the boobs, but it's more than bareable.

19 days post op, all dressings removed!

So today I got my steri strips removed ! I can't believe how well they are healing and how thin the scars are. I was also advised to gently apply bio oil to help the healing and help reduce the scarring. So so happy!

1 month has passed!

So it has officially been a month since I had my reduction and I still love them. I have since been clothes shopping and am 2 sizes smaller than I was preop! Just need to lose my 'food baby' now!! Healing has gone well and there hasn't been much pain at all, the soreness pretty much went after I had the steri strips removed.
My left nipple is a bit wonky compared to my right (looks worse in photos) but I'm not overly bothered about it. The dog ears bits do need to do one though as they are annoying !

5 weeks post op!

Slowly feeling back to normal! Really happy with how well they are healing :) feel lucky to not have had any complications (yet!)
I've started using bio oil on the scars so will see if it makes any difference. It smells nice tho lol.

12 and a half weeks gone!

Hello sorry for the lack of updates! I've just got back from a summer holiday to Barcelona, it was so hot and I wore a sleeveless top with thin straps every day! Never done that before due to needing bras with motorway width straps! So happy I did the surgery and life is so different than before.
Dr Milind Dalal

Dr Dalal was absolutely fantastic. Friendly, clear advice and I felt comfortable with him straight away. He managed to remove over double what I had previously been advised was possible, which I was so happy about - in my eyes, there was no such thing as too small!

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