28, Two C-Sections and Weight Loss.

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I honestly have no idea what to expect, I am...

I honestly have no idea what to expect, I am nervous! I will also be having a brachioplasty (arm reduction?) at the same time, a breast reduction in December (I'm currently a 34-G) and a thigh reduction in January to remove the loose skin. Nervous but excited and hoping to finally feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Anxiety Anyone?

I am having some major fear and anxiety about my surgery. I have barely slept from nervousness and I don't know how to handle it. For some reason I am terrified of things going wrong, not healing properly, etc., or that it won't look as good as I hope it does. It's a lot of money to spend on something that could go so badly! I'm getting my arms done at the same time so fingers crossed that all goes well and I am panicking for nothing. Did anyone else experience more anxiety than excitement before their surgery?

Pre-Surgery Prescriptions!

Picked up my pre surgery prescriptions today. One is a patch to wear behind my ear the night before surgery and should stay on for two days after, to help with nausea. Got my antibiotics, anti-nausea pills, and an anti-microbial shower soap to use the night before surgery as well.

I will have to check my pamphlet again as well. I think it said to shower the morning of the surgery too, so I am a little worried about the nausea patch coming off in the shower, but the pharmacist said it should stick just fine. Going shopping tomorrow to get some last minute needed items and I am deep cleaning the house this week! As a student, I am also doubling up on my homework so that I don't have to do it in the first few days of my recovery.

Apparently, my surgical hospital has a spa that offers facials, manicures, pedicures, and even has a hair salon. Wow! Trying to decide if I should treat myself or if I'll even be feeling up to it. I was so nervous but now I'm feeling excited. So far I've had nothing but wonderful experiences talking to the staff and the surgeon.

Tomorrow is the Day!

Nervous but excited (still). Headed up tonight and then surgery is first thing in the morning. I keep worrying that I will forget something or wake up sick! :( wish me luck.

I made it!

Had the surgeries first thing in the morning yesterday on Halloween. I had the arm lift done plus the panniculectomy and the standard abdominoplasty. Getting up to walk feels like a lot it did after my c-sections so it's not a bad as it could be. My arms are different story! They hurt something awful. I haven't been able to see either procedure since I still have all the garments on, but I will post some pictures as soon an I can.

Going home today!

So far I am in love with the work done and the staff here have been so friendly and helpful. I'm still pretty groggy but I have some pictures to share. I'm very swollen, and I can't wait to see the results once the swelling goes down.

Back at home!

I am finally back home and taking all the medicines as prescribed. I did not realize how drowsy I was going to be still but I can take advantage of all the time for sleep. I feel so pleased with my tummy tuck and arm lift. I get to take bath tomorrow too!

A few more pictures...

Just a few more pictures to add. I coughed earlier today and it was so painful I was certain I was dying! The arm lift made my hands swell up big time so I had to take off my wedding rings. Slept in my recliner last night and I think I need to set up a timer so I can wake up in the middle of the night and keep up on my pain meds, so that way I don't wake up in horrible pain again.

Swelling and itching like crazy!

Okay, first off, coughing and laughing hurt SO BAD. I've been avoiding both as much as possible but sometimes you just can't help it. It feels like all your stitches are ripping at once! But the nurses said to put a compress over my stomach and cough once a day so I've been good with that.

A little TMI: today was my first bowel movement since the surgery. Been taking lowest dose of Colace, considering upping the dosage on that. Spoke with the surgeon on her cell (can I just say again that I have the best surgeon ever?) and she talked me through all my little concerns and questions. I was worried about my drains because they weren't draining as much as before, and she assured me this was a good thing.

Despite the pain, nausea, and limitations, I am so excited and pleased with the surgeries. I prepared myself for worst case scenario and didn't let myself get my hopes up, but the results are so much better than I dreamed. Of course there is still swelling and I haven't seen the final results, but I can't believe how great it looks already.

Drains and Tape

Had my drains/tubes and tape removed today. Getting the drains removed was not painful, but it did feel a little strange! Still swollen obviously and will be for a few weeks, and still wearing the binders. She poked at my belly button and said it was healing nicely and that everything is looking great. I'm using an antibiotic cream on my incision lines now and still on an antibiotic and pain meds. I had an arm lift at the same time so my arms are still hurting too. Arms are still super swollen but they also didn't have drains.

TMI: my vagina is a lot higher than I remember it being! Haha. I also had my drains coming out through my "pubic mound" so the scars will usually be hidden and not along the scar line.

It is so strange not having my flab anymore!

Arm Issues

My tummy is still doing awesome, a little better every day. My arms are doing a lot better than they were a few days ago.

My arms swelled up, were bright red and hot to the touch. My garment felt like it was cutting off circulation. My arms itched so bad I couldn't sleep. I called my doctor and she had me come in right away. She put me on a new antibiotic and they are looking much better. They are still much more swollen than they were the day of surgery and still a little red, but so much better than they were. You can tell in the pictures how swollen my arms still are.

I added a before photo of my arms. I couldn't find many but my arms were basically nothing but sagging skin, flapping wings. Even in the the gut pink sweatshirt you could tell. Before surgery, they were 14" of flabby skin. Right now they are 12.5" of tight swollen skin.

Arm Shrinkage

Feeling better every day.

On the upswing! Swelling isn't as bad and things are starting to shrink back into place. Did some mild cleaning today and it was a little uncomfortable but not unbearable.

Swelling is really going down!

Hey guys! The swelling has gone down a lot, and I'm standing up straight a lot more than I was. I'm able to do some light activities finally but stop as soon as it feels uncomfortable. I sneezed, and I was certain I was dying! Haha. The pain from a sneeze or cough is still there. I can't believe it's MY stomach in these pictures, or that I actually have my old hourglass figure back that I lost with the pregnancies and c-sections. I cannot say enough good things about my surgeon. I had a lot of very thin/overstretched skin from my second pregnancy, so thin I always worried it would rip, and I wasn't sure how that would affect my incision and incision line, but she did an amazing job.
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