34G to (Hopefully) 34D or 34C

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Currently a 34G, 28 years old and tired of the...

Currently a 34G, 28 years old and tired of the neck and back pain. I am nervous about what my breasts will look like after the procedure, but so very excited to finally not have this massive weight on my chest anymore! I was a DD in high school and have never been small chested, but I am an active adult and want a chest that doesn't get in my way anymore!


When I look at pictures of other people with G breasts, they look so much bigger than mine! I know I'm bigger than a DDD (could not squeeze into one of those at all) but I'm starting to worry that my "after" size will be much smaller than I'm hoping for. I've been large chested all my life so I really don't want to go below a C cup, and I would prefer a D cup. Just so nervous!


I had the first surgery of the three I have planned. First surgery was a tummy tuck and an arm lift done together. Next is my breast reduction on December 12. You can see in these photos how disproportionate my chest is to the rest of my body! I spoke to my surgeon again and she recommended I aim for a C-D cup size. My husband keeps suggesting I am for a small C but I have been large chested my entire life! I am very tired of my G cups but a small C might be too dramatic of a change, or too small on my frame.

Admittedly, I started looking online at cute bras and bralettes. I didn't even know bralettes were a thing! I get so excited thinking about having smaller, perkier breasts that I can wear comfy bralettes with. Counting down to the next surgery!

Some topless shots.

My 34Gs in all their sad glory. I am still worried about them turning out too small or not fitting my frame....which seems ridiculous when I look at these pictures. They are enormous and heavy and LONG! I can't wait for my surgery, but I wish I could shake the fear. I had my tummy tuck and arm lift before I took these pictures , so I'm even smaller in comparison to them now.

Got my new bras in!

I ordered the recommended post-surgery bras that will also be my recovery garments. They go by band size, not cup size, and are super soft and stretchy. I'm. 32/34 band size, so I ordered a 34. Of course my first instinct was to try it in. Of course I was squishing out of them from the top and sides, so I adjusted the bra (okay, so I let my boobs spill out from the bottom) so I could try to get a good idea of what what they will look like post surgery. I covered the boob spillage with my hand. I get more and more excited every day.

New (After) bras.

Just another photo of me not fitting into the "after" bra. I am so excited to get rid of this weight!

Going in for surgery!

Going in for my breast reduction today. Very excited! Should end up between a C and a D but only time will tell. Wish me luck.

Loving it!

On the other side of the surgery! Wow, I already feel like my chest is lighter. They removed 350g from my left breast, and 300g from my right. I haven't seen them completely yet, but I've stolen glances when the nurses come in to check the dressing. So amazing. Before the surgery, the goal discussed with the doctor was to end up between a C and a D. We shall see!

Trying to peek...

I can't take off the bra, but I also can't wait to see them. Can't sleep, not feeling too great, but did my best to snap some more pictures without taking the garment off.

Hematoma :(

Hello all. I am finally home from my surgery. I ended up needing a hematoma evacuated from my right breast, which kept me in the hospital an extra day. I originally did not have or need the drain pumps, but I now have one for my right breast to keep the fluids out.

Basically, the pain in my right breast was so intense that the morphine and pain pills they gave me did nothing. It was incredibly swollen and started bruising. My surgeon took a look at it and got me back in the operating room incredibly fast. They drained about 250cc of blood and fluid out my breast and it immediately started feeling better. My surgeon is fantastic and took great care of me.

So far, it looks like I will be a full C cup once I'm ready to start bra shopping in six weeks. They already feel so much lighter and perkier. It is a little bit of a shock to suddenly have smaller breasts, but I never realized how much my G cups were literally weighing me down.

Feeling Okay

My breasts are starting to hurt less, though I have the scar and bruising from the drain tube after my hematoma evacuation, which still hurts quite a bit. I still don't fit into the C cup size cotton sport bra (it is so tight I can barely get it to close) so I am not sure if I still have swelling or if I'm just a very full C / low D. Either way I am happy with the size and shape. My nipples aren't quite the same size and shape, but I honestly don't mind because they weren't the same size or shape before, and at least now they are closer. My nipples feel very sensitive and I had very minor bleeding from my left nipple area after the drain tube was pulled out. Been using bacitracin on the incisions as instructed. I am so glad I had this procedure done! I weight about ten pounds more than the morning of the surgery, but my regular doctor says it's because I had the hematoma evacuation, which put extra stress on my body and meant about three days of IV fluids into my system. I feel bloated, especially in my stomach and thighs, but that should go down once my body decides it's ready.

Can finally buy bras!

So I finally went bra shopping, and it turns out I'm actually a 34DD. The pink lace bralette is a 34D and didn't quite give me full coverage. The black bra in the pictures is a 34DD and it fits so perfectly. The drains you can see are not from the breast reduction, they are from a different procedure I had done yesterday so I'm in a fair amount of pain. I cannot be happier with the way my breasts turned out. They are perky and have a very natural shape, and I can actually get bras inside a regular store like Walmart. I was hoping for something between a C or D cup, but honestly, I feel like the size they turned out to be fit my body shape very well and I love them.

Before and After

I tried on the 34DDD bra my friend bought me last year. Before the reduction, I couldn't squeeze into them at all! Now it fits (loosely, of course) but it was still fun to see the difference!
Rapid City Plastic Surgeon

My consult with Dr. Snyder was wonderful. She was incredibly kind and knowledgeable, and their office had answered all of my many questions. My BR procedure is scheduled for December 12th!

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