34G to (Hopefully) 34D or 34C

Currently a 34G, 28 years old and tired of the...

Currently a 34G, 28 years old and tired of the neck and back pain. I am nervous about what my breasts will look like after the procedure, but so very excited to finally not have this massive weight on my chest anymore! I was a DD in high school and have never been small chested, but I am an active adult and want a chest that doesn't get in my way anymore!


When I look at pictures of other people with G breasts, they look so much bigger than mine! I know I'm bigger than a DDD (could not squeeze into one of those at all) but I'm starting to worry that my "after" size will be much smaller than I'm hoping for. I've been large chested all my life so I really don't want to go below a C cup, and I would prefer a D cup. Just so nervous!
Rapid City Plastic Surgeon

My consult with Dr. Snyder was wonderful. She was incredibly kind and knowledgeable, and their office had answered all of my many questions. My BR procedure is scheduled for December 12th!

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