"51" Yrs Young Had "1" "9 Pound 4oz" Baby - Suffering with Much Needed Breast Lifts. - Brooklyn, NY

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I have previously written but that's okay ! Lol !...

I have previously written but that's okay ! Lol ! I will again ! - Hmmm; I have lots to say ; I've NEVER "let out" how I feel ~ ONLY to my "go to" - my BFF (my mom); Please bare with me; This is quite embarrassing "Yikes"! - I've been reading MANY stories & Thank U ALL for sharing .. I am "51" yrs YOUNG ; Lol ! But I am MISERABLE BEYOND WORDS ; Even looking at my sagging ugly "2 girls" my breasts. I ONLY take off my bra to shower ; My life has suffered dramatically (DON'T EVEN WANT TO START A RELATIONSHIP) BC I KNOW that once a man , takes "1" look - OMG ! So I don't date ! They were BEAUTIFUL until I had my "9 pd. 4 oz." baby boy. Since they have DEFLATED ; I've been LIVING in my bras. (I buy only the best looking bras) No one could EVER TELL how they ACTUALLY REALLY look ! It's gotten SOO bad ; & has a major effect on my VERY LOW (but secretive) self esteem . I Thank you ALL FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE MY STORY . Need to find a GREAT KIND Dr. (Wow ! Bc this is something I have suffered in silence with for WAY TOO LONG).... I apologize but I've NEVER taken ANY pictures of them .... But I WILL ....

Much needed Breast Lift

Doing Botox and Lip Fillers

Was referred to Dr. Wendy Finklestein @ Spa Cosmetica in Coral Springs, Fl. - She didn't have before &rafter pics - Pretty much rushed me. "I" had to ask what type of fillers were done . She was just Alright- Know I can find a Dr. I'm HAPPIER with .
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I haven't started yet !

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