6 Months Post Op! I'll add update pics soon

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I'm writing from my phone and have many probe...

I'm writing from my phone and have many probe so please bare with me. I'm 39 yrs old, 5'10 and about 210lbs. I wear a comfortable 16 and 38/40 D. I have 3 boys ages 19 yrs, 10 yrs and 19 mos. With each pregnancy I have been "all baby" and my tummy has paid the price! So, my hubby and I agree we have many years of beach going left and I really want and deserve to look on the outside the way I feel on the inside.

When I met with Dr. Becker things went great, he is really laid back and yet very professional. I originally inquired about a tt and he said I would need an extended one as I have a moderate deflated pannus. My pouch! Lol however I had been doing a ton of reading on this site and others and noticed that people with a similar body type to mine opted for a lower body lift so I started thinking perhaps that was a better option for me. Dr. Becker agrees and thinks I should get really great results. That is exciting. I also am having quite a bit of Lipo of my tummy, flanks and hips for sculpting and even smart Lipo under my arms. I wanted a breast lift with augmentation but am having the lift only initially as Dr B will not do both at the same time and requires 3 months minimum between the procedures. I'm really fine with that as I think it will really help with getting a truer picture of size etc that I may want to do. And honestly my breasts are the least of my concern. I'll post pisa and you'll see what I mean lol. Well, aside from being scared out if my whits and excited at the same time, I suppose now I need to start getting ready!

I thought I would add a couple of things regarding...

I thought I would add a couple of things regarding my procedure. I will have 4 drains and he emphasized that I WILL wear them 3-5 weeks. I will have the diastasis recti repaired, he said it may not be "Barbie" but it would be dramatic lol. I'm hoping he means in a good way. He also said he does all abdominal work with the pain ball. He started talking about my scars and mentioned wearing a bikini. I can't even imagine that. I had my first son at 20 and I have not worn a bikini since. I am sooo tired of the granny suits to try and conceal my wrecked tummy. He laughed at me in a knowing manner and said I will certainly be able to wear one when he is done. He said my scar will be circumferential with the booty arches in the back, my words not his lol. My hubby thinks that is too much scarring, but I have watched my mother be miserable with the same butt and flanks for 30 years. I do not want to do the same. And speaking of my mom....I have yet to tell her! I think she will be supportive but has been known to surprise me. I also have been working on loosing more weight prior to my surgery. Dr. B says it is not necessary but every little bit will improve my results. I have been following the Dukan diet and I have lost 10 lbs since 5/2/12. I still have until 6/21 for my preop and until 7/10 for surgery. My goal is 20lbs or better. :)

Just a quick note. I'm working on dropping a few...

Just a quick note. I'm working on dropping a few pounds and my hubby is on board which is great. I realized recently that I have an unhealthy association between food and the hubby. We both like to cook and we love trying new foods but are diehards for good Mexican. He's an engineer and works in the oil fields and is gone for about 30 days and home for about 5. I have been doing super well with my eating and even though its very regimented, I've had no cravings and no issues. And then, Kelly calls to say he's on his way home and immediately I noticed my mind fixating on foods and restaurants. It was crazy even when he got home I was having these thoughts about getting the kids and heading out for dinner. Not what you woukd call cravings, rather just that's "what we do". It's crazy! So instead he is cooking for me according to my diet plan. That is sweet and still gives us something to talk about and I can tell ye feels like he is participating in my goals.
K, one last thing. Has or did anyone notice the negative-non-stop bombardment of self-deprication stop once you knew for sure you were getting the mommy makeover? Don't get me wrong, I'm not thrilled when I get dressed, or at the idea of a swimsuit. And I still don't like a mirror, especially naked, but now instead of an assault of horrible things I'd punch my best friend for saying, let alone a stranger, the voice just says, "well it won't be long and that will he gone". I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this too. I have lost 12 lbs since the end of April and that helps, but previously, I'd still beat myself up and super analyze my every flaw, but not so much now.

I know from reading other reviews that my feelings...

I know from reading other reviews that my feelings are common, but sometimes it feels like it's too much and o should call the whole thing off. I live in central North Dakota, my family and I have been here for 6 months now. I live on 9 acres in a 5700 sq ft 100 yr old Victorian house. I love this house and my children. My husband has worked as an engineer in the oilfields our entire marriage and I'm use to him being gone for weeks at a time. But, since we have moved here from central Texas I have NEVER been so lonely. I love my boys but honestly I'm the last thing on their radar.

I sometimes go weeks without adult conversation. I'm responsible for the kids, the house, the decor, and the property. We have a dog, 15 hens and a turtle a turantula and whatever else the kids drag up! Lol

I'm wondering how I'm going to pull this off. Moving here has been so strange. Most everyone in our community is over 80....no joke. I miss my friends so much but they are 1200 miles away and have lives of their own. Sorry to gripe, but this is about my only adult (although one sided lol) conversation I have lol.

My greatest concern is that I am putting wants before everyone's needs....

It's only been a week since my last update but so...

It's only been a week since my last update but so much is happening right now. I still feel like this is a selfish thing I am planning to do, but I want it very badly and so I am just coping with my thoughts. My parents are coming here in about a week, permanently! They are looking for a house where we live and will be staying with us in the process. Our house is huge but they insist on staying in their 5th wheel that is parked beside our garage....whatever! lol

I had mentioned before my husband is gone for very long periods of time and home for really short ones. This month he hasn't been able to come home so the kids and I met him halfway for a day of shopping and some fun at a water park. That was nice but things between us were stressful. He is like a big kid. I suppose because he is surrounded by adults for weeks on end he is eager to get with the kids and play. I'm exactly the opposite, I've been playing with kids non-stop and ready for some grown up time. Our time is so short, sometimes only 24 hr,s that its impossible to do both.

So, while we're out and about hubby decides to drop a bomb on me! He had told me he wanted his brother to come help with my aftercare, he's a medic and although its weird, I'm fine with it. My mom will be here and I'll depend on her for most things. However!!! here's the bomb, he casually mentions his mother and a 3 yr old granddaughter will be coming along! His mom does not like me at ALL! He has 3 sisters and each of them and his mom think I took their "one and only" away! They stress me out under normal conditions. I cannot imagine after surgery. Plus I have a 2 yr old and now add a 3 yrs old to the mix, wholly cow! Plus they put no rules on the little girl...no bedtime, no manners, yelling all the time, OMG! my blood pressure is rising just thinking of it. OH also! the biggest part! I did NOT want my MIL or SIL's to know exactly what I'm doing. There's already an issue that I spend all of their son/ brother's money....they're just pissed cuz I cut them off from the constant flow of money. Not to mention the youngest sister who is 5 yrs older than me is always in competition over size, weight etc. Drives me crazy! She actually makes me show her the tags on my clothes and insists on showing me hers, wacko. He has one sister who I really like and I think she would be fantastic with all of it, but she won't go against the others lol. Well, after fuming for a while I tried to talk to my husband and explain how I'm not comfortable with any of this and he got really upset. Said it's his mom and I shouldn't feel the way I do. Uugh! I wish I could make him understand, but he sees his mom in sisters in a totally different light than I do. For a long time he thought I was making things up when I would tell him how badly they treat me and the things they would do when he wasn't around and then thankfully one trip to visit he got to see first hand what I was talking about. At least now he knows my feelings are founded, but he still thinks I need to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Well I guess I'm done griping over this. I'm not sure where we stand on whether his mom is coming or not. Fingers crossed he undoes this! Thanks to all who read and any advice or input either way is welcomed!

Random questions: Wine? Not gonna lie I cried...

Random questions:

Wine? Not gonna lie I cried when Big Joe (RIP) died suddenly on Cougar Town and was pleasantly surprised to see the addition of Big Carl. So, anyone else love the vino too? If so when do you get to enjoy it again? Off the meds I assume lol

Shaving? The nether region that is. All, partial, wax, Brazilian? Not gonna lie here either, with the gut, not the easiest thing to do. Not impossible lol but just saying.

Baths? One of my greatest pleasures is a soak in the tub and preferably a hot tub. Its my ritual. How to cope? My doc's take home instructions say NO shower or bath till drains are out and okayed. Holy bleep!

Hotel? To stay or not to stay... I live -80 miles from PS office/ hospital (from anywhere really). PS says mandatory in town stay if greater than 100 miles. I can think of dozens of pros and cons either way. Thoughts?

Although not life threatening, just some random hmmm? moments that I thought I'd share =)

Pre op done and money paid. ..no turning back now...

pre op done and money paid.
..no turning back now lol! Dr. Said amino acids are great, flaxseed oil is a go, and arnica and bromelain are high on the list of post op things to do. So now just comes the waiting...

Well, reality is setting in. I'm starting to get...

Well, reality is setting in. I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all I need to do to get the house ready, make hotel reservations and simply knowing all I won't be able to do. Holding my sweet baby is probably the worst!

Well ladies, tomorrow is the big day. I'm so...

Well ladies, tomorrow is the big day. I'm so nervous inside it nearly makes me sick. I check in at 7:30 am. We (my mom and I) are staying a couple of nights right by my PSs office. I'm going to head to the pool for a soak and a swim. I can't think about much other than tomorrow, but I get really worked up inside. Ugh I miss my baby. I've never left him at home before. He is with his big brother and papa now. Well...wish me luck and flatness!!!!

Well, I made it. I am taped, wrapped, and...

Well, I made it. I am taped, wrapped, and compressed so I have no idea what things look like there. Initial pain has been bad. I have the OnQ painball and 2 vicodin every 4 hrs. Its tolerable but never gone
getting up and down is tough. I had a complete belt lipectomy so painball only does upper abs. Breast pain is minimal. I've had quite a bit of nausea but the finirgin ion my wrists stops it. I did sleep for 3 hrs straight but now only go an hour or so because my hands and feet go numb.

Oh, of course aunt Flo decided to show up night before surgery. Would not have mattered what day I was scheduled I swear she would have arrived anyway =)

Dr. B said he removed 12 lbs of skin and fat tissue. WOW! 2 of my OR nurses stopped by during recovery and said they peaked and my results are amazing. So nice to hear and I sure hope they're right. I will write more about the process I went through later.

Thank you so much to those who have supported me through this. And to those who went before I can not tell you how much you experiences helped me and how knowledgeable I was going into yesterday because of you. Thank you! To those of you who are still to go I hope to help and give peace of mind, inspiration and courage.

I had my one week post op follow up. Everything...

I had my one week post op follow up. Everything went well. I had one of the 4 drains removed. Happy about that. She thinks I will get 2 more removed next Tuesday. I walked around a little after my appt. That felt good, I didn't over do it. I'm still walking very hunched. She said she was not surprised because he got me really tight. My tummy is waking up and the gets a burning feeling to it every now and then. Its mildly painful and she said that too was normal. Where I had smart lipo under my arms is still very swollen, painful and bruised. She said " you had a lot of lipo there and your flanks, you are going to be swollen for a long time". So I'm trying to be patient. I still have not looked at my results. I'm doing what they suggested. I'm really swollen and hunched and she said how I look now is nothing like how I'm going to look in 6 weeks. I was thinking about taking a pic front and back each week. My mom has seen my results and has said I am going to be thrilled. I trust her...believe me she would not just say that lol. She is pretty critical of me.

I'm going to mention one other thing I have not read about on here. Hemorrhoids! I have had a small one since my second pregnancy 10 yrs ago. Well this has really inflamed the sleeping little booger. All of the pressure and swelling not to mention sitting has caused or to more than double in size and really get aggravated. So I'm dealing with that too. Just thought I'd mention it happens if anyone else is wondering.

Unless something of importance happens I will post another update in a week. I will certainly be leaving comments to ya'll in the meantime. Thanks ladies and happy healing =D

I get so frustrated when I post an update and it...

I get so frustrated when I post an update and it disappears into lala land. I posted last night that I have developed an infection in 2 of my remaining drain sites. My entire right side is swollen and painful. I had to pull my drain myself per my PS and my mom and dad made the 3 hr round trip to the pharmacy to get me some emergency antibiotics. My temp started at 99.5 went to 100.4 then 101.8 all while I was taking one Lortab and 800 mg ibuprofen. I have to call in the morning and get an appointment to see Dr. Becker. I really need to pull the other drain but I guess I'll wait until tomorrow. This is painful, unexpected and disappointing.

Thank you for the well wishes, please keep them...

Thank you for the well wishes, please keep them coming. I have a positive vibe and I'm clinging to it! The antibiotics are not working. Fever spiked to 102.2 and I was in pain! The chills were uncontrollable. I made the trip with my BIL (bless his heart) to my PS. He confirmed a pretty good case of cellulitous and I'm in need of stronger antibiotics. So he prescribed 7 days of Levaquin. If I'm not better or at least in a holding pattern in 24 hrs I will have to return for IV antibiotics. He removed 1 more of the 2 remaining drains. He warned me that although not to panic, this is serious and could result in another surgery. Hugh! =/ but I'm not going there! I will heal and be back on the easy road to recovery. Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming. Thank you all. I'll update again when know more =)

In many ways I'm improving but I have developed...

In many ways I'm improving but I have developed new symptoms. If anyone before has been through this I could sure use a note. I now have pain and stiffness from my shoulder blade up my neck on the same side of the infection. My right breast is also fairly swollen with pain. I was gently pushing my fingers along my collarbone and my chest, as I got near my breast there was a a loud audible squirting sound when I pressed down and a palpable gushing of fluid. It was very alarming but not painful. I called my PS and have another appt today! Ugh. But still in positive spirits. =)

My follow up with my PS went great one more drain...

My follow up with my PS went great one more drain removed and one to go. He checked my cellulitous infection and said I am doing as well as he could have hoped for. He reminded me I'm not out of the woods yet but I've certainly "rounded the corner and headed in the right direction"! I was so pleased at this news. He also moved my next appt up a couple of days so I can get my last drain out. Yay!

I do want to tell everyone what the fluid and stiffness were. He said it was happening but its unrelated to the other problems and is very normal. He said when having breast work done fluid accumulation in the UPPER breast tissue is normal. It can be bothersome but normal and your body will absorb it without the need for drains or intervention. Just to remind you, it is very squishy with crackling squirting sounds when you push on it. Kinda freaky actually. Also, after having drains removed the fluid will accumulate in your abdomen while your body is absorbing that too. In the meantime it will move around like "gas" and make gurgling and squishing sounds that are audible like gas can do. Again its so weird but normal. Hope that helps in the event anyone else is alarmed by it.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent good thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I take that very seriously and it means the world to me to have you ladies for such awesome support! I cannot imagine going through this without REALSELF! oh and today my mission is PHOTOS =)

Ok, so I finally got a chance to add some photos....

Ok, so I finally got a chance to add some photos. Now I'm wondering if we're limited on the number of pics we can post? I have 2 week updates but it looks like I can't add more photos at this time.

Quick update.... Drain 4 was pulled today! Yippee....

Quick update.... Drain 4 was pulled today! Yippee. My scars are looking fantastic. It really does look like he drew them on with a pencil. The infection is at bay and barring any return of symptoms I do not go back for 3 weeks. Yay! I do have to start massaging my drain sites. The infection left some pretty large lumps. The NP says massage will get rid of em. I'm a little nervous to start but I'll do it. Best part of it all...I got to shower. It felt great but was a little painful at the same time. The skin on my lower back and butt is sooooo sensitive. The water was really strange feeling. I also got to wear real clothes today. I wore a size 14 jeans and they were huge! How exciting. Even the nurse commented on my baggy butt. Best problem to have EVER =)

Wow! Time has flown by.... My weight has...

Wow! Time has flown by.... My weight has stabilized at about 185lbs. My measurements are 36-32-36 and I wear a size 10-12. I've really enjoyed shopping at Victoria Secret and having to buy a medium!!!!! I'm looking forward to summer and rocking a new bikini I bought from there.

I still struggle with some body issues. Its mild but I definitely worry that I may return to my previous form. And funny enough its like I'm going to just wake up one day and be back in my old body lol

Hands down BEST decision I ever made! Now I am trying to decide if I want implants :D
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