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No going back now my surgery date is booked for a...

No going back now my surgery date is booked for a tummy tuck with diastis repair/hernia repair and breast implants with lipo on the back, and sides and under the arm pits. I'm 127 lbs and 5'5". Super nervous but very excited. I've alwAys been super insecure how much my body changed after motherhood and very excited to get rid if all the excessive skin!! I've wanted this procedure for years. So surreal that it will be happening very soon. My pre op I picked put 275 cc high profile mentor silicone implants. Who knew it was so hard to pick out boobs, lol. I hope that I went with the right size and won't be disappointed!

Surgery completed

I had my surgery on the 28th. Because I have a history of nausea after anesthesia they prescribed nausea pills that cost me around 100 for three pills and a scopaline patch. Well....didn't make a difference I was sooooo nauseous when I woke up and lasted until the middle of that night. I managed to not puke though! They were giving me drugs through my I and nothing seemed to help! I Stayed over for one night and checked out the next afternoon late. They wouldn't let me go until I got the nausea controlled and peed. Who knew it would be so hard to pee after this surgery. I am now 7 days post op and have definitely went through a whole roller coaster of emotions. Mad,sad, why did I do this, will I ever stop hurting or swelling??? I had my one week check up. She. Said everything looked good, took out one drain (btw weirdest freaking feeling when they take those out),took out my pain pump and gave me another prescription for Percocet and some cream to start putting on my belly button and incisions. My second drain doesn't come out till probably Wednesday-which means no showering until Friday. I will have gone 14 days wiout showering. So gross!!! Anyone ever have issues with their binder? Mine bunches on the side and really hurts. They didn't have other binders but she did say I could roll down the top to help avoid he painful bunching in my sides! I think I have actually had more pain from my binder then the abdomen. Still sleeping in my recliner and walking bent over a little bit!

One week post photo

9 days post op

I am 9 days post op. I had a pretty good day! Felt less achy but think I probably over did it. Went to target and walmart and went with to take boys to swim lessons. Now definitely feeling it. Curious when others felt a lot better? Still sleeping in the recliner which makes me really sore. So thinking I should try my bed soon but nervous. Also, when could everyone laugh without almost crying with the pain. I've been trying to avoid laughing at all costs, ouch!! Also, still super swollen in my gut. I look like I am about 5 months pregnant! Will update pics soon!

17 days post op

Phew recovery has been rough! I would say my turning point was at 13 days. Every day has been better. I still get really sore but it's nothing like it was and mostly it's just getting wore out super quickly. My husband has been amazing. He took 3 weeks off work and has taken on full responsibility of taking care of me, the kids and the house. I have been getting out of the house every day to get some walking in even if it's just to target. I am still on Percocet but down to 1-2 day. I am going to call my ps on Monday to see if I can start taking Motrin so I can stop using the Percocet as have been getting constipated. Today I was super excited because my swelling is getting better. I could actually begin to get very excited about my tummy because I didn't look 5 months pregnant! I hope from here it only continues to get better! Word of advice-it's definitely an emotional roller coaster. I read that it was but in my mind I thought it can't be that bad you are getting a new body. Yesterday was my break down day I just cried and cried and I didn't even know why, ha! Your body has gone through hell-everything feels sore, weird, can't do hardly anything for yourself and it seems like recovery is taking forever. I'm sure lack of sleep didn't help. I had been up since 4 am. Still sleeping in my recliner so I wake up almost hourly bc of my butt/back hurting. Tried my bed but couldn't make it work! But last night actually slept a full 7 hours straight woo hoo!! Looking forward to only getting better from here!!

Uggh what's wrong with my boob?

So I called my surgeon today and sent a pic of my belly button because has been having a burning feeling. Plus my left breast feels super hard, tight and burning feeling. So she put me on two different antibiotics and wants me to come see her Friday! Man, it would really suck to have capsular contracture ????. I'm hoping it's nothing.

The girls at 20 days post op

23 days post op

I have an appt tomorrow to see my doctor-she was concerned when I said my left boob felt painful and my belly button looked infects. She put me on an antibiotic and singulair. But I'm thinking now that I stopped put the antibiotic ointment on my bc-it looks better. I wonder if I was sensitive to that. And I noticed when I don't wear a bra my boob doesn't hurt??? And I've heard some have said wearing a bra hurts? Also they didn't warn me holy nipple sensitivity. My nipples feel raw. I think I'm going to get some nursing pads to help with rubbing against my clothes. I also feel like I am really really swollen. Anyone ever experience that level of swelling 3 weeks post op? I seriously look like I'm pregnant..

First bikini try on ????

35 days post op

I am 35 days post op and feeling pretty good! I do notice if I was bending over more than usual I get pretty sore but it's getting a lot easier to move around with nothing hurting. I still get kind of whooped quickly if I am on my feet for very long. I started sleeping on my bed a week ago and it's been amazing. I feel I sleep so much harder vs sleeping in the chair. I have to wear a sports bra at night to help keep the girls in place and do notice it is a little harder to sleep on my side bc of the boobs. My left breast is still a lot bigger than the other. It even seems to have dropped lower. Thinking I will have to end up doing a revision. I will see my doc again on the 14th. Swelling has gone down tons. I notice mostly swollen in the lower part abdomen. My scar is still stabbing over so haven't started scar treatment. Belly button is looking really good though!

My tummy feels so flat!!!

My tummy feels so flat today. So if course I got naked and started taking pics, haha! My boobs seem to have gotten really soft. Does that mean they are done dropping and fluffing? I do notice my left is considerably larger. I have an appt tomorrow so we will see what she says. I do wish I would have went a little bigger. Of course, isn't that what everyone says. But maybe I'll get lucky and they will fluff out more ;). Feeling really good. Last week I was having some major burning pains my upper right abs. Even caused me To walk hunched over. From what I was reading seems normal though just muscles spasms? Anyone else experience this at 6 weeks??

Need a revision!

Well I had my appt and she agreed my left is definitely larger! She is not sure why this happened. So most likely I will need a revision :(. She said my scars and my tummy are looking great. She wants to wait until my three month appt to make sure I need a revision. She won't charge me but I will have to purchase one implant for 800, ugg. And will need to decide if I want to go the size of the left or the right. She of course prefers to go smaller and said with the larger I run the risk of having one higher than the other. But I definitely prefer the bigger one of course. So not sure what to do. Uggh definitely feeling frustrated! Another surgery means more money, more time off work, more healing!!

I love my new body!

I almost 8 weeks post op and I'm feeling amazing! This was completely worth all the post surgery hell! My swelling has dropped dramatically-so I'm finally at the show off stage! My dr said I could begin exercising and even ab exercises. But really apprehensive about starting that yet. I do not want to accidently tear something and screw up my results. When did others begin exercising? I figured I could begin with some light cardio and gradually start increasing my activity at the gym!

More pics

It's been awhile!

It's been awhile since I have posted. I have been healing great and feeling good. I really love my tummy with the exception of my belly button scar. But am hoping will look better with time. However, my breasts seem to be far apart and are still uneven and wished I had pushed for a lift as they seem saggy. What did you ladies do for scar treatment? However, I am getting ready to schedule my breast revision. She isn't charging me for the surgery but I have to pay for the new implant. She will be putting a larger implant on the right and since I'm bottoming out on the right will be putting a few stitches in the right. They keep pushing me to match my right and go smaller but I like the bigger boob and no I will be disappointed going smaller. My surgeon was really great before surgery but my post op appointments I have felt a little frustrated. I understand she is in a hurry but I drove 3 hours and have to keep interrupting to just get a word or try to ask a question. I'll wait over a half hour just for her to come in and then five minutes later she is running out the door. The last appointment was a lot better with her seeming to listen to my concerns more. However, the nurses and staff have been great and are always great about answering all my questions and not rushing me. I have developed a small marble size ball right above my incision that is very hard. Anyone else experience this?

Update on my revision

So my breasts are not even. My doctor needs to put in a bigger implant in the right so they match. She told me I just would have to pay 800 to pay for the new implant. Which whatever. I called yesterday to book it and they told me I needed to pay 1000 and I asked what did that include and she said my surgery was 1900 and I needed to pay half. I asked why it was double what she told me. She said the doctor is waiving her fee but I still had to pay operating room expenses. I said I have already paid almost 14 grand and I feel like this is her error so why would I be forced to pay another 2k. So frustrating! She said she would see if there is anything they could do but I have yet to hear anything. I won't do a revision for another 2 grand I will just live with it and down the road get it done by someone else and get the lift. I mean 16 grand seems a little ridiculous for a tummy tuck and just imp,ants with no lift. My sister got hers done for 19 k in Denver and that included a lift, tummy tuck and body lift and her boobs look amazing nothing like mine.

33 Years Old Mom of Two Kids Mommy Makeover to Fix Tummy and Sagging Breasts

I had excessive extra skin on my stomach and deflated saggy breasts and wanted a tummy tuck and breast augmentation to help correct what mommy hood did to the body :) my surgery was a lil rough. Was extremely nauseous from the anesthesia and the binder was so tight it was super painful. It took awhile to recover but I made it :). I love my tummy but am very disappointed in my breasts and how they look. My right breast is noticeably smaller than the right. But I would have to pay almost 2k to get them to match unless I wanted to match my smaller breast. My sister just recently had her breasts done and they look amazing. We are very similar in body and even had the same amount of sagging breasts and he told her if she didn't get a lift she would be super disappointed. Which I can now see why bc mine are saggy. He told her revisions are 100% covered and that his patients are walking advertisement for him so of course he wants them happy. I will be having him do my revision!


So I had a consultation with my sisters plastic surgeon-In Denver co. Her results are amazing-she had the exact same surgery and almost identical bodies and post baby saggy breasts and tummy. And I was curious to get a second opinion on my results . I have two hard lumps two inches above my incision. He thought this was just fat necrosis?? But then when he had me undress he said it wasn't and appears something weird with stitches but he can go in and fix it. Also, with my breasts he i should have had a lift. Which is frustrating bc when I asked if I needed one she said according to my measurements I didn't ????And that by even suggesting to go in to close the pocket is unnecessary bc had I done the lift to begin with my breasts would look great and that he sees too many times these surgeons don't do a lift and then keep doing these revision surgeries over and over, when in reality had they just done a lift they wouldn't need all that. He once said that he had a patient have 7 revision surgeries by the time she got to him he could barely fix them. I also still have some loose skin ???? So he can pull that down more. Just so frustrating to spend 13 grand and have such a bad outcome. I wish I had gone with my sisters surgeon in the beginning. He was surprised to hear she wanted me to pay for the implant. And that she suggested I go with the smaller implant bc less chance of problems. He said there is no reason why u can't go with the bigger breast. And that I could even go bigger with both. Also the nice thing with him is he does all the pre op and follow up over the phone ???? Also he covers revisions 100% ! He completely stands by his work and the patient counselor even said he is a perfectionist so if he even sees the results can be better he will fix it completely free. I love that he wants his patients to be extremely happy with their results. He told my sister that his patients are walking advertisement for him so of course he is going to make sure one hundred percent happy! I'm excited about having him do the revision but also upset bc more money.
Bismarck Plastic Surgeon

I went to dr Honeycutt bc of her real self reviews. Even upon meeting her she spent quite a bit of time with me, was very thorough in discussing the pros and cons, very attentive and seemed hands on. So I decided to use her as my plastic surgeon. After the surgery and the majority of my post visits. She would maybe only spend a handful of minutes with me and I would have to talk over her to get my question in. Majority of the time I would have to follow up with a nurse about a question. I had a full girdle on after the surgery. And it was so tight it actually was leaving sores on my sides. super painful! I brought it up at my next appt and they apologized but pretty much was told that sorry but I have to wear it. Not long after the surgery it was obvious that my right breast was quite a bit smaller then my left. We waited 3 months and my dr decided it wasn't swelling and that I would need a revision. She said I would need a new implant to match and would have to go either smaller or bigger. She said that when she sat me up they looked even to them but I wasn't awake to tell her if that looked right. Which I feel wouldn't have been my job. She gave me some time to decide if I wanted bigger or smaller and gave me cons. I told her that I don't believe I would be happy if I went smaller I preferred bigger. She said no problem we will go bigger then. She said she would waive her surgeon fee and would just charge me 800. Never once saying she would charge more for me wanting to match my right breast. I recently just went to book my revision and was surprised to find that the amount had went up to 1900. I had told the scheduling coordinator I didn't understand why it went up from what I was told before. And especially bc I don't feel that my uneven breasts are my fault. They called me back the next day and said its higher bc I am going bigger in my right (never mind that I am just wanting to match my left breast implant that she already did) but if I went with the smaller it would only be 800. I have decided against having her do the revision and will be going to another surgeon to fix my breasts. The pros-her staff was always so kind and always took the time to listen, call me back and check up on me. I just wish my experience with the staff would have been equal to my experience with the surgeon. I am very happy with my tummy tuck but am not happy with how my breasts look!

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