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After a car accident that totally upended my life...

After a car accident that totally upended my life in October of 2015, panic attacks have become a big part of my new normal. (I'd never ever had one prior to the accident.) Besides being embarrassing and extremely humiliating, they cause me to break out into a sweat that's way worse than any menopausal hot flash I ever had. I mostly just sweat on my neck and underarms with the panic attacks. The neck doesn't bother me because no one sees that. The wet marks on my clothes under my arms, though, are more than I can bear. I'm having the MiraDry procedure today to try to regain some semblance of quality of life back. I will post updates! If it works, it would be worth way more than $2000.

Day 1 post MiraDry

I have to say I was super nervous about getting the procedure done because I read way too much online! I finally realized that many of the reviews I read were from years ago when the procedure was very different. The template was quick and easy, the lidocaine with epi injections, to me, weren't at all like a bee sting like I'd read. To me, a couple felt more like a mosquito bite and most of them weren't felt at all. I had one spot on each arm that needed a second injection. The nurse that performed my procedure tested each area carefully with little needle pokes to be sure I was totally numb. This way, she didn't start the Mira Dry until she was sure I'd be comfortable. I felt nothing at all during the procedure, which was a pleasant surprise. Again, I highly recommend not worrying about the reviews online that aren't scientific based. (Like mine lol) Mine is a personal account of a procedure that was mildly uncomfortable the first night. I used single use, disposable ice packs that you crunch and use and they last for 20 minutes, which is perfect for this procedure. I used them 20 minutes every hour for the first five hours then I slept comfortably. I felt aom numbness down my right forearm initially, but it went away after about 4-5 hours. I also took 2 Aleve before bed. They gave me a prescription for Prednisone that I started the morning of the procedure and intake four tablets for three days to minimize inflammation. I got up this morning, iced for 20 minutes and went about my morning as normal. I feel "full" under my arms and only feel a little warm under my arms. So far, it's been a breeze! I will continue to take two Aleve for the next several days to keep any potential swelling to a minimum.

So far, so good

I'm two days post procedure and I feel no pain at all I do have some lumpiness under my arms and some minimal bruising that doesn't hurt. I followed the instructions and iced 20 minutes every hour for the first 24 hours and I began taking the prescribed prednisone them or IHG of the procedure. I will finish that prescription today. I also took two Aleve this morning, not because I have pain, but because it's a great anti inflammatory. I will continue to take the Aleve until I'm a week post procedure. I think I'm feeling so good because I strictly followed the recommendations and also because I've limited my activity to only work related tasks. I had to lift my arms going through airport security just 10 hours after the procedure and was a little worried about t, but it was totally painless. Another thing I did was to plan to not have to wash and style my crazy, Wild Irish hair the Mir Inc after the procedure. This kept me from having to home my arms up for more than 30 minutes. I'm so excited to not b putting harsh chemicals under my arms, which we all know enter our bodies and do...who knows what to us! I'm also looking forward to being able to wear white again. Since the accident and subsequent panic attacks, I noticed ugly yellow stains from sweating after those panic attacks. The stains were impossible to wash out and I've ended up throwing away most of my white blouses. I can't wait to wear a nice white blouse to work again! I will try to post two pictures that I took this morning in another update.

Pics, two days post procedure

One month after MiraDry

It's been a month since my MiraDry procedure and I couldn't be happier. I haven't used deodorant and i haven't had any odor at all. On one very hot day I did have a little moisture under my left arm only, but it wasn't anything that even made my shirt wet. I've had a few panic attacks since the procedure (they started after a car accident six months ago) but my underarms stayed dry, which is amazing!

My underarms are still numb and there are a couple of small lumps (not painful) that can be felt by palpating but can't be seen. Believe me, I checked in the mirror. It did take up until now, one full month, to get to a point where I would have been comfortable wearing a sleeveless shirt, so that's something to consider before having the procedure done. I wouldn't have been happy if I would have done the procedure in the summer because of not being able to wear sleeveless shirts without being self conscious. But remember that I don't have hyperhydrosis, so if you do, that might be worth it to not sweat even if you couldn't wear a tank top for a while.

One other benefit of my MiraDry has been that I have very little underarm hair now and what I do have seems to grow slowly. I'm only shaving my underarms once every two weeks! When I started this blog I said I was "undecided" if it was worth it, but I would definitely change that to absolutely "worth it" now. The spa I had the procedure done at charges $1850 but I was able to get mine for just $1350 because I took advantage of their introductory offer. What a bargain!
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