26 Yr Old Mom of 2 Needing New Boobies - Bismarck, ND

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Well first off I'm 5'2 114 - 118 lbs and 26 years...

Well first off I'm 5'2 114 - 118 lbs and 26 years old. I have two boys, the oldest is 6 and the youngest 2. After each pregnancy and breast feeding I have lost nearly all volume and size in my breasts. Before babies I wore a 34c and am now extremely deflated and barely filling out a 32b. I have been dreaming of doing this since after having my first child and now am finally financially ready and done having children. After months of researching doctors I have finally scheduled a consultation with Dr. Honeycutt in Bismarck, ND. I have been obsessively searching through this site for months reading about other people's journeys and trying to determine what size implant to go with and I think I am pretty set on 500cc to achieve the look I want. I am slightly concerned that my doc will tell me this is to big for my frame but I'm really hoping not. I have made rice sizers and I'm really liking the 500cc's. Anyways, my consultation isn't until Nov.2nd so I have 3 more weeks to obsess and worry about it!

A few before pics

Here are a few before pics and rice sizers. These are the 500cc sizers that I made and I really love the look of them.


Finally! Yesterday I had my consultation with Dr. Honeycutt of Bismarck, ND. She was very thorough and very informative. I have been extremely anxious and nervous waiting for this consultation but as soon as I met the doctor all of my worries went out the window. She was very professional yet extremely personable. I feel completely comfortable and confident with my decision to have Dr. Honeycutt perform my breast augmentation.

The doctor measured my BWD to be 13 which is a bit larger than I was expecting. Even though I have a relatively wide chest she said she would not recommend going over 375cc because I apparently have a rather short torso and also something to do with the curvature of my chest... IDK. She says the larger implants tend to drop and sag much faster on petite women especially. Also that it tends make you look top heavy and matronly. But with all that said she said it is ultimately my decision as to what size I go with and I am quite set on going with 400 to 425. I originally was determined that I would be unhappy with anything under 500cc but I think I was just getting a little greedy. After looking at more reviews of women close to my size I'm more comfortable somewhere in the 400 range. She will be placing them partially partially under the muscle through the crease incision using the Mladick No Touch Technique also known as the Keller funnel method. I am getting Mentor textured round silicone high profile implants.

My pre op is scheduled for Monday 11/9 and my surgery is set for Wednesday 11/18. Everything is moving along so quickly now!

Pre Op Day

Well Monday 11/9 was my pre op and it went so well. I just love my Dr and all her staff they are all so nice! I got my prescriptions, all 5 of them! Went over all the instructions for before surgery, so much to take in! And finally... I got to try on sizers! She started me out at 375 and that just didn't even seem to be much bigger than what I am naturally. After that she gave me 450 and that seemed a bit more like what I was going for and then the 500 seemed a bit big. I will say though that the type of sizers they use are shaped more like a natural breast than an implant and seem quite small in comparison to the same size of implant that they had shown me when deciding between saline and silicone. So I wasn't in love with the whole sizing experience but as many times as I've made and tried on rice sizers I was pretty well decided on size anyways. So I will be going with the mentor 450cc HP textured silicone, placed partially submuscular through the crease incision. She said she will be lowering my crease to compensate for the size of the implant and stretching of the skin when the implants drop. I was given an arrival tI'm of 10:15 a.m. for the morning of surgery which is on 11/18. Only 8 days away now! So excited... and nervous... and anxious!! Lol

Only 4 days to go!

Oh the nerves are just killing me! I am so anxious about this upcoming boob day I can hardly focus on daily life LOL... one of my biggest concerns is that immediately after the surgery we will be driving the 4 hours back home. Riding in a vehicle afterwards just sounds SO painful to me! We areally also planning on travelling 4 days later to visit family for thanksgiving and that is a 10 hour drive. Has anyone else ever taken a long road trip so soon after? My Dr. Doesn't seem concerned but I sure am! She just insists that I wear compression socks while travelling and get out to walk every 2 hours to prevent blood clots, reminds me of pregnancy. I also feel quite unprepared. I've seen so many ladies that have these lists of supplies for after and I feel like I'm just kind of winging it. I wasn't recommended anything for bruising or swelling by my Dr like it seems so many others have been. Anyways, have an early train to catch in the a.m. I will stop my rambling now and get to bed.

Surgery day was yesterday!

I had my BA yesterday and the doc said everything went perfectly. Coming out if the anesthesia was awful for me though, I was in a lot of pain and extremely nauseous and all I wanted was my hubby. I was on the verge of tears the whole time. Once I was a bit more awake and aware the nurses helped me get dressed and brought the hubs up and they wheeled me out to the truck. And to my supreme the hubby went and bought himself a new trick while I was having the operation so that was a little suprusing. Although at that time I was so miserable I couldn't care less! It did make our 4 hour drive home a lot smoother though lol. And I crashed as soon as we got home and only woke up when my hubby needed to give me meds.


Before and after morning of surgery

Day 1

Today has been rough... tons and tons of pain. Been taking double the percocets and rotating Valium but it's still almost unbearable. The boobies are looking rather small, hoping as the muscle relaxes they get bigger, we shall see.

Day 3

Today I hurt!!! lol mostly in my back and shoulders. My left boob hurts more and is more swollen than the right... is this normal? I still have yet to see them but I finally get to shower today, just waiting for hubby to get home from work to help. My surgical bra hooks in the back and I can't undo it so I have to wait. I have been basically doing this whole recovery thing on my own as hubby doesn't take time off work. Only the day of surgery and he was still working from the phone... ugh! I have definitely had a few moments that I just want to break down and cry because I cant do something for myself and have no help but I get over it and figure that shit out! So glad my mom has the kiddos for a few more days though! I will post pics in a bit when I finally get to take a look at them! Can't wait :)

Day 3 Pics

Finally was able to get some pics! Kind of freaked out by how much bigger my left is than my right... not sure why that could be other than swelling? Taking a shower was not great. Took the dressings off before hand and for some reason as soon as the water ran over my left incision it just started burning like crazy. I held a wash cloth over it to block it the rest of the time and had hubby wash my hair and what not.

Day 4

Today we made the 11 hour drive back home to spend the week with family for thanksgiving and I don't recommend it! At all! It was definitely super unpleasant. My boobs have been having sharp shooting pains today and my left one is still so much more painfull, can't move my left arm nearly as much as my right. Pretty weird. I thought I would of been off pain meds by now but instead I filled another prescription for them tiday. I really hope the pain lets up soon. Thanksgiving is 4 days away and our family tradition is to spend thanksgiving at the lake house and iceskate on the frozen lake... guess I'm probably going to have to skip that one this year. I just have to remember to take it easy and let the babies heal!

Day 6

Not much has changed. My belly keeps growing from lack of movement down there and fluid retention. My doc said the belly bloat can last 3 weeks... ugh! I look and feel 7 months prego... literally depressing! My boobs still hurt a lot but it's getting better I guess... my incision on my left is the main thing that hurts, I'm working on cutting out the pain meds because I need to be able to go #2 sooner or later! I think the hubs is getting a bit tired of doing everything for me from helping me dress, shower, changing our sons diapers, cooking and cleaning! I can't even get into my own truck by myself at the moment because it's lifted and I'm a midg... didn't really think that one through lol hopefully I will stop being so helpless soon because hubby goes back to work Monday which is out of town so we live separately 12 hours apart... eek!

2 weeks and post op

I am exactly 2 weeks this morning and I had my first post op on Monday which was day 12. Doc said they are still sitting high, the left more so than the right so she has recommended displacement massage to the left breast only... and it's painful but hopefully will help. My right side has dropped a bit and is starting to look more normal but my left is still almost to my collarbone with more fullness up top than my right. I will be going back Jan. 4th for my next follow up to see if the massage has been doing the job and we will go from there. It's really difficult going out and about when my boobs are visibly to different sizes right now. Hopefully that will all change when the left drops into place

2 week P.O. pics

3 weeks

Still feeling high and swollen. Some days they feel like they have dropped a bit and then out of nowhere they seem to go back up and get swollen. I hope this is all part if the normal healing process. I haven't been in nearly as much pain over the last week but yesterday my insicion area became very tender on my left side. It almost feels like it is tearing open from the inside. Idk what this is but hoping it's just nerves waking back up.
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