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Over the last three years I've lost 48 pounds. I...

Over the last three years I've lost 48 pounds. I have gained and lost many times over the years with fast plans and want this to be forever. My doctor recommended small annual goals, which I appreciate. I've felt that by the time I retire I'd like to have become steadily healthier. I am still a big girl at 185. Over the years I've seen my hips and legs remain out of proportion. Until yesterday I've been size 12-14 on top and 16-18 on bottom. I first sought out lipo to get proportion. I haven't work a dress (that showed any leg) since a wedding in 2007 and before that it was 2001. I haven't owned boots that went above the ankle for about the same time.

After I scheduled my procedure and was researching more about how effective lipo might be on someone who is bottom heavy I learned about lipedema (lipoedema), a condition where the fat has a different beady texture and in the long term can effect the lymph system. Getting this off of me became my further motivation.

I saw the doctor in March and due to work obligations and not wanting to be in compression garments during our short summer decided to wait until now. I scheduled the surgery in June. Had my pre-op on August 1, and had the procedure yesterday.

The areas targeted were front and back calves, ankles, and thighs, including saddlebag hips and knees. It was a long procedure, arriving at 6:30 am and surgery starting by 8:00 and lasting to something after 3:00. General anesthesia was used and I believe I was told that 5800 cc Was removed. I left for home about 4:30. I live quite a distance from the doctor and should have stayed the night at a hotel because I was nauseated the whole trip home. But after getting home was feeling much better within an hour. I will keep dressings on through tomorrow (with changes as needed). Have eaten light foods today (chicken broth at midnight yesterday, oatmeal for breakfast, and poached egg and tea this afternoon). I have been taking Vicodin since my stomach settled. I'm not sure if I would have bad pain without it and don't want to find out. I'll keep with it through the weekend and after my shower (Yay!) on Sunday will see how it is without it. I have gone for a few 10 minute walks with the one this morning the best. I've been light headed on the others but did 10 minutes each time.

As for results so far my calves are SWOLLEN. My hips look so much smaller. I hope that is close to the end result but that is with the compression garment so I won't judge any of it. Because I see this as a journey I will remain patient and keep my eye on the long term.

I have to say my daughters are the best girls a mom could wish for. My youngest came with me, drove me home, and has changed my dressing pads when I've been too light headed to manage. My older daughter has stayed today, helped me walk in terrible muggy heat, fixed dressings and food, and taken care of my dogs today. They are excited for me to have had this done which I needed because of some guilt over spending the money. But I believe I'm going to have a great result, and when I look down in my lap it seems I'm looking at someone else's body!

Lightheaded but improving

I've been lightheaded especially after every exertion. I did faint twice early Saturday. I've gone for the 10-minute walks the Dr. recommended and find the early morning walks go the best. Getting the light headedness under control and getting my bowels on track are my goals for today. I'm going to make the switch to Tylenol and reduce or eliminate Vicodin.

I took my shower, washed the cg, and removed the dressings yesterday. I have 16 small incisions on each leg. All, but the ones at my knee, are stitched closed. I have quit draining. I have lipomas on the front of my thighs and the Dr. marked them and worked to empty them during the lipo, leaving the membrane. She also removed a skin tag that I've wanted gone. I can feel knee bones that I've not felt for years so think the fat pad around my knees are gone. I did measure my hip after my shower and even with the swelling it is 4 inches smaller. I'll post a picture of my hip today.

Bruising in full bloom and a rash

The backs of my thighs and my ankles are purple. To be expected for sure with all that was done. The skin on my calves is numb but the tissue beneath is sore so that is a strange sensation. I have been taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain for the bruising and swelling and really think it could be so much worse so am grateful. I took only two Vicodin yesterday and none yet today. Hope it won't be needed because it does mess with your bowels. I still get a bit light headed when up for awhile but not as bad as a few days ago. The new thing that developed last night is a rash all over my body! I hope it isn't from the cg since I need to live with that for 4 weeks. It isn't itchy, just bumpy everywhere.

My plans for today are to shower, wash the cg, and get some work done on my laptop. I'll post some pics after the shower. My legs aren't pretty but they are smaller ;)). I return to Bismarck Thursday and get the stitches out right away Friday. It's too far to go there and back in one day so will stay over Thursday night.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I appreciate you all!

Pics from today

Didn't get many pics today. More later.

My biggest surprises so far

The worst surprise so far is the weakness. I expected leg pain, selling, bruising but am surprised at how weak I feel after doing simple tasks with my arms! Folding a bit of laundry or curling my hair for example results in clammy weak feeling and I need to lay down a bit. I want this part over with.

The best surprise is that my knees and calves are nearly 2 inches smaller already! SO HAPPY! My lower ankle is a half inch smaller even with the swelling.

I have to say the pain isn't too bad.

With all my time to surf the internet I found a new little yorkie pup and we're picking her up tomorrow. She'll be a companion for our little guy (Bingley). More happiness!

Two months post and am very happy

I measured today--exactly two months post op--and am pleased with the changes. My hips are 5 1/2 inches smaller, knees and calves 2 1/4 smaller and the ankle 1 inch smaller. You can see in the pics that I have cellulite and ugly thighs but I'm so happy I can wear pants 2 sizes smaller.

I've been working on my diet again and am down 13 pounds from the morning of surgery with the fat removed and diet. That makes a total of 58 pounds since May 2011. I credit the lipo for reshaping my legs and getting rid of stubborn fat. I am still numb on the back of my right calf and along the knee and outer left thigh. The incisions are pink/red and a few are raised scars so I've been using Mederma. I have no clothes that fit and couldn't be happier about it! I've tried on a few dresses but will wait a bit to buy. This winter though I'll be wearing boots.
Bismarck Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Honeycutt is wonderful. Her first words when she saw my legs in March were a definite "I can help you with this." Dr. Honeycutt inspires confidence. She is professional. Explains what she will do in detail. She listened to my goals, told me what was possible to accomplish, and what the realistic results could be. She took a long time with me during the initial consult and pre-op. Her staff is confident in her skill. They were a great team. I appreciated the nurses I worked with too as sincere, caring, efficient, and skilled. The Dr. Called me the evening of the surgery to ensure we were doing okay and to give my daughter more advice on my care with the nausea and the nurse checked up on me the next day.

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