Overjoyed to be Natrual. Goodbye Barbie doll parts - hello me!

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Goal is to have back my health and cutie little...

Goal is to have back my health and cutie little boobies that are ALL mine! Looking forward to my surgery. Today was emotional as I committed to payment... But I know I'm doing what's best for me.
I have had 2 revision and always requested a smaller size. To my dismay it has never been accomplished. On my last surgery I actually had a blood vessel let loose and cause a horrible effect in which I had two more events to fix. This has left me wanting to heal from the trauma as well as the daily fibromyalgia and migraines I suffer from. I have long researched and listened to some amazing stories with explant procedures and I am moving forward!????????
I will continue to update as I go -

Looking forward to explant with solidified courage

As each day passes I am filled with hope of this new beginning! I look forward to healing and I am ready to embrace what is truly me. We all have a journey in this beautiful life and mine has led me here. To this descion; to get me back. Lessons are not here if not to be learned and each one is who makes us who we are today. I am so grateful to my amazing surgeon for her help in this life changing event towards health and wellness. Om.

Best size image - the 34B

Breast Size I'm hoping for; Please make me my smallest comfortable self!

A few images for reference ??

Had a wonderful pre-op and unfortunate cancelled surgery

Spoke with my surgeon on pre-op date , couldn't have have been more pleased with the plan she came up with for me. Left feeling so much joy and gratitude for the extra thought and careful planning she decided in my case. I was told if tissue was removed to plan for 200$ cost to send to lab which I agreed to; of course.
Unfortunately the day before Surgury I came into a most painful migraine and went into the ER to be treated, the next morning I was sent home from surgery to be rescheduled.
At this time I am waiting on a new date. I am a bit let down due to the fact of having scheduled help now for two weeks.
I will believe that all is meant to work out for the best and that the best results will happen for me when they are meant to.

New surgery date

Removale is scheduled for Jan 14.
I couldn't be more ready to begin my journey to heal. I'm confident in my surgeon as she has shown great care in my treatment plan for an optimal outcome. I just know I will be pleased!

Fantastic Article


Tomorrow IS the day!

I head for surgery @ 7am beginning @ 7:30...
I am told the surgery will take 3/4 hours so I should be done by 12. I'm excited and nervous but most of all I am just grateful to be able to get this chance to be healthy and have ME back! Words truly can not describe how amazing it is to move further into self acceptance by letting go of things which no longer serve us.
It's truly a journey.. Towards wholeness, wellness, & authenticity.
I expect to be a little nervous in the morning but looking forward to some delicious home made garden vegetable soup my family is preparing for me!! I am most certainly stocking up on easy to digest healthy clean foods and juices to expedite healing as much as possible.
I have put on my pre surgery patch for naseau and in 4 mins will have nothing to eat or drink.
So exciting. I can't wait to embrace the new all me.

Day 2

Drinking lots of komucha and fresh juices, fresh vegatble soups and sleeping lots
My experience at the surgery center was great. Proffessional caring staff who treated me and my family with respect .

So happy to be real

It's been almost 2 and a half weeks and I'm healing extremely well.
I've been working out daily within parameters and following a detox diet to include green juices, carrot juices, smoothies, chia seed, hemp seeds, extra extra water, magnesium , B12, D3, doterra daily vita, and salads, beets ; tons of veggies and wild caught fish/ once a day or every other.
After surgery the body need to heal.... To help it do its job the best advice I found was to give it enough fuel but don't over burden with extra unnessessary toxins aka processed foods/ non organic toxic meats or dairy.
Grains are also good to avoid.
At any rate- I'm in love w my body, my real breasts and I feel flockin amazing.
I never needed those foreign objects anyway. I was made perfect by God and as imperfect as I am it is still as he designed.
I love myself again and even though I may still have things I'd like to change ; I feel simply ... Better. Different. Lighter.
I'm so grateful for my chance to embrace my life again as a real girl.
A big thank you to the staff @ Dr Honeycutts office for being an amazing team.

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