29 Yr. Old. Been Wanting for Long Time. 500cc High Profile - Bismarck, ND

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29 yr. old. 5' 3" 125 lbs. athletic build....

29 yr. old. 5' 3" 125 lbs. athletic build. Breastfed one child. Have very deflated small 34A boobs. Like they still have gaps on the top of my bra and breast. Sick if wearing push up ULTRA padded bras with everything.
Have my surgery on June 9th. I have decided on getting 500cc, high profile, under the muscle and silicone implants.

Pre-op work.

So I had my blood drawn today and had to do a pregnancy test before Thursday. Also, went and stocked up on groceries to last for a while beings I won't be able to drive. Came home and made up a bunch of make-ahead meals to put in the freezer. I have cleaned house and wash all the bedding possible in this house. Have mowed the lawn and pulled every possible weed in our yard. And now I started detail cleaning my vehicle and husband came home and laughed at me and said I act like I'm in complete nesting mode. I have to find things to keep me busy cause sitting still and waiting for Thursday to come is going to drive me crazy. Thank goodness we have plans for tomorrow with some friends!

On the other side.

I was supposed to go in at 11:45am, but my nurse called and said they were running ahead of schedule and I could come in as soon as we got to town. So went in at 11:00am. Everyone on her staff were so amazing. My nurse did great on my IV, was no pain at all. Dr. Honeycutt came in and we discussed about the sizes we would be going with, beings my left breast appears to be slightly larger. We decided we would do 500cc in the right and then put a sizer in the left and see what size we could go to make them even. I remember walking into the surgery room laying down and getting covered with one of this awesome Super warm blankets and visiting with the anesthesiologist and that was all. Woke up in recovery had quite a bit of pain and nausea. Gave me some anti-nausea stuff and some pain pills. Also, had few crackers, some water, little 7-up and then they helped my into our pickup. Started our drive home, it's a about 100 miles, first part went quick, but then had about 20 miles of gravel - we live on a farm/ranch - but God bless my husband. He took his time and made sure to not hit any rough spits. Husband has been so great today. He went and got my a couple ice coffees to take home and a heated message pad to lay on my chair for when I get uncomfortable. Little sore now, pretty good amount of pressure. But don't have any pain. Have gotten up and walk a couple times now I got 500cc, silicone, round, textured, high profile, under the muscle with a crease incision site.

Post-op day 2

Been able to get up and move around a bit more. Starting to get more of an appetite. Can get comfortable now to take a few hours naps at a time now. Already very please with how they are looking.


Had a really good day yesterday, post op day 3, got to shower and still felt good after that and had the energy to blow dry my hair and even paint my toe nails!! Wasn't feeling much pain. Just sore. Ended the day by going and sitting on the deck and enjoying the fresh air.
This morning was a different story. Woke up very sore and in pain. I still haven't had a BM and Aunt Flow showed up this morning also. So I'm a completely basket of emotions. Want to be happy and excited about my surgery, but yet I'm frustrated that I have to stay in the house and can barely do anything for myself. I do not like relying on someone else to do things.

One day makes all the difference

Today is such a turning point. I was able to sleep all night and able to get up and shower all by myself. Made myself some coffee and breakfast, without needing any pain meds. I have full movement in my arms with no tightness or pain. Was able to fold a couple loads of laundry. Never thought I would enjoy that! Nice to get back into a little bit of normalism. Can't believe how much my implants have dropped in just 6 days. Excited to see what they look like when they do D & F.
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