44 Year Old 3 Kids - Recovering post op

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Get rid of saggy tummy skin and muffin too. All...

Get rid of saggy tummy skin and muffin too. All booked to have procedure last year but cancelled at last minute because anaesthetist called away to an emergency. Surgeon unable to do any other date that suited me and had a really bad feeling. Rebooked this year after talking to previous Tt patients and found a different surgeon. Very excited and hardly anxious at all!!


Day before!

Omg my previous lack of nerves have hit me with a vengeance. Hardly slept last night! Pretty sure all will be ok but worrying anyway! Boo hoo

It's done!

So arrived at hospital got transferred to room and luckily all nerves had gone I was so tired I couldn't wait to get started. Surgeon drew on me and said I would get fantastic results which is exactly what u want to hear. Within 2 hours I was back in my room. Pain very minimal I can move around and reach for things without pain just feels like I've done a big tummy muscle workout. Extremely sleepy been dozing off regularly. Drinking loads need a wee but just can't do it yet. Got off bed to sit on commode just going slow and steady is fine slightly dizzy but have eaten now too - first thing since Wednesday!

Hospital is lovely got big room and my husband and daughter have both been in to visit. Weather is just horrendous thank goodness I'm going nowhere. And now time for a nap! Zzzzzz

Day 3

Got discharged yesterday still got 2 huge drain bottles to carry around until at least Friday but lots was draining out still so I'm relieved I still have them as one nurse had said they'd be taken out. My husbsnd has adapted a bed at home for me. Not quite as comfy as the hospital bed but slept well.

No pain in my tummy area really achy muscles when I laugh have found holding onto stomach very useful in funny situations it stops the laugh hurting! Nice dark bruises on my sides from the lipo. Main thing is the indigestion and back pain from crouching over. I can ease it by walking around a little and sitting on the edge if a talk backed chair or toilet seat.

It's half term this week in uk and my daughter is home she's going out with friends a few days and is old enough to play at home by herself so that's very useful.

We have booked cinema tickets for Thursday so will see how we go. I'm more than happy to go in a wheelchair if I need to!

Day 4 tummy tuck post op

Wow I feel almost human again today. Drains are down to about 10ml in 24 hours can't wait to get them removed shame it's got to wait til Friday. The effects of the anaesthetic must be almost gone now so happy!

Pre op photos with markings

1st reveal while having dressings changed

Day 6 drains out yeehaa

Last night my drains stopped draining so had to call nurse who booked me in to have drains removed today. Such a weird disconcerting feeling on the long one. Yuck! Made me sweat and squirm. But what a relief I now feel soooooo much better it's amazing. Really feel I can get on with proper recovery now the hindrance has gone

Day 6 photo

Day 9 swelly belly

Omg! Today I feel like a barrage balloon so swollen and right. Very hard to explain. Not painful but not very comfy either. I've tried drinking pineapple juice and walking/resting with legs elevated. I know it's going to last a while but has anyone got any tips to help please?

Otherwise doing ok still can't stand upright totally and back kills to walk around for too long.

Day 10 and 11

Think I over did it yesterday felt good so had a gentle tidy up and did a few bits in house. Walked back from school - got a lift there - today I feel wiped out! So am reclining in front of tv again. Feel a bit sick too so sipping sweet tea. How I wish for the day I feel me again! Still I know it may be a good while yet!

Day 13. At last I feel back to normal!

Got up with a bad headache this morning - all the sleeping in a propped up position does nothing for my head! About 97% upright walked to school and back in the gorgeous sunshine! Had a hospital appointment to have dressings changed which in fact was to have them all removed! Very weird feeling having your tummy rubbed and prodded and can't really feel it. Managed to hop on and off of couch no problem! Amazing feeling to have no tight itchy dressings on. Was told I can shower - hip hip horrah! As I walked out of clinic I was amazed to discover I was walking straight! No more sore back with cramping muscles. Have a little swell to my belly under the tummy button in the evening but nothing too awful and it's always flat again in morning. Still taking it very easy sitting with feet up as much as I can. Did clean 1 toilet and 1 sink in house today. Hubby is good. But not that good! Still not lifting anything of any weight - thank god for my work partner who has been a god send this week! Will post my latest evening photo. Good luck to all those ladies going under the knife tomorrow

3 weeks post op

Doing really good. Sleeping really well managing on my side. Still have a pillow under my knees at night when I'm sleeping on my back. Tummy healing brilliantly swelling well reduced. Very happy with results. Very tired of an evening but been working a bit so it's understandable. Can't wait to get back to full fitness never felt the need to go to the gym or swimming so much. Lol

4 weeks post op

Hurrah! I am back to normal I have my stamina and zest for life back! Only just but it feels so good! Been using kelo cote on scar which is amazing really helped to reduce redness and flatten it out. I am so surprised at how good it looks. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Need better light

4 weeks 5 days post op

Tummy button

Few more


A couple of photos four months post op.
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