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2 weeks today is my operation! It cannot come soon...

2 weeks today is my operation! It cannot come soon enough. Getting ready now, no booze, lots of vitamins, trying to lose a few pounds....not very well I might add. Still running, doing yoga, spinning...trying to be healthy. Not long to go....I'm very excited!!! I have been researching this op properly for over a year but wanting it for about 7 years! Wish me luck x

Ps currently 178 pounds, 5 foot 7...a good stone over weight but it has plateaued at this weight for a year now...


so annoyed with myself....went out for my birthday, wasn't going to drink and somehow I got completely hammered, and it went to pot this weekend. No gym or exercise all week and now I have put on 5 pounds after the weekend post hangover binge! grrrrr....ANNOYED!!!!!

Op next week!

Excited...so much to do this week. Typical! So much to winding down. Not going to prep too much for after the op...just gonna take each day as it comes. Taking loads of vitamins. Will clean house...,I should batch cook but not sure I'll get much time to do it...hubby will just have to take over!
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