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2 weeks today is my operation! It cannot come soon...

2 weeks today is my operation! It cannot come soon enough. Getting ready now, no booze, lots of vitamins, trying to lose a few pounds....not very well I might add. Still running, doing yoga, spinning...trying to be healthy. Not long to go....I'm very excited!!! I have been researching this op properly for over a year but wanting it for about 7 years! Wish me luck x

Ps currently 178 pounds, 5 foot 7...a good stone over weight but it has plateaued at this weight for a year now...


so annoyed with myself....went out for my birthday, wasn't going to drink and somehow I got completely hammered, and it went to pot this weekend. No gym or exercise all week and now I have put on 5 pounds after the weekend post hangover binge! grrrrr....ANNOYED!!!!!

Op next week!

Excited...so much to do this week. Typical! So much to winding down. Not going to prep too much for after the op...just gonna take each day as it comes. Taking loads of vitamins. Will clean house...,I should batch cook but not sure I'll get much time to do it...hubby will just have to take over!

2 days to go!

2 days to go! I've been so freakin busy I've not had time to even think about it!!working up up the wire !


Argh so nervous! Had a panic attack this morning as it's finally hit me! Got to be at hospital at 7am tomorrow. Had a little cry already! Very anxious!

Here we go!

Any minute now, waiting to go in!

On the flat side!

So far so good, feeling ok!

This is tough!

I'm out of hospital yay! As expected the morphine crash came and sat was some good some bad...a bit of nausea, which is to be expected.

Day 3

So far the toughest day...they say the first 48 hours is the hardest. I hope so! Managed to get six hours solid sleep last night (I have a catheter in!) which was good. Today quite a lot of pain...much discomfort. Very hunched over when standing and walking. Lots of nausea. Couldn't get comfy. Drank so much bloody tea I never want to see another cup again!
I'm home now which if great as I was getting cabin fever. Fed up. Questioning what I've done, which is to be expected I guess at this stage. Back killing, compression garment so tight it made me feel sick.i must confess I've took it off for a little breather...got firm control big pants on. Had a quick weigh...must be about 5 extra pounds on...obv swelling. They took off 1.67 kilos in surgery and 600.ml of fat from lipo.
Mrs C C Kat dies the muscle repair super tight which is a real bitch but will pay off in the long term.
So far what I can see looks pretty damn good.
Mrs Kat was as expected, amazing. Sucha professional, a perfectionist, one of the best...can't describe her really, she is unique. Def lived up to her reputation as one of the best.
It's true that the hardest thing here is patience! I hope things feel a little better tomorrow...I just want to fast forward 6 weeks!

Post op pics


Compression garment

Took it off, I couldn't breathe, it was making me feel sick...put some firm control high waisted pants that go up to my boobs on. Do you think this is ok? Will put my CG back on in the morning. Just a bit worried it might cause any problems at this stage...not wearing it...any advice??

Tramadol side effects??

Woke up with a real headache...I never get headaches. Slept ok. Had 3 tramadol since yesterday...never taken them before. My head hurts and feels weird...is this a side effect??? I don't like it at all! Anybody else had this??


God when will this headache go? My whole face, head and jaw hurts! Took last one at 2am...never again am I taking Tramadol! Please tell me it will go away!

Day 5

Managed to wash my hair and get washed and dressed...but if an ordeal but glad I did it. Headache gone thank goodness! Yesterday was hideous. So today's new problem...twinges in my left side, like burning pain...think I remember these from the c sections...went after a week. I'm praying! No nausea though now which is good. Appetite still much reduced. Still 3 pounds heavier than what I was before op and a few inches of swelling around middle and hips...upper things swollen too. To be expected. Every day is a day forward though...

Good day today

Feeling a lot more like myself. Back pain is a killer as is garment, stomach tight and a few really painful burning twinges near my groin. Other than then I've had two BMs...woo hoo! Washed my hair, cooked dinner, helped eldest with homework and looked after my youngest for two hours. Probably done too much but I've rested in between. Feel positive! Hopefully finish my meds tomorrow cos I don't want to take them any more unless I need to. Reading my book now and taking it easy :)

Ok but not ok

Doing well, pottered about and made dinner. Back still hurting a lot so can't walk or stand for long, so painful, better sitting or lying down. These compression stockings are getting on my nerves...do we really need to wear them for two weeks??? As for the CG it's pissing me off so much, it's digging into my ribs and is so painful...had to take it off for a bit. I HATE IT!!! Got some tight Spanx on. I just can't cope with it 24/7...sorry rant over!

Feeling better...

Was going to say no change really but the great thing is I've been trying a few clothes on to see how they fit! They look great! Still got 1-2 inches of swelling which is pretty good really I think. 2 pounds down from ore op surgery weight. So far so good...ditched the stockings I'm afraid. CG back in but has to be Spanx at night time...

Just wondering...

How long until you can stand straight? How long before the tightening in your stomach eases? Man it's so tight like all my insides have been stitched together...oh wait! Most of it has! When will I feel more normal?


After no change in the last few days except me turning into a bear with a sore head due to pain and discomfort, I THINK it is a bit less painful to walk and stand! This is great news! CG still very painful to wear...it's ok at the bottom half but around the top under my boobs where the muscle repair is is where it really hurts. Like hurts...dunno if this is cos the bruising is coming out, so more painful? Anyway I can't do it all up, it makes me feel sick. So it's half on...I know this isn't great, but I'll speak to Mrs Kat on Monday.
Might venture out after lunch! Might go soft play with the hubby and kids, I can just sit and have a coffee and watch. Just need to get out of the house. So bored!!
Can't see my incision yet until dressing removed on Monday but my upper abdomen...well, it looks and feels amazing! Tight, of course, but wow! Better than I could ever have dreamed. Let's hope the scar is as good...

Cling film doesn't work lol....

So I was a bit naughty this morning and showered as my hair needed washing...with pants on and my tummy wrapped in cling film as I heard someone else try it and said it was water proof. Let me tell you...it isn't! My dressings got wet and started turning a weird brown colour. I panicked a little and had to remove the belly button dressing and covered it with a plaster. Good job I had an appointment at the dressing clinic this morning!

Anyway saw Mrs Kat...can I just say, that woman is an absolute legend! I'm so in awe of her. Professional, lovely, beautiful, talented...her work is astonishing. I saw my incision and belly button and wow! Much flatter than I thought, no bunching or puckering, hardly any blood or bruising. Pretty darn good if I'm honest for this stage of recovery. Safe to say, I'm well pleased right now!

Latest pics

Getting there...

Managed the school run this morning so feeling good! Did my hair and make up for the first time. Life is getting back to normal! Hope to start driving at the weekend.

Official before pics

Here they are...

2nd check up update

Went to hospital today to get dressing removed and tape applied. Finally! Looking forward to shower tomorrow. Belly button small and cute. Not looked inside too much yet!

Scar looks good. Still slight swelling of mons area and lower abdomen but not too bad. Only slight concern is a bit of a...how do I say...indentation in left hip where scar ends. Not a dog ear but not a smooth finish, like bulging on top and beneath incision...hoping this is swelling and will flatten out. Can't see on pics...I'll take some more tomorrow in daylight. Right hip really smooth and flat. Otherwise very pleased with results and even if I stay like this I will be ecstatic! Hoping it will look even better in 6 months time when all settled, back to the gym and better eating!

Must admit I've been eating what I want for the last two weeks...nice to not be on a diet for a change! I'll go back to usual eating from next week when I go back to work.

I could have gone back to work this week but glad I've got another week off. Feel fine though, sleeping ok, getting used to sleeping on my back! Can't wait to sleep on side/front though.

Driving now...have been for about a week actually! Even went shopping in Birmingham today. Fine now. 99% standing straight. Still tight in tummy, the odd twinge but otherwise ok.
Got physio in 3 weeks then I'll start light exercise.

So far so good! I attach some pics...looks much better in the flesh though, I can't believe how flat it is! Most of all my upper abdomen is what I love too...it looks so defined!!

3 weeks post op

All ok...took tape off today to have a good look at scar. Looks fine!! Still think left hip is slightly uneven compared to right hip but it's not a game changer. Otherwise I'd say I'm 90% back to normal. Back to work Monday...quite enjoyed being off if I'm honest. Oh well only 5 weeks until xmas! Seeing physio in 2 weeks...hope to start exercise and diet in the new year with goal of toning up and losing half a stone for the summer! Can't wait to try on some bikinis...! Might be able to get away with one...

Latest pics...

Just realised I hadn't done a full frontal...

Before and after

This is fun!

9 and a half weeks!

It's been a while since I have posted. No major changes really....still healing well. Very happy with the result. Tape coming off in 3 weeks finally so I can start scar therapy. Saw physio at 6 weeks which went well. Still feels tight and the occasional twinge but I'd say I'm 95% there. Started exercising last week and I am running a 5k in the morning. Just need to lose the 5 pounds I've gained over the last 2 months with eating lots and no exercise! Can't wait to lose pounds and get fit again. Totally happy I went through with this!

Swell hell

Hi I'm now about 14 weeks I think. Dead pleased with result. Back to gym 4 times a week. Tape off. No more Spanx. Looks great but when I look down at my tummy it still looks and feels massively swollen all the time...worse later in the day. Will it ever go down any more or is this it?? Should I still wear Spanx or not? Not seeing surgeon for another 6 weeks x
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