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Hello, this is my first post. Had my consultation...

Hello, this is my first post. Had my consultation yesterday and I am unbelievably excited about booking in for my procedure!
I first noticed that I was "different" down there when I was approximately 9 years old. Since then I have been conscious of it "hanging down" and keep having to tuck it away. Every time I became intimate with a guy I would cringe inwardly, where I would always try and cover up and make sure the lights were off! As I've grown up, and been with my wonderful boyfriend for 3 years it has bothered me less. I've gradually managed to open up and not hide myself down there. I figured, if he doesn't mind, why should I? However in the recent months I have started running, I have taken part in numerous runs and a half marathon. But I can't tell you how much my inner labia rubs on the tight clothing! It has got so bad that I'm having to cream up and use talc everyday and even have it in my bag. I feel so unfeminine having to make an excuse everywhere I go to go to the toilet to cream my hanging vagina lips!! We went on a bike ride 2 weeks ago, it was a beautiful sunny day with our children. We rode to a local ford where the children could have a paddle and we had a mini picnic. I was almost in tears with the pain I was in. I went into a bush and straightened myself out and my labia were actually stuck to my knickers due to soreness! I hadn't mentioned my problems to my boyfriend until this day. It felt like the last straw. Riding home I told him I was going to the doctors as I was getting really sore down below with the activities I have been doing. He is very laid back and calm about everything and just said ok don't worry we will get you sorted. Since then we have had discussions about me having a labiaplasty. I found this hard as I have never even mentioned my concerns! He told me that from his point of view, he doesn't mind, he said he had never even noticed even when we were first together and never actually stopped and thought, oh she's got big labia! This put me at great ease and made me feel much better. He also said its totally up to me what I do, as long as I am sure. He said if it makes you feel better in more ways than one then go for it! I presume he means the discomfort I am experiencing, and he has probably noticed that i insist the lights are off for sex! I am currently studying to be a student nurse, therefore ineligible for any finance and I do not have savings. He has said he will apply for finance so we can pay for this for me. After our bike ride, during the evening we went to have sex, but I couldn't as it felt like I had been burned down there! That was the last straw for me. I just rolled over and cried. I don't want to feel like that anymore, I can't wait to have sex with the lights on! And feel like I can show him all of me and be happy about it. (He's seen me before but still!) I can't wait to feel pretty down there, and not have something in the way. Since my labia has become sore I can always feel it, it makes me feel like there is something in my knickers that shouldn't be there! I'm hoping to have my procedure on the 24th June. As long as the dates around then are still available once we have the funds to book it. I'm literally counting the days! Feeling to scared to post a picture at the moment. Maybe nearer the time!

Booked in!

Hello... I am officially booked in, deposit paid! 24th June! I even had a dream last night that I had my labiaplasty! I'm updating to post a "before" picture. Just a waiting game now till the big day. Might start stocking up on painkillers and ice packs ready.


The before picture

Feeling low

Hi all... As I've written I'm booked in for my labiaplasty on 24th June and to be honest that date cannot come quick enough. I've been wondering for the past few weeks why my boyfriend hasn't even attempted or even when I try to have sex!! I mentioned it tonight and he said it was because he didn't want to hurt me (as I've been so uncomfortable lately as due to cycling/running I've ended up with what felt like carpet burn, cracks and small blisters on my labia. I understand what he means! I'm now sat sobbing in my living room while he is asleep as I feel like such a freak! We haven't had sex in nearly two weeks and I was hoping that he would just grab me tonight! I feel completely unattractive and just disgusted with what's down there now and I just want it done. I miss being intimate with my boyfriend! I want us to be together without me (or him) wondering about my labia. I'm sorry if this is inappropriate to post, but I figured you kind ladies would understand and know where I was coming from. I've ended up in a state and sobbing everywhere so now I look all puffy eyed and snotty to top up the attractivness! Was wondering if anyone else ever broke down in tears due to their labia? Thanks beautiful ladies xxx

Insensitive people...

I've been in university today... And aware that I have 29 days until my procedure. The subject of vulvas came up (I'm a student nurse!). This led to a fellow female student sat next to me to google vulva, as we couldn't decide which exact part of the female anatomy it actually was! She was looking at the embarrassing bodies website on the female genital gallery. Comments to follow included that of "oh look kebab lips, hangy fanny, she needs to visit the designer vagina shop, oh look it's all hanging out, it's baggy, it's not neat, yuck, gross, disgusting" and then vomiting noises. I of course didn't admit to looking exactly like the women in the pictures. I just felt such comments were extremely insensitive, especially from a nursing perspective, as we more so than most can appreciate the differences in our bodies as we see so much nakedness!! Large labia minora does not mean "baggy"! It's just skin! I've had a large labia all my life, was my vagina "baggy" at 5 years old?! I've had 1 child via c section, I run and cycle, I do believe my pelvic floor is in good nick... Don't listen to these sorts of comments ladies! Although it's horrid to hear... We know the truth. We have our labiaplasties for our reasons!! X

Some more before pictures

26 days to go!

coconut oil....

Hello ladies,
I'm starting to write a shopping list for my recovery. Obviously ice packs, comfortable trousers, pads, ibuprofen, paracetamol etc. I have read many post operative reviews and there seems to be lots of recommendations for coconut cream/oil?! Does anyone have any specific suggestions of brand names/products please? Im not sure where to start! Im keen on buying some to apply a couple of days after my labiaplasty but i dont want to get the wrong sort of thing! Also those of you who did use it, how many times a day did you apply? How many days post op did you start applying?

Thankyou in advance x

10 days to go!

Only ten days to wait now before I go and get my lips snipped! Already excited for my end result and it hasn't even happened yet! I'll be getting a call in a weeks time to inform me of where I am on the list so I know what time I'll be having the surgery roughly, so Then I can plan to go home. I'm having it done on the Wednesday and I've got a couple of lectures in university on the Monday. Hoping I'll be ok for this as I'll just be sat down. However it's not the end of the world if not as I can work from home also. 12 days post op I absolutely have to be ok as I have a presentation which is assessed for my degree! So I'm going to take the first few days post op easy with good healthy food, lots of water, and rest to aid my healing processes! Happy healing all :) x

5 days!!

Cant believe my op is 5 days away!! I actually think i'll cry when I wake up as it will all be done. What I have lived with and been conscious of my entire life will be gone. I've been wondering... will i have a dressing on to start with or is it a pad? Do i wear pants after? I'm having a general.... what if i wee?! Do I ice on and off to avoid ice burn? Do I ice directly on the skin or through pants? If anybody could answer any of my questions I would be truly grateful! Stop my pre-op stressing! Ha! I'll be getting a call on Monday to tell me what time to arrive and when I should be NBM from, and what sort of time I'm likely to be going home.Hoping for a note signing me off from cooking, cleaning, and the general slavery of children/partner co-habitation!! Hehe rest for me. ;) x


All done! Sat here having not long woken up from the general anaesthetic! Can just start to feel a dull throbbing sore sensation around my clit?! But I'm ok pain wise it's not too bad yet. I woke up asking if I was going to fall asleep yet. I had no idea that I had been asleep and I have no recollection of being asleep at all!! I have a cool pack between my legs. Will upload some after pictures when I can x

Day 1 post op

Finally had a good look this morning.... Have been a bit scared too! My clit & hood has ballooned since last night (I took a quick peek when I had a wee! And my clit wasn't really swollen) but now it's literally tripled in size! Not to much pain now since I woke up. Couldn't get to sleep last night initially I was wide awake! Obviously slept really well under general anaesthetic earlier on! ;) I've been weeing as normal. Then washing using a syringe and sterile saline water the hospital have given me. They have sent me home with a weeks worth of antibiotics, co codamol and ibuprofen. They advised me to use the ibuprofen as a last resort if I'm still in pain as it carries a small risk of bleeding. I'm over the moon with how I look right now (although I know it won't look like this forever!) it can only get better!!! I actually felt shocked with happiness when I first looked! So so happy. Going to have a nice shower later on today I think and take it easy :) x

Day 2 - discharge?!

Hi lovely ladies... Apologies for this picture (if it works). I'm on day 2 and I'm very comfortable. Bleeding has stopped and zero pain. I'm just being careful when bending etc as the stitches pull. I even showered last night and it felt amazing. I have woken up this morning though and I'm producing a lot of discharge. It's just normal stuff clear/white and no smell at all. I'm planning on just washing regularly and keeping a pad on. My clit is still humongous and hard and I can feel the hard stitches in it... But otherwise looking good! I think! Apologies again re the pic it's a bit errrrr. Just wanted to share as everyone else's daily pictures have really helped me x

Day 3 post op

Hi ladies! Here's my daily update on my new lips... ;) No pain or bleeding now but still wearing a pad for comfort purposes. Just keeping careful as don't want to pull stitches. Still icing on and off as it helps to numb the area as I'm a bit itchy! Not sure if that's the stitches. Today's pic below. Just hoping my clitoral hood doesn't stay this way! Overall I'm so happy I'm looking like this on just day 3. X

Day 4

Day four post op. Slightly itchy and feeling more comfortable commando at the moment! Having a look and getting paranoid that I'm going to have a lump sticking out on my clitoral hood! Hopefully it will blend in a bit more with time. Looks like a lot has been taken off my lips (which I asked for) and not as much around my clit! Can anyone please reassure me and stop me stressing that it will get better!!!! The swollen areas on the pictures are hard lumps and I can feel stitches inside them x

day 4 more pictures

more pictures taken standing up

Day 5

Did the school run this morning. Felt like I'd run 6 miles! Still trying to rest inbetween and not overdo it. I'm back to university on Wednesday just for four hours. Hoping lecture chairs will not be too uncomfortable! Not sure about driving though I was really uncomfortable today and I've got an hours journey each way to uni! Another picture attached. Again apologies for poor quality!! Really happy with how I'm looking this morning. Clitoral hood is going down (although still rock hard so should definitely shrink some more) hehe :) x

Day 6

Had a busy day yesterday and an uncomfortable night sleep. I'm much more swollen that I was a couple of days ago! And feeling twinges of pain. Hoping that's due to the level of activity on my feet yesterday. Got a free day today while kids are at school so getting the ice on it! Got my week post op check up tomorrow too. Hoping I'm healing in the right direction! X

Day 8

Day 8 progress. All going well I think! I didn't expect to feel as exhausted as I am all the time?! I just want to sleep! Im supposed to be going to a cricket match tomorrow evening with friends. And then out for "drinks". Might have one or two but I'm tempted to stick to soft drinks?! Not sure if I'm allowed to drink yet. Although I have finished my antibiotics now. Healing is going well I think. Still slightly freaked out at my lumpy bumpy clitoral area. It's soooo sensitive too if anything touches it, it's very hard still and I can see the stitches in the area. Very much hope it shrinks and blends in a bit! I know I'm early days. Had my 7 day check up yesterday. All is fine and I'm healing well apparently and my stitches are looking good. I've been told to shower daily still and rinse off after having a wee. And no heavy lifting etc and to just make sure I'm careful. I'm still struggling to sit down, but to be honest it's more the fabric of what I wear touching my swollen hard clitoral area which hurts. Day 8 pic below. Feeling hairy too! No point shaving though really!! Don't want to be irritated or itchy at the moment. Happy healing ladies :) can't wait till I'm fully healed. Feel very unwomanly at the moment and a bit Frankenstein-ish! X

Pic day 8 from below

12 days post

Haven't looked at all for a good few days! Feeling absolutely fabulous. Almost back to normal. Had a look and took some more pictures. Apologies for the hair! I haven't shaved since the op. Almost wished I'd left it another week to look properly! I've got these funny white bumpy bubble bits that have appeared?! And my clitoral area still looks huge to me! Although I can see its shrinking from my pictures. I know it's going to look bigger compared to the rest which is trimmed smaller. And I've got ages for my final result! On the positive I think I'm healing really nicely and all my incisions are looking good. I'm going commando at the moment and I love the feeling as I feel so womanly as nothing is hanging! I can feel my labia majora touching and I feel so pretty and feminine. Isn't it fantastic how this can make me feel so much better! Trying not to get to hung up on my appearance at the moment. It looks way better than before even now. Going to leave it another good few days to a week before I have another peep. Happy healing ladies xxx

Some more pics 12 days

More pictures.... I know I've got loads I just found other people's pictures really helpful! So returning the favour ;) x


Just noticed a split!! I'm 14 days post and stictches are coming loose as normal. But I had a look earlier and noticed a tiny hole! It's not bleeding or anything. But now I'm panicking that it's all going to come apart when my stitches fall out?!!! Picture below! Has anyone had this? I'm going crazy worried!! Am I doing too much? X

Otherwise.... Day 14

Otherwise I'm really happy with how I'm looking!! And the split is only noticeable if I pull it to the side... So I may have had it a while and just not noticed! Some more pics below x

Hole has been inspected.....

Hi ladies, went to the hospital this morning and I was seen by the lead nurse practitioner. I explained and showed her my concern. She had a good close look and said it's a really tiny gap in the skin. She said its either a stitch has dissolved and my skin has parted slightly or a stitch has torn or been pulled. She also commented on my result saying that I look fabulous and that I have healed really really well which put a huge grin on my face! She said she was not concerned, it's not infected and its not bleeding. (not painful either). Unfortunately my surgeon was not there today, but she has booked me in to see him in 4 days time just to double check. She said that she isn't worried otherwise she would have got another surgeon to come and have a look, and at the very worst next week my surgeon would put another stitch in. In the meantime I am to rest! No heavy lifting or excess activity. I'm allowed to "potter!" haha. She said its probably fine but the most important thing is that my mind is completely at rest, and the best thing to do is for my own surgeon to have a peep and assess me as she can only give an opinion from a nurses point of view, not a surgeons! I feel like I have been so so careful and I have really been trying to look after myself and my lady bits. My life has revolved around it!! I'm eating healthily with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lots of water and rest. Anyway... happy healing all. Will update after I've seen my surgeon next week. x

my before and 2 weeks post picture

Puts into perspective the difference!!!

Day 17- different again!

Day 18

Day 18 update, significantly itchy today!! Took some more pictures too. Feeling lumpy and hard still!!! X

3 weeks post

Feeling lovely. Can sit and move around totally normally now and forget I've even had it done! Still wearing loose trousers and no pants as i feel fine like that. Don't want to start wearing tight stuff and risk rubbing anything. Hehe! Some pictures below from sitting normally and when I'm opened up. Very happy with how I'm looking and I know I've got more healing to do as I'm extremely hard still and I have lots of knotted Stitches in my clitoral hood! Saw my surgeon he said little creases I've got will heal up just fine on their own and he said he is very pleased with my healing. He told me no baths for 6 weeks and no creams as I don't need them. And MINIMUM 6 weeks for sex and excercise and to start gently and build up slowly. I genuinely couldn't imagine having sex in a weeks time?! I guess everyone is different. I'm going to see how it goes. My incision lines are very hard still and my surgeon says I'm still quite swollen?! Looking forward to softening up and feeling natural. So so happy I did this!!!!

3 weeks 3 days....

Feeling pretty good at moment. No pictures as looking pretty much the same. I've still got lots of stitches I can see and some knotted ones which are half hanging out in my clitoral area which are soooo itchy and I keep catching them! My surgeon wants to leave all stitches in place until six weeks, as apparently it takes that long for the tissue to heal to 90% of its original strength?! He said they will disappear in time. I'm still not wiping after weeing as my incision areas are sooooo hard still?! Plus my clitoral hood is rock hard! I'm literally just washing with plain water still, not using any soap, I'm rinsing after weeing still, and not wearing any pants and I'm still wearing loose fitting trousers. Only because I'm comfy like this, and as the saying goes, if it isn't broke don't fix it! Hehe! I've heard people having sex at 4 weeks! I'm nowhere near ready! I'm not fully healed yet and like I said full of stitches! I have a check up on Wednesday which is my four week mark. I'm incredibly inpatient I want to be all softened up! I think after a couple more weeks I might use some coconut oil to help soften my scars a bit. I feel I look great but when I touch myself it feels so odd cus it's so hard!!!!

5 weeks

5 weeks post op (well tomorrow)
My hole which turned into a split is healing!! Haven't looked for 4 days as I was getting obsessed :/ and it's still visible but has healed so it's nearly invisible like the other side! Yay! When I say split its about 0.5cm! I'm wearing loose comfy trousers still and normal pants. I still have a lot of stitches in! Really hoping by 6 weeks most have gone but it doesn't look like it. Hopefully my surgeon will pull some out for me! Not going to look for another few days again as I really think it doesn't help the healing when I'm pulling my skin apart!! Not taken a pic as I look the same and I'm VERY hairy! Ha! I have knotted stitches hanging out which look like washing lines?! Two up in my clitoral hood and a bunch down the bottom towards my bum ;) hoping for them to be snipped off at least so I stop catching them! Still can't imagine sex in just a weeks time :( especially with my split area and all these stitches. I must be patient. What's another couple of weeks?! I've lasted 5! I'll update at 6 weeks once I've seen my surgeon and wiTh a new picture x

Question- stitches and sex!

Hi girls, just wanted an idea of timescales!
How long did it take for stitches to dissolve and disappear (I'm 5 weeks and got loads there still!)
And when did people first try sex? I can't imagine even trying while I've got washing line stitches and I hear people having sex at 4.5.6 weeks?! X

5 weeks 4 days

Hi lovelies! Thought I'd do an update as I've had a proper look at myself, which I haven't done since 4 weeks and even that was just a quick look in the hospital office. I'm so happy as my "split" has healed, although I can just see a line so it's probably not full strength yet, as the other side there isn't a line where the incision was at all it's completely invisible! So probably just got to wait a short while longer to be healed for sex etc. I'm uploading some pictures, I really do apologise for my hairy state! I never let myself get this hairy but I want a wax hehe. By the way, has anyone had a full Brazilian wax after a labiaplasty? Is 8 weeks ok? I'm worried that the hard pulling will be painful and tear something?! Maybe I should just leave it. But I will ask my surgeon as I'm seeing him for my 6 week check up. Also this week all my stitches have just vanished! I guess my body has just done what it's supposed to and finally absorbed the stitches! They were so annoying and itchy! I do feel now that sex may be possible in the next couple of weeks. I'm scared!! Ha! In terms of my surgery (picking holes now) I have had a lot taken off. This hasn't caused me any problems, nothing feels tight and I look very neat, so I guess that's the idea isn't it? I do feel top heavy as my clitoral hood wasn't reduced as such. But I wanted my sensation. It really would take a lot for me to go through this again for a clitoral hood reduction, it really would. And is there any point?! To be slightly more even?? I don't feel like I want anything else done at all at the moment, and I guess we all could focus on something we would change!! So all in all I'm completely over the moon with my result, and I do know that I will smooth out and soften up some more over the next few months. The majority of my initial healing is done now I guess! So onto the next bit, sex, excercise, normality!! Might leave it another couple of weeks for sex, to be on the very safe side. But again I will see what my surgeon says when I see him in a couple of days. So if anyone can advise about waxing that would be lovely. I'll update soon! Again, apologies for my hairy pictures. X

Annoying stitch

Hi ladies
I'm 6 weeks post op now and I have a stubborn stitch that hasn't gone yet, I can't take a good picture as it can't even be seen really I can just feel it! I had a look as I wiped myself after a wee (yes I'm wiping now hehe) and this one area pinched a bit. So I looked with a mirror and the rest is smooth and healed completely on the one side, the other I can see the incision line still (so strange how each side has healed differently) and there is a small raised bump which I can see the top of a stitch poking out. It's about half way along. I don't remember seeing a bump a few days ago, but maybe the rest has smoothed out a bit and this is just more obvious. 6 weeks is a long time for a stitch to dissolve, albeit all mine have been slow to go! I'm wondering if it's pushing its way out, hoping it's not going to turn in to some sort of localised infection of a stitch. I'm seeing my surgeon on Friday anyway, so there's no point ringing tomorrow I don't think for an appointment the day before the one I already have arranged. Hope all is ok and it just vanishes. It hurts if I press it but I guess it would! I'm looking forward to seeing my surgeon too as I want some reassurance on the healing. As I said my one side is completely healed, invisible and strong. I can touch, pull etc and it looks like nothing's happened. Whereas the other side (where I had my split) has healed but the incision line is very visible and the thickness of a fine felt pen. So I feel like this side is not as strong and not as healed as its where the split was. I guess I just want some reassurance and a couple more weeks to heal before sex! I'm worrying that this stitch is going to cause an infection and make my incision open up!!!!! In such a worrier and quite irrational at times! I'll be so happy in a few months when all is as its going to be. The day to day worrying about there is exhausting!! On the bright side, I look and feel fabulous! And I'm still so glad I went ahead with this surgery :) x

6.5 weeks

Hello all!
Time really does fly when you are having fun. Just thought I would post an update after seeing my surgeon a couple of days ago. I'm all healed up! Don't even think about it anymore. I am very sensitive though but I'm sure that will get better. I'm wiping very gently after having a wee and drying gently with a towel when I get out of the shower to the reduce the hypersensitivity. I still have not had sex yet! My surgeon said to leave it another two weeks. This is because on my left side (in the pictures its on the right) the incision is "wider" as he put it. This is where I had the little split so I guess its just a bit behind. Where the other areas where the incisions were are practically invisible, this area is very visible and thicker, he said this means it is weaker so to be safe to wait another couple of weeks and then I should be fine. He said that there wouldn't be a need for me to go and see him again until my 3 month check up but I said that I was very nervous to have sex, he said well OK then come and see me in 2/3 weeks then hopefully he can give me the go ahead! I thought that was very good of him and will reassure me definitely. I don't feel like I can have sex without his say so! ha! I've uploaded some pictures below which I have just taken. I'm happy just eager to be able to do my usual things, cycling, running, swimming and of course sex! hehe I'm seeing my surgeon again on the 24th August which is exactly 2 months post op. x

7 weeks post op

Just thought I'd post an update with what happened yesterday.... At 7 weeks I expected to be fully healed and as though nothing has happened. That is not the case and I do think I even need another week or two before sex!! I'm all healed as I have said previously and my result is looking lovely :) in so happy with it. Since about week 5 I could feel a suture which hadn't dissolved about halfway along my Incision on the left side. This felt like a sharp pin pricking me almost constantly and I could feel it inside my skin. This left me with a solid lump which my surgeon saw and he said it was likely a retained internal suture and it will just go on its own. Well yesterday I woke up, had a wee, wiped myself and OH pain!! I had a look and it looked like a blood blister! I dabbed it and it popped so was bleeding on the tissue! Had a look and the area was so swollen into a lump the size of my finger nail and I literally couldn't touch it as it felt like a needle was inside! I washed it, dried it, left it alone and rang my clinic for an appointment. I thought oh no the stitch is going to have to be cut out and more healing etc as I thought it's obviosily going to cause an infection!! Well then at lunchtime I sat on the loo and had another peak. As I lifted my skin up I saw something yellow start to poke out, I barely squeezed the area then what looked like a yellow worm came out! Well a tiny yellow string with gunk on it (sorry!). Then instantly.... Immediate relief!! No pin pricking sensation!! And the swelling literally went down in front of my eyes!!! I'm so so happy and relieved! Sounds silly I know but I've been feeling this horrid knotted stitch since day one and no it's gone! I guess for some reason my body didn't break it down and it pushes it out instead ha! Kind of like a thorn. Anyway, had a look and a feel this morning, no lump swelling or anything and it's pretty much healed and looks like the rest of it! Instant relief honestly. So I cancelled my appointment as I felt there was no point. And I'm due back in less tha 2 weeks anyway. Really hoping then I can have the green light for sex and other activities which are currently banned! Hehe! Just writing this to assure others who may think that 7 weeks post op is a long time and everything should be healed and perfect, everyone is different and in my case I'm taking my time ;) xxx

9 weeks....

Well I think I'm finally healed!! I saw my surgeon yesterday and he gave me the go ahead. I Can do everything as normal now! Although I might leave cycling for a bit longer as I think it would be tender on the scar tissue. Haven't had sex ywmet even though my surgeon gave me the green light yesterday because me and my boyfriend had such a busy day and we went sofa shopping in the evening! And by the time we got to bed we both zonked haha! Plus I was really hairy and I had my wax today!! A full Brazilian which I've never had before but most definitely will again!! I told her what I'd had done and she was really gentle and did a really nice job! Didn't hurt like I thought it would. Anyway pics uploaded! I have changed even from 6 weeks! I didn't expect to have such a neat appearance at all! So happy with my result and that I'm through all of this. Hopefully will have sex tonight hehe! I think if I can tolerate a wax sex should be fine :))))) can't wait!!!

A sex update.... ;)

Hi all! Just thought I would update about sex following my labiaplasty (as you do haha)! I'm 9 weeks post op now and had sex last night!!! I was soooo nervous I felt like a school girl Virgin! and I was shy?!?! Shy?!!! Ha! I've been with my boyfriend for years and he's my best friend! He was so patient and gentle (luckily)! We started using fingers and I jumped as it was tender at the very bottom?! Presumably scar tissue being stretched! We took it slow and used lots of lube and eventually got going! I was worried as my boyfriend is very much on the large side but once I eventually relaxed it was great! Also sensation felt loads better for me! I guess less skin around my clitoras so it's more accessible.... Hehe! Can't wait to have another go! Anyone else who is nearing their first time I'd advise to definitely take it slow and use some lubrication, and expect to be tender in some places where your scars are!! And expect to take it slow at first! He he x

4 and a half months post

Hello girls.... Thought I'd check in now I'm 4.5 months post op. It's amazing how early on each day drags and the healing seems to take forever! Whereas now it's as though this is the way I've been forever. This has been such a journey for me, I had so many ups and downs and it took a lot of time for me to not feel scared of stitches ripping and things like that! All in all I'm very glad I've had this done, it's made such a difference to everyday life and I am not conscious at all anymore in my sex life with my boyfriend. Not that he every gave me any reason to be self conscious.... I just was. Anyway here's a pic of me I took today, please excuse the hair I'm due a wax :)
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