Love my new small boobs

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Hi I have been looking on this website since last...

I have been looking on this website since last year, I have finally been given a date for my surgery, Friday 14th March, I am so nervous and excited at the same time.

I don't really have much to say, I along with most people here have wanted this surgery for a long time. I decided after having my three children and losing weight that I needed the surgery. My current size is 32 GG/H
and being 5.2" puts a lot of strain on my shoulders and back, so I am hoping the surgery will help with this, I have been told they will make me a size C, which I am thrilled about. I am also having this done on the NHS in the UK, I know this is really hard to get now so I feel very lucky.

Not sure what else to say, it has been great reading all the stories on here and seeing the great results. I hope I can share my after op story next week. Wish me luck

Few photos

These are just a few photos of before, not yet comfortable having none bra ones but will take some and post after lol

4 days to go

I am starting to feel more nervous now. I am a little concerned as I did not have time to look for a post surgery bra, I have ordered one from Amazon but it will not arrive on time, however I have bought two soft genie type bras from Sainsbury, not at all sure if they are going to be ok. ????

3 days

It is now only 3 days away, I have my pre op tomorrow, I'm kind of worried after my pre op they will say no, I they won't, I guess I'm scared of something getting in the way ????

Trying to get healthy

Although I'm at my ideal weight, I have lost a few more Ibs as I want to be a bit healthier for the surgery.

Does or did anyone else feel scared of something going wrong, I know it's a common procedure now and women have it done all the time, I guess it is just fear of the unknown, my husband and my family are being so lovely and supportive, my mom is looking after our girls so hubby can come and stay with me, my dad is really worried, I feel bad for worrying everyone too, mmm I'm sure everything will be fine I just can not help feeling selfish, putting myself at risk for small boobs when I have my daughters to look after ????????????????

Came across this today

I saw this in my local Boots, I wonder if anyone has tried it? I wonder if it is any good.

Pre Op

I had my pre op assessment today, got to see my hospital for the first time, (it is in a different town to where I live) It was so big, looked more like an airport/hotel.

Hopefully my assessment went well, have to wait for the all clear from MRSA (So if no calls tomorrow, then it is GO AHEAD)

I had a very big freak out after as it seems so real now, I'm so scared that it has taken over my excitement :( I had to buy two sports bras today as the nurse said what I have is a BIG NO NO :(

Also I will not be given a room until after my surgery and my poor hubby will have such a long wait.

Luckily I have work tomorrow so that will keep my very distracted before the big. All I want to do it hide away and cry lol

I know this is going to be amazing and change my life for the better ( no more pain, feeling heavy, no more same price as my rent bras lol ) Need to get over this panic. But seeing how happy everyone is after their op is really helping. xxx

1 day

Well tomorrow is my Big day, I went to work today and that really helped distract me, home now and packing my last few bits, will have to eat so much before 12 lol this was the worst time to give up chocolate for Lent ????


Well I'm off to sleep now ready for my 4am wake up call, hopefully the next time I post i will have joined the ABCD club, so much love to everyone xxx

Well made it to the smaller side

I have now officially joined the ABCD club, am a bit sleepy and in a tad bit if pain so will leave all the info until I'm more with it. Xx

Thank you

Also I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent me lots of encouragement it helped so so much xxxxx


A before photo

Here are a few photos, before and after, to give you a better image lol


Can not believe it is done, feel very sore and sleepy, still have my drains in but they will be taken out later and I can go home :) I have not seen them properly yet but I already love the look of them, so tiny x


The surgeon lady told me she removed 2lbs from the left and just under 2lbs from the right, she said they might not look even but the left was already a tad bigger anyway and they look awesome to me, can not believe almost 4lbs were removed wow xx


Sorry I don't know what that is in OZ or KGs x

The surgery

Well I arrived with hubby at 7.30am, waited around a few hours, I was marked up at about 9am, very strange experience but interesting, the PS was lovely and explained everything to me step by step.

Then more waiting, they finally came for me at 11am said bye to hubby and went off to theatre, went to sleep at about 11.30-12 I think then was awoken at about 5pm, can not really remember much after that but am happy it is over now xxx


Going home

Yay I get to go home now, drains out, hurt but not as bad as I thought, I put on a sports bra thing, from comparing them I think I am more like a D right now as the C cup one still looked too small, hopefully once the swelling has gone down I should be smaller, but you can already see the difference, already 4 cup sizes smaller :D so happy even though I feel like the world has jumped on my chest lol


I bought a shock absorber sports bra and a surgical compression one. The surgical one rely hurts when on, as it pushes them together, I'm just trying on the sports one which feels a lot better at the moment, hoping to see my consultant on Monday for my dressing change and wound check, hope everything is fine with them :) xx

Is this normal

I just wondered if this was normal, I've started to be sick, once yesterday and this morning, mostly fluid but it's come on so quickly, not sure if something is wrong or if it is normal :( I'm off my food too which I expected, just a huh day I guess xxx

Brief check up

I have a brief check up this morning, was feeling so sick, explained to the nurse and we both agreed it was the Codeine, so have stopped taking it, feel so much better and my apatite has come back a little bit. Was a little annoyed that my dressings were not changed, the nurse told me to come back next week as she saw no blood, but she didn't look properly, so when I got home I checked myself and under one boob it is covered in blood, not sure if this will be ok for another week, might pop to my own drs this week :) xxx

Washed my hair

Feel so much more human now, had my hair washed by hubby, was lovely. I'm starting to feel so much better, had a double check of my dressings today and the nurse said everything looks great phew. I have no energy but I am enjoying the rest :)

I'm so excited to get the dressings off but scared at the same time as I've no idea what to expect, hope I'm not to freaked at the stitches lol

I planned an outing on Friday but it will only be 1 week post op, not sure how fit I'll be but hubby will be with me if I feel tired out, more worried what the day will do to my boobs though lol xx

Little outing

I popped to the supermarket with hubby today, was nice to be out but boy has it worn me out :D

Also I have found that I have feeling in my right nipple, did not expect that :) the other nipple I'm a tad worried about, it reacts to touch and cold but I don't feel it :( also there is a tiny dark bit on it and a small build of of yellow fluid, :( hope it doesn't mean anything bad xx


I forgot to add, I put on my regular coat today and for the first time ever I was able to zip it all the way, such a small but very emotional thing, having all my clothes fit me normally without my boobs taking over the whole of the top half :D I have a waist that isn't crushed by bras, although I'm in pain and so tired I feel amazing.

If anyone is thinking about doing this I would recommend it with all my heart, I was terrified before I went it but like all you lovely ladies say, there is nothing to fear and it's life changing :D xxxx


Ooh today I found out that I have dissolvable stitches in, thank goodness as I was scared of having them out :D whoo

A few photos

Here are a few photos 1 week post surgery :)


I'm not sure how noticeable it is the one is a bit bigger than the other, the one with more bruising, I'm hoping it is just because of that x

My fave

This is a bit silly but I am so excited to wear a towel normally without have to hold my boobs up :) x

Feeling great

One week after my surgery and I feel normal, still sore and trying to take it easy as I don't want to wreck my new boobs but I feel great, I just wondered if that was ok or should I expect to be hit with something once my bandages are off lol

Best gift

Today is my 30th birthday and the best gift given to myself are my new boons : D feels so great to have them today, I can wear something nice and not feel yak :D xxx

Shooting pains

I'm experiencing lots of shooting pains today, I'm not sure if that is because I over did things yesterday, they just feel generally more achy today xx

Bandages off

Well all my bandages have been removed, the nurse put some more back as I need a bit more healing there :) the nurse said everything looks great and I'm healing well.

But I got to see them for the first time today, I'm really please with them, I didn't have any shape preference but I love what she has done, I know that they will change and settle but I have a good idea how they will go but very happy with them,


Here are some photos


I just wondered when it would be safe to start driving, how long did everyone take? Xx

Has any one tried this

I came across a lady from America on YouTube that had a BR, she mentioned using this cream and said it was amazing, that is firmed and made them feel tighter, just wondered if anyone else has used it. I went to my local Lush store and had a look, it's a tad expensive but they said it's good for softening scars and just a great cream for boobs lol xx


I'm so excited about Bras, at the moment I fit into a 34 C or a 32D, soft cup ( I do not ever want underwire again lol) I'm not sure how much more they will go down, but I'm loving them at the moment, I've been using Bio oil on them everyday and it seems to be helping lots, that's all really :)

Just a quick question re support bras

My surgeon has said to wear mine at all times for 6 weeks, only found out today as I was letting them breath and wearing a soft genie bra one,

But I will listen to my surgeon and keep it on from now on, only problem I have is that my bruised boob really hurts in the sports bra that I have, it was a recommended one from the hospital, so I guess I just wondered why they say to keep them on for 6 weeks ( it is probably a silly question) will it help with swelling and keeping them from wrecking? Just hope it doesn't make my sore boob worse xx

:) two weeks post op today

It has gone so quickly, I had a shower for the first time last night, felt amazing, all my bandages have come off so just healing now, the left boob is still really sore, the Dr said I probably had a small bleed inside and to keep my eye on it :( but apart from the I'm very happy.

I bought Bromelain recommended by Peediewife, I started taking it yesterday, so fingers crossed some of the swelling will go down soon :)

The scars are still taking some getting used to, so scared of them coming open :S

Not much else to report, but it's great still reading everyone's progress xxx

Just one photo

Just a small update

I measured myself today as I want to keep track of swelling and my size. When first measured I was 36 1/2 inches that was all around my boobs, and now I measure 35, so I'm pleased they are going down, I'm now convinced this is due to taking the Bromelain :D

Photo update

Here are a few photos of my progress, this is 2 weeks post op, the left is still very swollen and bruised, no idea what happened to that side lol but the right looks really good, I'm so happy with the shape and size, hoping they will go down a bit more :)

So excited

I went shopping today and saw this style of time, the type that big boobed girls only dream of wearing ( well me anyway ) but I thought I would try it on, it fit perfectly and a size 8 which is madness for me :D very excited about the summer, normally I would dread it as I could not wear anything thin strapped summer style and then I had always put a cardigan over it to cover my boobs. but not this year :D

Bit worried

My bruised boob has suddenly become more hard underneath and gone up a bit, it started to soften but not feels hard again :( mmm my good boob is purfect, lovely and soft like a proper boob lol

I'm popping to the Drs Thursday for a back to work note, hoping she will remove some of the stitches that are poking out.

Is there anything else that would help with swelling bruising, Bromelain has been amazing and I'll keep taking that, just want something else to help too xx

Just a little update

Here are just some more photos, my bruised boob is a tad better today, booked in to see the Dr tomorrow just to check out my boob. Having these awesome boobs has given me so much confidence, I even got a tattoo today :D

Check up

I have seen my Dr and she examined me, she said that is felt and that it is normal for the bruising to move and drop as my boobs soften and gravity takes over lol all the hardness is just bruising, which is a relief to know. So I just need to be patient and wait for the bruising to fade.

I also go back to work next week, I wonder how many people will notice a difference, I have also lost so much weight, obviously 4lbs from the op but I've lost an additional 4lbs, is this normal after surgery?

3 weeks today

Wow it has gone so quick, they haven't changed in shape just become more soft and bouncy lol

My bruised naughty boob is still healing but softer,

The incisions are looking great, still a long way off smoothing out but the nipple ones and the one going down look great, it's just the underneath ones that are still healing.

I'm back wearing my sports bra all day but I change into a soft one as I just cannot wear the sports one at night, it's so uncomfortable.

Also still taking the Bromelain which is amazing stuff, my good boob has no swelling :)

On the good advice from Peediewife I have refrained from using any oils or creams, I'm waiting until next week, which is my 4th week ( as I can see that the incisions have become tougher and healed)

Erm I guess that is it, happy healing to everyone

Not much to update

Everything is going well, healing nicely and most of my swelling has gone down, still waiting for that bruise to soften and go.

I'm feeling a tad more tired the last few days, so getting some early nights, this Friday will be my one month mark Eeek, so will update with photos then.

Mine and hubbiy's 12 year ( first date) anniversary is coming up this weekend so might go out, all the possibilities of what to wear is so exciting :D

I will share this one photo of a dress I tried on today, so excited for the summer and all the lovely dresses I've never been able to wear, I also tried on a bra today and I comfortably fit into a 34 C. Does this mean I'm a big C and small D as if I try on a 32 I become a D.

4 weeks post op today

Wow can not believe it has been 4 weeks, I went back to work this week, very exhausting but I managed it :) hoping next week will be better, more energy.

I'm still loving my boobs and how they look, they still have a lot of healing to do, but it's going great, the bruise is finally starting to soften and fade. I've been using Bio oil but I'm not sure it's working for me, is there any other types that are good?

I have one question, as my surgeon has told me to wear my sports bra for 6 weeks, after that time do I start to wear every day bras?

Before and after

I thought I would put my before and after photos together to show the progress, hope it helps.

Almost my 5th week

I will be celebrating my 5th week with Easter and lots of chocolate. That brings me to my question, when is it advisable to start exercising? Swimming/jogging/Yoga

Although I'm healing really good and back to sleeping in my one side, but I still can not stretch too far :)
I just do not want to start putting on weight :S

My boobs have softened completely, very very jiggly now, although I can go without a bra, I imagine I'll be very bouncy lol

5 weeks post op

I am now 5 weeks post op, feeling great, all the swelling has gone, my bruised boob has improved a lot, the bruise has gone down and softened. They are now very jiggly and bouncy, they look more natural now too, they have not dropped much so you can still see my scars underneath, as they are so small I don't see how they can drop anymore than they already have.

I felt very emotional last week as I it is so overwhelming the impact having smaller boobs has had on my life ( for the better ) just everyday taken for granted things, ( not stressing about what to wear, not feeling self conscious, not having to move my boobs out the way every time, not being embarrassed when having husband and wife time, lol it has had such an impact on me and I'll be forever grateful to my surgeon.

Here are a few updated pics,

Bra shopping

So in a few weeks I'm going bra shopping with a friend, will be getting measured for the first time. All swelling has gone now and I think my boobs will stay this size, hopefully, I think the shape might even out and the incisions smooth over.

I'm so excited, joining in on bra shopping is something I've never been able to do :)

I have one question. For ladies that are further along, do you ever go bra-less? Or have you found that the softer and jiggly they become that bra-less is impossible??

Also I'm wearing my sports bra a lot less this week, (I'm coming into my 6th week) I hope that is ok to do, as it's hard with some of my clothes to wear a sports bra, it shows too much.

6 weeks today

So I'm 6 weeks post op today, nothing to add really, my boobs are the same, no real change.

Everything is still healing nicely, I was told to wear my sports bra for 6 weeks, I'm assuming it is now ok to not wear it all the time? Struggling to find a good cream/lotion for them, everything I use makes my scars more red, mmm

I'm still totally loving them, I almost forgot today while shopping that I can fit into pretty much any top I try on lol still so exciting.
Just over a week until I have my first post op check with my surgeon, what can I expect?

7 weeks post op

I don't really have much to report, I don't see much change only that my scars are improving daily, as for my boobs they have not really changed, I'm still measuring a 34 C which I'm super happy about :)
My left boob the one that was really bruised is so much better, a little different to the right, I think it is still stitched inside so it has not dropped as much as the right.

I still love them so so much I just want to find a really good bra for them, finding it hard though lol
I tried on one underwire bra that fit really nice and felt comfortable so I might have a look at more later on.

I really want to give my surgeon a thank you card but I'm not sure if it would be ok or not, did any give a thank you card??

Some photos

7 weeks post op progress

8 week check up

Well I had my 8 week post op check up yesterday, I will be 8 weeks tomorrow.

My surgeon was very happy with my progress and her work, I could not be happier.

She said I still have a long way to go with scar healing but so far it's great.

I've been informed I can start excercising now. I can also start wearing underwire bras if I so wish.

The little part I'm not happy with, my surgeon said if it does not settle she can fix it under local anaesthetic :D so all happy from me.

13 weeks post

Hello, it's been a while since I last updated, been so busy.

Well not much has changed, they have settled really great, I love them, such a life improvement :)
This is the first summer I have enjoyed without having to layer up lol

Being pain free, my back and shoulders have felt great, I can walk around for ages now without feeling the pain from the weight of my boobs, so that has been lovely.

I can comfortablely sleep on my front now :)

The confidence that has come with my small boobs has been amazing, I'm so much more happier and comfortable.

I still feel so lucky to have had this op and would recommend it to anyone :)


Here are a few photos, feel free to comment as I'm not sure how much they have changed :) I know they have softened and feel like normal boobs, no lumps or hard bits not, scars are fine, flat going down but a bit raised underneath. I fit in 34 C bras, or 32 D but not the Next brand mmm so I'll be getting myself professionally measured, but I think this is my size, I can not really see them getting any smaller.

5 months

Wow it has been 5 months since I had my op and a while since I last posted. ( it has been a busy few months)

Well I am doing really well, all swelling went really early on but I have noticed that they are super soft now. Still the same size 32/34 C which has been my dream.

I have no more back or shoulder or rib pain. I started running and it feels great without all that weight. I am trying to be careful though as I do not know the impact losing weight will have on my new boobs, don't want to ruin them and I'm at a happy weight :)

My scars are fading nicely, I think, I don't really pay much attention to them, I still love the shape.

I have added a few pics just to show what 5 months is like, well on me anyway as everyone is different.

Exciting news

This is only a small update, I have my 7month check up in Oct so will do a proper update with picks then.

I have recently bought a bra from Matalan, soft cup no wires and the only size left was a 34 B and it completely fit :) so excited. I do think that it is a one off as I am normally a 34 C. But to buy a B cup bra felt just so amazing.

I will be always in awe of having this operation :)

1 year

It's almost one year since my op. Still the best decision I ever made. I had a small revision on a small (Dog ear) so that is all sorted now.

Still the most life changing experience for the better. I have not experienced any back or shoulder pain since having it done and I can stand and walk for ages without pain now.

2 years

It's been almost 2 years since my op. Still the best decision ever. I will always feel so greatful for it.

Such a life changing experience, I would always recommend it to anyone.

My surgeon was lovely, she was very caring and explained everything to me, it was lively having a lady as I felt she really understood. She put me at ease all through. I am happy with how they look so far even though I have not seen them fully yet

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