43yo, 32J Hopefully Down to C Cup on NHS (UK)

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I have always been large breasted (30F at 15) and...

I have always been large breasted (30F at 15) and they went up to a HH cup during pregnancy 14 years ago...and unfortunately never went down. I've dreamed of a reduction for years and always said that if I came into money it would be one of the first things I'd do.

My back & shoulder pain has been getting progressively worse with age and after trying medication (codeine) and physio with no results I went back to my GP 3 weeks ago to see what the next steps could be. It was then that I enquired whether a BR would be beneficial (not expecting any positive answer as didn't think for a minute that the NHS would fund). My GP said I had a strong case and would fill out the paperwork to refer me. 5 days later I had a letter for an appointment with the PS.

Went to see him today (only 3 weeks from seeing GP to seeing PS....amazing!!) and after some discussion and measurements (30HH, 5ft5, 26BMI) he said that I meet all the criteria. He talked me through possible complications and asked if I wanted to go ahead, to which I obviously said yes. Now at this stage I thought he would be applying for funding and I'd have a nervous few months if waiting to see if I'd be approved - but no, his response was to tell me that he'd put me straight onto his list and it will be a max 18 week wait!!!!!

I'm gobsmacked, excited and nervous all at the same time!! Reading through the reviews on here though, I know I'm definitely doing the right thing.

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you. And although my experience with the NHS may not be 'the norm', I'm happy to share any further details if needed.

S x

Current size (30HH)

Thought I should put a photo on (can't believe I'm putting a photo of my boobs on the internet!!!!)

Difficulty keeping BMI down

My PS told me that NHS funding was reliant on me keeping under BMI of 27 (was 26 at consultation). Unfortunately I have Crohn's Disease and currently flaring - this means steroids and inevitable weight gain (put on 6lbs in a week since taking them!!).

My estimated date for surgery isn't for another 3 months which means pre-op checks and final weight check in 2 months. I'm just crossing my fingers that I can beat this flare quickly and lose the steroid weight...I really don't want to lose funding :(

The night before.....

It's been ages since I updated!!! Since I last wrote I've managed to get my Crohn's under control (yay) and kept my BMI under the cut off criteria.

I had my pre-op on January 16th and am scheduled for surgery tomorrow....eeeeek! Being admitted at 7.30am and it's now almost 11.30pm the night before and I can't sleep. Partly excitement, partly nerves.

I just keep thinking that this time tomorrow I'll have the boobs of a 20-something!!!


Should be posting on here to say it's done but unfortunate surgery was cancelled. I got to the hospital as planned, surgeon came to see me and marked me up. Anaesthetist talked me through the process and nurse took my temp & blood pressure....all good to go.

Was waiting to be called down to theatre when the senior nurse called me into a side room and I was told they didn't have a post op bed available for me so would be cancelling the operation. Couldn't tell me when it would be rescheduled to, just that they'd put me back on the list as a priority.

I'm absolutely devastated and can't stop crying, I'd mentally and physically prepared and friends/family (even ex husband) had gone out of their way to support me for post op. I keep telling myself it just isn't my time yet and things happen for a reason, but I'm still upset.

New Date

Got a new date!!!!! Called my surgeons secretary this morning and she is soooo lovely - she was gutted that I was cancelled. She's put me on his list for 24th Feb but has put me at the top of her cancellation list too in case anyone else cancels or doesn't pass pre-op. This is just within the 28 day cut off for NHS Cancelled Operations Policy so hopefully they won't cancel again!!!!!! xxxx

Day 2 Post Op

Well it went ahead as planned - I was so nervous on the the day that it would be cancelled again but eventually got down to theatre at 1pm. Was very groggy, sore and sick for the rest of the day!
Yesterday was a better day and was given the option to go home but decided to stay in one more night for the good pain relief :)
So happy with my itty bitties....lots of swelling so I'm guessing they'll get even smaller (yay!!!!) x

Day 4 Post Op

Feeling very tight and itchy today - doesn't help that I've developed a water blister from the dressing. Having a lazy day...my best friend came over this morning and we watched some films whilst lazing on the sofa. Now going to have an afternoon nap :) Still taking paracetamol and codeine regularly for the pain along with bromelain for swelling and Benadryl for itching. Bruises are a lovely yellow/brown colour today ????

Day 14

Well it's been 2 weeks since the op and I've had some ups and downs. Had my dressings removed on Day 10 and the cause of my insane itching was revealed....I had a severe allergic reaction to the dressings and tape! The incisions themselves are healing nicely, but I have an angry red rash all over my boobs. It's also made my whole skin super sensitive and have a rash on my face and neck too :(

I have been given some steroid cream and emollient cream and body wash and am just using gauze under my bra with no tape at the moment as I'm leaking a lot of serous fluid.

My boobs look like they've done 10 rounds in a boxing ring, they're red and inflamed, they have a weird crease in the cleavage...but I absolutely love them!!!!

Day 20

It's been a long road so far, not because of the wounds/incisions but because of the allergic reaction to the surgical tape. It is now all over my body apart from my face and the itching is insane!! Doctor has now put me on oral steroids to reduce the rash...fingers crossed it clears up soon so I can get on with healing. Photo taken purposely in low lighting so I can look objectively without the angry red rash...still swollen and boxy and sometimes I look at them and think they still look huge, until I look at my comparison photo x

9 Weeks

9 weeks post op - healing has been great...absolutely no issues at all and no spitting stitches. Scars are looking great and the shape has settled really well. I'm back to doing everything I did pre-op but with much, much, much more confidence and no back pain!!!
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