24' 400cc Motivia Ergonmoix Implants, - Birmingham, GB

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Hi all Im 24 years old 3 days post op, surgery...

Hi all Im 24 years old 3 days post op, surgery went amazing I went with the hospital group and was well looked after.
Happy with my implant choice the ergonmox implanta are the most natural u can get on the market thT are a safe they display like an teardrop shape but there round, strange but it helps with the whole issue of flipping etx.
Still very swollen and got a lot of dropping to do, not in much pAin it's just tight as times, main thing is how numb they are I can't feel them yet, I, guessing this is all normal?

6 days post opp

So feeling so much better, come off pain meds completely, swelling has gone down a lot, and when i wake up in morning its still tight but not as bad as it was before, due for a check up tomorrow to have a look how im healing and to have dressing changed etc.

Cheeky selfie

So I was only 5 days post op here but I had to see what they were like in clothes like the massive difference !

1 week!

So today I went back to have my strips taken off and got to see my scars for the first time they look so good and neat! And the main thing is I can now have a shower lol! Gota keep my band on for another week and see how we go from my check up on Monday

Oh no

So feeling great had a shower which felt amazing, and then looked at them for ages in mirror was like yer they look really good and then looked from side and looked really hard again straight on and was like u know what they only look like a c cup a size bigger then what I was :(

Cheeky little shot


Am I being Pariond or impatience but one looks bigger then the other I don't notice it that much out of pictures, is it because one has dropped more do you reckon?


So my boobs seem to race each other and one day my left looks better then my right and vise verse, so today in the pic I've upload so the left boob to you is Defo still sitting under my armpit u can see the crease etc but the right one is not anymore and is starting to look pretty dam good and natural, the left boob the implant seems to be more to the side so more under my armpit and I'm hoping this will change, I'm wearing a band that pushes hen down and I'm hoping it won't encourage it to stay there!!


So I love clothes and fashion, and I've always hated the fact that I could never pull of some clothes because I would have no boobs and you couldn't wear a bra with it because it's to noticeable! So today in the sale I ordered myself a playsuit for Thailand for the evenings, something I never would order before because of the no boob situation but would envy to buy, so here it is ladies I'm so happy! On a bad note I go back to work tomorrow lol I'm not mentally prepared for this!

18 days post op

So back at work making sure I'm taking it easy and not lifting to much, nurse said all looks good. So how I was wearing my sticky bandages has caused friction and caused my skin to rub off and blister below my boobs and km in agony, everything sticks to the weeping area due to the blister popping and I don't know what to do to help!
My right is still sitting high and said it normal due to it being my dominant side, so still having to wear my binder to help it come down more

Feeling merh

So you have all seen my boobs up close and personal and now here they are from a distant in a mirror lol so not the best! But I think they look small like I'm not going to get a 34d! I will be so gutted if I don't as I stated a d cup is what I wanted to be! What do u think girls am I over thinking it? Is it still to early will the drop and fluff and maybe look bigger?

Nearly 4 weeks

So ladies my right boob still hasn't come down to Match my left like it has come down loads but I can feel when I touch the top of my boobs the implant inside on the right is higher, also my scabs are starting to drop off and when they do a little yellow resadue leaks out not much just a little bit on he pad from the day anyone else have this?


So happy and confident with my boobs, only to have it all taken away, my right scar healed well all scabs came off structures came out by themselves, my left one we'll they didn't and kept oozing and have caused a minor infection, I had the stitches removed and now it's like an open hole horrible, there hoping it will heal by it self with antibotics also, if not back into surgery to be re stitched up, I cried for w good hour as u just don't expect it to happen, it's no one fault it's just how my body reacted, but now feel really down and I'm back to stage one, I can't work for a week so more time off work unpaid, which just adds to stress levels!

Stitch absess

So ladies I've been back in to have my wounds restitched this time I have no had dissolvable ones inside as my body reacted to the foregon body and basically pushed them out to the surface instead of dissolving them, so had normal stitches whic will have to be removed, I was feeling really negative but it's just one of them things my body just did its job lol gota stay in over night but again came around really well after surgery no sickness or feeling crappy, so glad my surgeron really took care of me and got me in straight away to resolve the problem, I have posted not a very pretty pic but the whole black scabby bit is basically just an open hole so was very severe.

After op

So I've been stitched back up yay feel fine but have had to take it really easy so 2 weeks of work!!!!
Anyway I love my boobs but I always find my right one looks so much bigger then my left I don't know if it's because it falls to the side more, they feel like they are both dropped to the same level. But I've also noticed my armpits are not even on both sides lmao so not sure if that's why my right one looks more to side and bigger and my armpit it lower and got more fat lol! Is this normal or has it just maybe not dropped yet


So I remember the worst bit about having being put under is the constant hunger I felt after it for about a week! Plus the constipation!! I can't stop eating my stomach won't stop rumbling lol so this isn't going to help with the weight I'm gona end up putting on even more!! And oh god the constipation I had last time was just the worst and gona have to go through it all again ????????

Feeling shity

So this week would be my 5 week mark, obviously my boobs haven't had to drop again etc but the stitches being redone has taken me back to week 1.
I'm feeling so sad and this is mainly due to the fact I feel like a piece of shit lol I was so looking forward to the 6 week mark so that i could get my ass back swimming and get some excericse, I've had to take another 2 weeks off work so I'm sitting around on my ass again can't do anything to physical so again no swimming for another 6 weeks again now, I can't shower so my hair is greasy and dirty and can only have it washed over s bath which hurts my back so much that I try to only do it every 5 days, dirty I know but when ur going nowhere and it hurts what's the bloody point! I can't wash my body properly only baby wipe washes, so in general I feel fat and dirty and its having an effect of me mentally! I know I have done this to myself and mentally I was prepared but obviously starting all again it's not fun lol I really hope this time my stitches are all good as I can't go through the stress of surgery, time of work and feeling like poo again

5 week review

So ladies as u know last week I went back in to be stitched up and they have been covered up so I haven't seen what the stitches are like how big there are etc, went back today and saw them and well they are tiny! Like so neat! The nurse said there looking really good and when I go back next week to have them removed j should basically be fully healed! Amazing news I thought it was gone look all long and scabby like when I first had them done with other stitches and they don't they actual look better!!! And the fact that I may not have to wait another 6 weeks is amazing news so glad I got to see them and now know what's going on in defo feeling so much more positive about everything!!!


So sick of seeing this 4 walls!! I am going out on Saturday though to get measured, I just did a cheeky measure on my self following a guide and I'm rufflt getting 34d so looks like I'm going to be around that maybe even a c cup which I really hope not I was hoping for a 34 dd in all honesty

Nearly 6 weeks

Sorry about the massive plasters lol obviously still gots keep my stitches covered, although there are bigger then what I had before, I just feel I should have gone way bigger like 150/200cc bigger, at same time I'm like they would look to big as I'm not very wide, I think the problem is there very full, but don't project as much as I though they would?

Measuring time!

So I have been stressing a or getting measured and that I would only come in like a 34c, well for w starters I'm a 32 back, Victoria secrets measured me at a 32ddd and said if I go else where I'll most likely be bigger, so I went to Ann summers and I'm coming in as a 32f lol! What the hell was not expecting that! Also tried on a bikini top in a 14 and was like it's just not right so I was like I thivk I need a 16 but my friend said to try the 12 and I did what do you think?

First cheeky buy

So now I've found my size can have a nose around and try stuff on, so went to m n s today and tried on 32f and they do fit perfect like 32 is what they say I am band wise but I always have to have it on the loosest one and sometimes it feels uncomrtabke so I prefer a 34 back, so 34e I find the cup is just to big like sits to high on me? So a 34dd is perfect like the cup sits like a 32f? But anyway got a 34dd bra but non padded, but so cute with the lace, starting to feel so much more positive like had a bad time with my stitches and stuff which was just a step back but over all pleased with everything.

6 weeks

So today I went and go my stitches taken out and everything looks very neat, some tiny little scabs but not much, hoping all goes ok this time and there being more causious with me so making sure I put steral strips over my scars and keeping them covered. But yes 6 weeks! The girls look so good like they look and feel natural looking good in bras and I'm just feeling so pleased I just hope this is it now no more problems

8 weeks

So all is going well and there dropping nicely, looking very natural and I do love them I measure a 32f but I hate the fact I measure it but look like a 32d? I wish I had gone bigger and then at times I don't as they wouldn't look as natural, I think once I lose all the weight I've put on after been off for 4 weeks and get into my bikinis I will start to really see the difference

Nearly a year!

So I do love my boobs as I now actually have some and I like bikini shopping etc but I am considering going bigger I measure around a 34dd/e but my god they don't look it! The surgeon has done an amazing job they look natural I just really wish I had gone a lot bigger :(
Dr renato zaccedu

Very polite well mannered man, never felt uncomfortable or that I was just given opinions we talked through the look I wanted to achieve rather then cup size, near tiny scars and what I can see of them so far very natural!

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