46 Years Old, No kids, 5' 3", 126 Ibs Lock & Glue Tummy Tuck. Birmingham, GB

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Hi Real selfers, 5 months ago I had some...

Hi Real selfers,
5 months ago I had some successful cosmetic surgery ( Vaser lipo to thighs)- Fast forward to now and after much research,consideration & consultation, I plan to also go ahead with a tummy tuck ( date tbc).My chosen PS is Mrs. Kat, who also carried out my thigh lipo. The method to be used is a drainless ' lock & glue ' abdominoplasty with tightening of the muscles also. I'm really excited at the prospect of getting my mid section aesthetically improved & not having the discomfort of muffin top any more due to lax skin & fat. I've posted pics so that you can see what I mean.
Watch this space folks...

Jan 2016- Pre surgery in Gym clothes

Surgery Date booked!

Have booked in for July 22 2016 for full lipoabdominoplasty ( lock & glue) , muscle tightening included.At same time I will also have a small fat transfer to top of right thigh (previous lipo revision) . It will seem like ages to wait til July , but this was soonest I could get a decent amount of time off from work..lucky that I'm able to at all so not complaining really am just excited & eager to get this done! X

Current Stats.....

Still 5 months to go until my procedure but thought I would post my current Stats for reference point....
(Measurments taken whilst standing) -
Waist( smallest part above BB) - 27 inches
Waist at BB- 29 inches
Hips- 36 inches

BB- 30 inches

20 Days to go.....

Finally getting closer to the day of my procedure- have been upping my fitness regime especially cardio as I want my respiratory system to be in as good shape as as possible- I'm asthmatic, so mindful of the fact the muscle tightening may make breathing feel restricted for a while - posted some more before pics ....

Pre Op Assessment done!

So had my pre op assessment yesterday- all went OK, bloods taken etc. Have started taking arnica as instructed by my PS- surgery day is getting closer & I feel ready. Got the spare bedroom set up for when I get out the hospital & my super star boyfriend has booked a few days off from work to look after me then- 12 more days to go! ....

Three days post surgery

Admission to hospital all went smoothly. I was the first on Mrs. Kats list for surgery which was great! My only anxiety was concerns about my breathing as I'm asthmatic- the anaesthetist was very reassuring and calmed my concerns. Mrs Kat was lovely & we had a chat as she marked me up. Shortly after this I walked down to theatre with a nurse & went in for surgery. Rest of day was a bit of a blur with nurses popping in & out .Mrs.Kat came in to check how I was doing in the evening.
Day 1 post op- I'm not going to sugar coat it- this was a rough day for me.I experienced extreme nausea although I didn't vomit at all- what was unpleasant & painful was the the retching especially on my tummy muscles! It was actually trapped gas/ wind . I was given anti sickness meds. By early evening things settled down & I was able to eat a bit of food for the first time. Mrs. Kat came to see me,checked me over & was happy with things. I have a drain fitted ( for the lipo) & was given info about going home with it.The Physio had also been in & out through the day getting me mobilised & checking my breathing with the spirometer.
Day 2 post op-
Today was a good day- sickness subsided, able to eat & walked a flight of stairs ! Was discharged around 6.30 pm.I should say that I was well looked after by the nurses & other hospital staff who were very kind & patient- but it's great to be home!
Day 3 post op-
Am managing pain with paracetamol only at present- I was discharged with stronger meds which I will take if needed - I'm not being a martyr ,but I don't like the way the stronger meds make me 'feel ', so I avoid them unless I really need them. So far so good- still very swollen so pics not much good at this time - will update with these as progress reveals itself X

5 days post op

Spending most of my time sat up in bed with knees bent & supported, watching TV, reading & mobilising myself when I go to bathroom for washing/ toilet- I changed my CG yesterday so had first proper look at myself......not as scary as I imagined. Am still very swollen - I haven't touched my dressings as this will be done for me In a weeks time at post op appointment.I needed a helping hand to get into the new CG ! ...I also try to just shuffle around my room a bit every few hours so I don't seize up- am experiencing burning stabbing sensations as expected but wowzers the pain is real- so have upped pain relief and using the cocodomol. The back pain is almost instant upon standing ( stooped), so is difficult to stay on feet for long without having to support my body weight by leaning forward onto furniture- I've had a couple of moments feeling very sorry for myself & bit tearful last night. Still I keep sight of the fact that this will pass & is all part of the process. My appetite is fine & my toilet habits all returned to normal. I had a call from one of Mrs.Kats team yesterday to check on how I was doing which I really appreciated. I am so grateful that I am being cared for by my boyfriend who has been my rock. To do this without someone looking after you would be foolish & I'm willingly surrendering my independence! X

5 days post op

11 days post op

I turned a bit of a corner at 8 days post op when I had my drain removed - it all felt a bit surreal to leave the house & go to the clinic after being housebound but it did me good! Every day things are becoming a little easier & more comfortable to do- washing up, cooking ,going up & down stairs, getting in & out of bed , walking , taking taxis, etc. I also had my first post op appointment yesterday with Mrs.Kat - My dressings were changed which made me feel much fresher. I got to see my incision & bb for the first time & am delighted with how it all looks so far- my scar is beautifully placed nice and low. Later on the same day ,I also had a MLD massage at Mrs .Kats clinic with Natasha - this was on my legs as I had a small fat transfer to my upper thigh at same time as TT. I am still swollen of course but that'll be the case for a while to come- just have to ride it out- I'm looking forward to changing out of the CG in a few days though I won't lie!

18 days post op

Went for my second post op appointment yesterday & had dressings removed & micropore tape appplied.Am delighted with how everything looks so far- all seems to be healing on track. Saw Mrs Kat who was also happy with my progress. I will see her again in 3 months time unless otherwise needed. I have a Physio appointment in September also. Was given the go ahead to shower now too. I have ditched the CG for a stage 2 CG that I got from macom, wasn't cheap at £60 but I figured worth it as have to wear for 3 months during day -I liked the fact that the gusset has Hooks & eyes which makes life easier.At this stage my scar feels vulnerable too, so I want to limit having to pull tight garments up & down over it all the time. I also got some high waisted support knickers ( no hooks)from M&S so I will rotate these for now. In terms of standing upright, I am there now- still feels tight of course. Activity wise I have managed a couple of shopping trips & felt fine & I have also driven the car - I just make sure I park in easy spots do I don't have to twist my body for tight manoeuvres ! I'm going to go for a walk today at a local nature spot as it's such a lovely day. Frustratingly, I am unable to post any pics as the camera on my phone seems to have packed up as of this morning- the joys of technology! ...will upload pics again when able to! X

31 days post op

Hi All, not updated for a while with pics as had problem with my phone/ camera. So..am doing great, I go back to work this week which I feel ok with. Have really been taking things easy mostly at home ,as I really don't want to undo any of the work I've had done! Am driving, shopping, socialising without any problems- have been on a few walks but really nothing strenuous at all.Still experiencing tightness & swelling as expected but it is not unbearable by any means. Scar is healing well , tape is only just partially falling off now so had a peek at how it's doing before reapplying new tape.have uploaded pics so you can see my progress so far! X

31 days post op

Since 2 weeks post op I have been wearing high waisted firm control pants, during the day as instructed by my PS- have included pics for reference X

10 weeks post op

10 weeks post op

Since my last post I have seen the physiotherapist at Mrs Kats' clinic- this was at 6 weeks post op. Was given Pilates style exercises to perform daily & instructed to massage tummy & scar also. The tape covering my scar has stayed on so well that I've barely seen the scar beneath, but the small sections I have seen when parts have fallen away look really good. I did have a small 'spot' on the incision that oozed a little watery discharge around week 4 /5 but it seemed to sort itself out after a few days- I monitored it carefully & cleaned it daily with iodine. My belly button all seems to be healing well too. Being back at work has been fine , I avoid lifting anything heavy- but I find I start to swell by early afternoon & by evening I feel like I've swallowed a beach ball some days! I'm still wearing my compression during the day & sleep in it sometimes too ,for comfort. In certain areas I'm still sore & tight in my ab muscles - midline particularly. I have also recently started to experience cramp/ stitch/ pulling sensations in my lower left tummy area- I naturally keep thinking I've damaged something or have a seroma because of the swelling which seems worse sometimes than a few weeks back, but I think I'm obsessing a bit too much! Odd sensations are to be expected as nerve endings/ muscles repair themselves.This is a big procedure & the recovery phase is a long one- I can sleep on my sides ok but shift around a bit in the night- I'm still more comfortable rolling onto my side to get out of bed rather than ' sitting' straight up like a sit up. I haven't been back to the gym yet as my day job is relatively active & as I keep swelling I don't want to make it worse...Bit frustrated that I'm off my game with exercise but it wont be forever & I am over the moon with my results so far & if you compare my before & after pics the improvement is just fantastic!! I see Mrs Kat again in 5 weeks time for follow up so I look forward to that, for reassurance that all is going as it should be with my recovery. I still have no regrets that I've had this surgery and am so glad that I did it X

3 Month Appointment

Today was my 3 month check up with Mrs.Kat- I haven't had any negative issues with my post op experience/ healing so it was a very straight forward consult today. Mrs.Kat was very pleased with how everything looked & examined/checked me over, gave me advice on scar care & took some pics. I have been back in my exercise routine now since 11 weeks post op and Mrs. Kat reassured me that it was absolutely fine to do everything again exercise wise, just listen to my body- which is what I've been doing anyway. I feel pretty much back to normal - there is still some muscle tightness & minor swelling but I kinda forget I've had the procedure at times which proves I'm mending well- I will post some more progress pics again at the weekend when I have a bit more time- Hope you all doing well Ladies X

15 weeks post op

So here's the latest progress pics! Have also included stats-

Weight- 124 pounds( think I was around 129 prior to surgery)
Smallest part of waist- 25.5 inches( 27 inches pre op)
At Belly Button- 29 inches ( 30 inches pre op)
Widest hip- 36 inches ( same as pre op)
The biggest difference is when I sit or bend - no more yukky rolls!! Feel much more confident in tops & can wear close fitting stuff without pulling at my top,crossing my arms or strategically placing scarves over mid section ! its weird ,( in a great way )to be unlearning all that negative body behaviour and feel more relaxed - All good stuff! X

Work in progress- Hitting the gym!

Really enjoying being back at everything exercise wise again at full capacity - It lifts me so much mentally! ...I've been working on reducing my body fat through sensible nutrition & exercise- but I'll be cutting myself some slack over Xmas - life is to be enjoyed after all!.... Hope everyone's doing well at whatever current stage in the journey X

Work in progress!

Xmas Holidays

A very Merry Xmas to you All! An absolute treat to be away for a Xmas holiday in the sun- first time in bikini since TT 5 months ago - still so happy with the results- have been enjoying daily yoga on the beach & swimming in the sea- Bliss! Hope everyone is doing well X

6 Months Post TT

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all doing well ... so I'm now 6 months post TTw flank lipo & muscle tightening. I feel great & am still really happy with my surgery results. As mentioned in previous posts, I'm back to my normal exercise routine with the addition of more yoga & pilates. I have/ still do experience some soreness in my ab muscles when performing certain yoga / pilate moves and also sometimes when lifting weights - but I know that this is due to the internal scar tissue and muscle tightening- plus the fact my body is getting used to some new moves! I was a little alarmed recently as I was experiencing more swelling which had pretty much subsided . I believe it was a combination of some muscle inflammation due to new exercises and also I am one of those ,who has a tendency to bloat up quite badly prior to my period & I think the two kind of coincided badly this month...I have included some recent pics which also show me pre TT -as well as some photos which show me pre thigh lipo ,which I had in Aug 2015 for comparison. My weight is now sitting around 120 Ibs. I still have absolutely no regrets at all about getting my TT or the thigh lipo- It has given me so much more body confidence! XX

Bloated times!

So thought I'd share with you guys what my tum looks like when it gets distended due to hormonal changes- ie: pre menstural. These pics were taken on Jan 25 th, 2 days later, I took the pics above which show a flat tummy- so I know that it's not due to my TT that I have this bloat- It does frustrate/ freak me out though when it happens especiallly as I am still healing, so it feels like unknown territory if you know what I mean ? !! Xx


10 and a half months post TT

Since my last update my bloating episodes have settled- I cut out all dairy & cut down on coffee alot, which really seems to have worked for me. Through my GP, I also had ultrasound checks on my ovaries, which revealed a simple cyst on each ovary & one very small fibroid. I had a further scan 7 weeks later and the cysts had gone, so I was relieved that everything was okay in that area!...I have also been experiencing discomfort in my right leg- this began 6 months post TT. I contacted Natasha at MRS.K's clinic with the details as I was concerned that it might be some kind of nerve damage - I was advised that it is more likely the nerves growing back- It manifests itself as a sensation of heaviness/ weakness starting in my thigh & then calf. I have been unable to undertake activities like running, any dynamic exercises or walking any distance as it really aggrevates the problem-It's just a waiting game now for nerves to grow back.....I'm still abe to do weight training & yoga without much issue......With regard to TT swelling, I experience minor swelling occassionally, usually at the end of the day or after a weights workout.I still feel the tightness from the muscle tightening of my abs too when doing certain exercises & first thing in the morning but it doesn't bother me really, I'm aware of it but it's not painful. I still have zero regrets about having this surgery , even though the recovery does have its ups & downs you just have to hang on in there! I'm posting pics from the last few months including close up of scars. Hope everyone is doing well - Bye for now XX
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Excellent results delivered- Am delighted with the tummy tuck Mrs.Kat performed on me. No fuss, no nonsense & everything explained clearly from start to finish. Mrs. K listens to what your aesthetic goals are & explains what is realistic in terms of outcome in an honest & caring manner.This is the second procedure that I've had with Mrs.K & she is my surgeon of choice that I will be returning to for future procedures. The team at Mrs.K's clinic are great too!

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