Tummy Tuck and Liposculture of the Flanks - Birmingham, GB

Not had it yet, all booked in. Thanks for the help...

Not had it yet, all booked in. Thanks for the help of Drs on here who helped my decision. I have gone for fully tummy tuck.

I have more excess skin than I thought, I am worried about my belly button. I don't want it to look too fake. But I am excited about the prospect of a flat tummy.

Literally in two months it will be done.

Before Pictures

These are horrible and I hated taking them , but they're important for me to see the difference next month . Scared and excited

Tomorrow !!! Ahhhh

Okay so I had a rather negative comment and brought me a little down and I already feel selfish doing this. Guilt because it's a lot of money and because it's my time out from doing what I normally do . But I do want this and I am going to do it. Last photo before I take photos in my gown tomorrow

Getting picked up at 3am

I'm alive

Thanks for comments ! I am alive xx

Right now I'm in agony :(

My god 18 hours post op suddenly am in so much agony. Can't have medication for two hours . I haven't been able to go for a wee properly have to use bedpan

1 day post op

Can someone help m fine th October tummy tuck boàrd I can't find it , I don't think I can think logically at the moment

My drain is feeling like one side on bladder and I feel like when I have to go for a wee I need to go right away!

Nausea is worse when I try and sit or stand.

I have never ever fainted before where my hearing went before I fainted . It is horrible feeling nausea when your stomach hurts already. I'm fearful of being sick

I'm going to finish my lunch as I want to energy to move about a bit . I had to have DVT injection as I am not moving so much as it hurts xx
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