Tummy Tuck and Liposculture of the Flanks - Birmingham, GB

Not had it yet, all booked in. Thanks for the help...

Not had it yet, all booked in. Thanks for the help of Drs on here who helped my decision. I have gone for fully tummy tuck.

I have more excess skin than I thought, I am worried about my belly button. I don't want it to look too fake. But I am excited about the prospect of a flat tummy.

Literally in two months it will be done.

Before Pictures

These are horrible and I hated taking them , but they're important for me to see the difference next month . Scared and excited

Tomorrow !!! Ahhhh

Okay so I had a rather negative comment and brought me a little down and I already feel selfish doing this. Guilt because it's a lot of money and because it's my time out from doing what I normally do . But I do want this and I am going to do it. Last photo before I take photos in my gown tomorrow

Getting picked up at 3am

I'm alive

Thanks for comments ! I am alive xx

Right now I'm in agony :(

My god 18 hours post op suddenly am in so much agony. Can't have medication for two hours . I haven't been able to go for a wee properly have to use bedpan

1 day post op

Can someone help m fine th October tummy tuck boàrd I can't find it , I don't think I can think logically at the moment

My drain is feeling like one side on bladder and I feel like when I have to go for a wee I need to go right away!

Nausea is worse when I try and sit or stand.

I have never ever fainted before where my hearing went before I fainted . It is horrible feeling nausea when your stomach hurts already. I'm fearful of being sick

I'm going to finish my lunch as I want to energy to move about a bit . I had to have DVT injection as I am not moving so much as it hurts xx

Home now

So feeling tight and strange but
Better now those bloody pesky drains are out!! I can tell you how much nicer it is to go for a wee without that thing on my bladder

I am so very sleepy now but I can't sleep . A

Ouch! 3 days post-op

Okay so I find people's blogs and reviews very helpful.

What I have found very difficult is the nausea . I can't cope with the scary feeling of fainting .

The pain of muscle repair is unreal and the binder is horrible. But there is a plus, I feel like I'm standing straighter than yesterday! I walked faster than yesterday and I managed a full cup of tea ( my throat is killing me and so so dry) . I found it hard to talk due to breathing and being in pain. I even managed to go to the bathroom and take some photos!

Which I would not have been able to do yesterday morning

I am such a fan of this site and it helps with my concerns and I like to read what to expect etc .

I can't wait to heal more and hopefully in two weeks I will be able to drive - positive thinking


Okay so I have reduced swelling on my waist dramatically and it's amazing!!! But my lower hips and my bottom and my mons are swollen monsters and causing havoc ! My bum is especially . I'm usually a size. 10-12 and my size 16 knickers are digging in randomly !

Just wanting to check in and keep updated with progress.

Scab on belly button 1 week post op

So I was scared to show this picture as I panicked but it might help others

My belly button was covered and not messed with , no showers. Nothing till 9 days post op.

Seven days after that with plaster off it dried up ( like a baby's umbilical cord) and nurse just took it off ! All is fine

16 day post op

I'm so itchy now plaster is off.

Nurse eased scab off and it was a relief !!! My incision is scary . I don't like my right hand side , it's all bunched up and scary but I think I need to shut up and see how it plays out lol.

20 days post op

I'm so itchy this is what I'm packing inside under binder . Lots of gauze as even with top underneath it still itches .

I just hope non falls out as looks like sanitary pad lol

20 days post op

One month post op

One photo at night one in day . Trying to see swelling .

So I've stroll got plaster stuff on my skin as I'm trying not to scrub it off.

I'm feeling a bit fat today. I think it's cause I'm feeling wobbler on the sides and with swelling.

Uhhhh@5 weeks post-op

So everything was going fine , no pain , manageable discomfort . Then all of a sudden I felt rubbish and my belly button was bright red all around the skin and had an opening .

Night before I had a long shower, I don't know if this was the cause ... as my skin went red.

Then I had an opening on the tightest part , the incision on the mons area. This opened where a scab was, I will show pics soon. Then it had pus, pain, red and some spotting of blood.

Rang nurse , have to go in. Which is good. Advised maybe antibiotics

Oh first day of antibiotics and my skin is less red and less pus coming out ! So it's working. I think I have spitting sutures . Ah well! Will find out Thursday

Infection and opening

Hi guys,

I'm feeling okay now on a few days of antibiotics.

So my stomach was swollen like never before . I felt groggy and just no energy before . I ended up with a little hole in Bb full of puss and smelt like when you first have your ears pierced and a little infection in there .

I then had a little hole in my incision in mons area, that hurt the most . Like a stinging burning sensation.

I went to see the nurse and she cleaned it and as you can see from pics, swelling has lessened and I'm not as red . Still gunky but change dressings in two hours .

I also had a staple removed on right hand side, that's why it's a little bunched up with clear bandage up to stop infection


Getting better

Swelling still but it's improving . Hole is closing ! And still weepy on BB on incision slightly but no longer as red ! Only three more days of antibiotics so I hope it clears completely

Six weeks . Mild inflamation

So today is my last day on antibiotics. Less swelling . Just mild . My skin is red due to the reaction to the plaster stuff . It is so damn itchy and I'm still red several hours later :

I'm feeling better in myself and I just can't wait to not worry about opening up !

Mild inflammation

Picture to go with previous post

Uhhh belly button again

Uh I had enough of my belly button now. Was going so well and again have a little bit of puss and open stitch part. Not as bad as before but annoying
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