Sculptra Removal - Upper Cheek/Eye Area. Birmingham, MI

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Hello. To those of you who have had good luck...

Hello. To those of you who have had good luck with Sculptra, I wish you continued good luck and happiness. I am not so fortunate. I was injected in the upper cheek/low eye area in September of 2012. I had previously had a very positive experience with Restalyne a year prior. The only negative was it's effects wore off in 6-9 months. I went to a another dermatologist who was running a Botox special and next thing you know I am getting a Sculptra injection. Almost immediately large bumps appeared under the right eye. The dermatologist was not very caring but did give me a shot of prednisone in the butt and a steroid pack. Fast forward to March 2015. I am now a candidate to have surgical excision of this horrid product from under my eyes. My plastic surgeon did a great job. In December of 2015 the inflammatory response to the Sculptra was occurring again leaving me with additional lumps and granulomas under both eyes. My amazing surgeon performed a second surgery on March 1, 2016. I am doing well although I still have mild bruising and swelling. I just initiated a follow up report to the FDA to inform them I am still suffering the effects of Sculptra that was injected in 2012. I have uncovered a few enlightening articles regarding Sculptra and it's lack of safety trials. I urge anyone on this forum who is continuing to experience adverse events from Sculptra including but not limited to lumps, granulomas and autoimmune disorders to please initiate a complaint on the FDA website or provide an update to them referencing your original complaint to inform them you are still experiencing these horrible side effects. Good luck to everyone and I will periodically provide you an update on how I am doing. My fingers are crossed that I will not have to have an additional surgery to have more Sculptra removed. :)
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