31 Yrs Old with 3 Kids All Breast Fed - Birmingham, MI

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Never really thought about getting a breast...

Never really thought about getting a breast augmentation until I had my third child and my breasts were never the same! And I lost a bunch of weight and got very fit so that did not help either ! Im 5'4 125lbs. I originally had my first consultation at Allure Medical Spa and was not confident with them at all! They were very impersonal and Rushed. I finally went to Dr Andrew Lofman and everyone was wonderful including him! He asked a ton of details about my day to day to make sure I didn't go to big. After going over everyone abs trying on a few sizes we decided on 450cc HP mentor memory gel! I'm official one week out abs staying to get nervous!

Pre op photos

Here are a couple pre op photos

Getting close

So I have less than a week and I keep going over and over everything that I'm going to need and I swear it's slowing time down. You would think with 3 kids time would never slow down lol. I can't wait for Tuesday to be here and for this to be done already!

Wish boobs

Wish boobs pics

Almost that time!!

I am so excited for Tuesday to be here already. I'm pretty sure my husband is sick and tired of hearing me talk about everything but he's being a good sport lol. I'm going to deep clean my house tomorrow and do all my running around and grocery shopping Monday so Tuesday I can relax before surgery!

One day left!!!

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!!! I got my house clean and a bed side station started. I'm grocery shopping today, finishing up some last-minute things and cooking some soup and chilli to make it easy on the hubby lol. I am anxious but in an excited way!!! I'm sure that will change lol!

Comparative wish boobs to mine

The big day is here!

So I woke up and got the kids off to school this morning. Just got done finishing cleaning a few things now I'm cuddling with my little one. My mom's going to be here about 11 so we're going to leave about 11:30. I have to be at the hospital by 1. I'm about to shower and get my stuff together! I'll see you all on the other side!

HELLO from the other side!

So I got to the surgical center around 1. They immediately took me back and had me get dressed in a gown and started an IV. Everyone was super friendly and really made me feel comfortable. At 2 they took me back to surgery and I was done in about 45 minutes. I left the Surgical Center at 4 and it was painful. I have a problem with nausea so they did not want to give me any extra pain medication until I got home so that I didn't puke in the car as bad. The car ride was the longest ride of my life. When I got home I was still a little loopy from anesthesia so I ate some soup and took my pain meds and took a nap. I woke up around two hours later and have been feeling a lot better now that the meds have kicked in. I will not be screwing up my timing with my meds because theveryone pain was horrible. Dr. Lofman is not only incredible but he is a genius. My breast look absolutely amazing and it's only been a couple hours. I highly recommend him for any plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery. He is a perfectionist and it truly shows in his work! It won't let me post pictures right this second but I will later when I can mess with the site a little more

Post op pics

So sleeping last night was interesting. I'm a serious stomach sleeper so it was definitely a challenge. I thought my alarm sorry 3 and a half hours I woke up to take my meds and let me tell you you still awake up sore and stiff for then he went to sleep. Morning boob is no joke. Also when I stand up the pressure is intense. I didn't really read anybody with that problem or maybe they just didn't say anything. I feel like I have to carry them lol. Here is a collage of some post at pictures. The first one is pre op so you have comparison

Getting better

The pain is definitely getting better I think today I'm going to try and only take Ibuprofen. I actually slept really well. Call my doctor today and see if I can wear a sports bra over these straps. I feel like I need something to carry these bad boys besides just the straps I have to wear 24/7 for a week! Actually get to take a shower this morning and oh my gosh I cannot wait!

More Post op pics

Day 3 po

Feeling better

Im Starting to feel a little better. I'm switching from my pain meds to tylenol today. I'll probably still take a Percocet before bed for the next couple days. Here are some pics from today. I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM ALREADY! I'm so happy I went threw with the augmentation. Dr. Lofman really is a brilliant doctor and I really would recommend him to anyone anytime!!!!!

More Post pics

Bra pic


So I'm starting to get Restless. I can't wait to see my doctor Monday and have him tell me everything is ok and that I can finally get rid of this band! It is absolutely driving me insane!!!

5 days post op and I'm still really sore

I'm taking tylenol extra strength only today. Im already regretting this decision but let see how this goes. Everything is looking great. My incision under my right breast is a little irritated from the straps so I put a sports bra on and the straps over it. I'm going to go buy a surgical bra today so I can take the straps off before my incision gets worse

1 week checkup with Dr. Lofman

Went and seen the doctor today and he says everything looks great. He told me I could burn my surgical band thank God and that minimum massages will be needed. More or less just push them together as my massage. No wired bra for 3 months and I'm only supposed to wear a decently supportive sports bra AKA high impact sports bra. I seriously could not be happier with my results so far. I go back to see him next Monday and he will be taking the tape off of my incisions finally!


I finally got some sleep last night. My breast, last night, where in so much pain from me overdoing it. I will definitely be taking it easy today but on a lighter note I finally got some really good sleep last night. First time in a week thank God! I really love my breast! My left is riding a little higher still but it'll catch up! But they still look great! Happy one week to my ladies!

Over did it

I decided to hang out with some friends last night and definitely overdid it apparently because today I'm super duper sore. The girls are dropping more everyday and the tightening in my chest is starting to loosen up more also! I'm extremely happy with my results still especially for less than 2 weeks


So went to my 2 wks check up and the doctor took my tape off my incisions. I'm a little worried my left breast has a double bubble where the incision is. My doctor has dismissed it for the most part but it has gotten worse since yesterday really hope I'm not going to have a problem

3 weeks already!?!?!

I cannot believe it's been 3 weeks already. I'm still super sensitive but it's getting a little better. I'm still taped up trying to keep everything where it's supposed to be while healing. My scars look great so far. I just hope this double bubble thing fixes itself. When I went to my doctor on Friday to have it checked he retaped both breasts and instructed me to wear a wire bra. He said because it's so early this should fix it but if not we will be doing a second surgery.

Coming up on 5 wks

My 1 month check up was nerve racking. My doc decided to do a second surgery in January to correct my double bubble on both sides. Other then that I still love them!

Almost 7wks

I am coming up on 7 weeks and I love my girls. All the sensitivity is gone and I'm finally able to sleep in my stomach. other than that I'm still scheduled to have surgery in January but it's really not other than that I'm still scheduled to have surgery in January to fix my double Bubble.

Going good

So everything's going good I'm just patiently waiting for my second surgery in January.my low impact working out is going good. Not A bunch of change to report

Video update

Video update
They feel and move like they are 100% real!

Animated deformation

I went for my 3 month and my breast officiallyons have animated deformation. I officially have surgery next wed the 18th. He is going to put my implant over the muscle and pinned into place. I am more nervous now then I was before. It only shows when I flex but it's still alarming.

Revision surgery complete!

So today was the big day and I got my second surgery. My surgery was scheduled for 8:30 a.m. they brought me right back and got me ready and I just hung out for a little bit before they brought me back to the surgery room. Overall it took him almost 2 hours this time and I am in way less pain this time. I cannot believe the difference between over the muscle as opposed to under the muscle. So far I'm super happy but like we all know it is only day 1. Right now I'm in bed desperately needing to sleep but I figured I would give everyone a quick update.

Day 1 revision pics

Video update

POWELL 9 days 2nd BA

2 wks PO 2nd BA

2 wks

2 wks PO video

2nd BA 2 wks PO

1 month PO


3 1/2 months post op

3 1/2 month PO
Dr Andrew Lofman

Dr. Lofman his hands down the best plastic surgeons / reconstructive surgeon! My breasts look absolutely stunning and it's all because of him! I would highly highly highly highly recommend him to anyone!!!

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