5'9" 134lbs -400/ 425 cc Paid off Student Loan Early - Boobs Are my Reward! Pear Shape to Hourglass! Birmingham, MI

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As an extremely frugal individual, I never...

As an extremely frugal individual, I never expected I'd buy myself a gift of breast implants! But here is what happened... I paid my student loans off early, and as a reward, decided to spoil myself for once on an entirely frivolous cosmetic procedure to enhance my figure. I'm only 31 and figure, why not have nice big boobs? Life is for the living. I am going ahead with it for the sake of the feminine fashions I like to wear, and to even out my "bottom heavy" pear figure ( I have a 34 B chest, 24 inch waist and 37.5 inch hip)! Do I hate my small boobs? Actually no, I never have hated them. I like them for plenty of reasons, but I think big boobs would better suit the "look" that I like which is the classic pin-up look. Also I always wear the bobmshell VS bra to look 2 sizes bigger, so basically I just want that look without the bra.

Today I paid it in full with nearly all the money in my savings account (eeek!), and made the surgery appointment for Thursday June 4th!

I already had my consultation inital n April 28th and the surgeon told me my left breast is slightly bigger. I never knew that. I gave him photos of figures I loved, Jayne Mansfield, Selma Hayek, but he said they were too big for me. He did say, "when a woman walks in and says she wants a full D to double D I know what look she wants. You just have to trust me". So I am trusting him entirely. We didn't try on sizers because he says they give a false look since they lose volume under the muscle anyways. We did not even discuss CC's. My doctor did a wonderful job on my lip injections, and he has around 30 years of experience, so I will just trust him. I am not hung up on size, just the overall look. I am getting silicone under the muscle. Also I should mention, I do not have kids, and I am not interested in ever having kids.

More photos of before and the goal look

I would love the look of Betty Brosmer... big boobs, tiny waist, nice hips. That is my ideal look I hope for.

Pre Op Appointment

Today was my pre op appointment. I went in and filled out paper work, and met with my surgeon once again. He is such a charming and kind person. He said " and don't worry, I will not go *too* conservative", which was thoughtful because he must have remembered from my initial consultation, that I was worried (without getting to try on sizers at his office) that I would end up with boobs so natural looking that they would look like no procedure was done. He is going to use 400-450ccs. Since I am a 34b now, that should give me the D to DD that I am hoping for! I am so excited!

dress before

A draping bodice dress before.. hoping to fill this out better soon.

Tomorrow is Surgery Day!

I can't believe it's almost time! A while ago I got all my RX filled. It pays to call around and price check because I found the prices of the prescriptions ranged greatly. Rite Aide was $5- $12 higher on the exact same RX's... Meijer and Walmart were the cheapest. I also bought some Arnica Montana gel for swelling and bruising.

I have been using Dial complete soap for the last few days as directed, and I bought some button front pajamas to wear to surgery. I have 7 days from work, a bunch of library books and videos, and my sweetie will be taking care of me. I plan to sleep in a reclining chair this week. I am hoping I can sleep on my back without any trouble because I am a total side and stomach sleeper!

Today they called and changed my surgery arrival time from 11:15 to 12:15. At midnight, until surgery I can't drink ANY fluid or consume food. I'm not worried about food, but I believe it will be hard to not drink anything for that long.

I am feeling excited, but scared! I know that is normal!

on the way to Michigan...

Today is the day. I slept well! I am more excited than anxious. I'm so thirsty!

on the other side!

My right breast got 425 ccs and l left got 400ccs. I will write a better review later, as I am drugged up now, but no pain. Just tightness. It went marvelous!

one more post op surgery day pic

Looks good


Yesterday went so smooth! I was not even scared (just excited!!) because I fully had faith in the Lord watching over me, and I knew my doctor was excellent because he has positive reviews over 25 years. On the day before surgery I read a few chapters from my favorite book "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Pele and the chapters gave me the peace and calmness I need for the surgery to never feel scared.

I got to the appointment at 12:15. I was given a pregnancy test, weighed, and filled out some papers. Then the nurse put the IV in my arm. That was the worst part (they had to try twice because my skin is thick apparently) but since I expected the IV to hurt bad, it was less bad than I thought. The other nurse held my hand while it was happening, and she was so very nice!

Next my kind and wonderful surgeon, Dr. Rifai came into the room and made marks on me. Shortly thereafter I was walked to the operation room and I laid on the table. We conversed about a wedding dress I am making for a customer, and next thing I knew (I don't even remember) I had become comfortable numb to quote Pink Floyd.. just gone! There is nothing else I remember. I just woke up in a room with my pajamas on. I was so loopy but in no pain whatsoever!

The 2 hour ride home was easy, no nausea. At home I sat in the recliner (where I still sit and rarely get up from). My boyfriend made me eggs and toast and I took my meds. I slept through the whole night! I was afraid I would never be able to sleep on my back because I exclusively sleep on my side and stomach, but I was so drugged up that it was not a problem.

It is now day 1 post op and I still feel no pain, just pressure. It is hard to do simple things like twist a cap off a bottle, flush the lever to the toilette, and pump soap. But I am managing fine. I am not bloated at all at this point either.

My breasts look fabulous! My left is a 400cc and my right a 425cc so that they match now. Though they are high at this point, I can tell I will LOVE them! Dr. Rifai did a great job as I knew he would! I can't wait to see how they look as they "drop and fluff" .

Post op day 2

Day two post op was easy! No pain, slept more of the day than I was awake. I felt good enough to put on make up, go out to dinner, and take a 1 mile walk.

As I type, this is day 3 post op, and i slept very well through the night on the recliner chair. I am keeping up the ice packs and pills. I still feel loopy and out of it, but thankful for no pain!

My boobs look the same, still high. Right is higher, as to be expected since it is my dominant side.

Post op day 3

I am blown away how easy recovery has been and how pain free! Today I felt good enough to put on make up and go to an antique car show. I took a small nap, then went on a walk.

The only complaint was constipation from the meds made me feel gross and bloated. I finally had a B.M late today which I am very thankful for because it is no fun when you can't "eliminate" for 3 days. I drank 2 cups of "Smooth Move" tea yesterday, ate prunes today, and hot lemon water and coffee today to get the "pipes" awake again. Seriously, the constipation was awful and uncomfortable. It was the only bad part I have experienced however. Zero pain for the boobs. My boobs look the same as the past 2 days. I LOVE them. They are going to turn out just as I had hoped. :)

1 week

1 week ... feeling good

post op # 1 & back at the cafe job

I have started 1 massage which is kneading the upper pole area throughout the day. I still have not experienced pain in this plastic surgery experience, and I quit meds on day 4. The only hard thing was my first day back at work. I experienced extreme fatigue in my arms, while doing cashier work. I am avoiding parts to my job that are just too evolved... my coworkers are so helpful. By the third day back my arms feel 60% stronger!

My breasts make me happy. I love the size. Some men in public have been a bit too keen on giving me special attention. .. but not a big deal. Whatever. .. typical. :) I am glad I did this!

Also... my size small clothes fit! They just fill out different.

Week Two

I can tell they are dropping, if ever so slightly. The right is taking longer, but it is the larger implant and it is my dominant muscle. I have still not experienced any pain! I have been sleeping on my side since day 7 post op, without trouble.

week 3

Tape was taken off my scars for good. I love them more every day!

weeks 4 and 5

I love them. They get better each week... i do not regret spending the money for them as it is a daily joy to have big boobs!

2 month later... love them so much

They get better looking every week! No regrets

Bra Size finally revealed....

I finally went to Victorias Secret today... I am a 34 DD!! From a small 34 B to a full DD! I am shocked, but so happy. I never even would have guessed they were DD. :)

3 months

I love them daily! Worth it!!!

5 months

Worth it!!!

11 month later - WORTH IT

I have enjoyed every single day of my boobs. They suit my bubbly blonde personality more so than small boobs did. I feel pretty in all clothing. No regrets. My boyfriend loves them, I love them!

If you have always worn Victoria's Secret "2 cup size bigger" bras and like the look, just go for it. You know you will love it. Stay out of debt though, be smart and save your money up the old fashioned way.

Happy as can be

Well over a year since I went from B cups to Double D's. This was one of the best $$$ investments in my opinion. My daily life is truly more enjoyable thanks to the way I feel pretty with my figure in the way clothes look on me, and the positive (and not creepy but just favorable) attention from men. I just think it is a wonderful procedure, I can't say enough good things!
Dr. Rifai

Dr. Rifai impressed me when gave my lip injections, proving what an artist he is. This is when I knew I would want him to be the doctor who does my breast surgery. He's a kind man with an artist eye. He is trustworthy,and has over 25 years of experience.

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