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Hello ladies, First off, I'm so happy I found...

Hello ladies,

First off, I'm so happy I found this website. Your stories have helped me gain confidence and remind me that I'm not alone.

Here's my story: I'm 34 and just scheduled an appointment to remove my breast implants. At 22, I was a size 2 wearing size 32A. After years of having a bad body image, I decided to pump up my chest a bit. I went in expecting something around a B cup, but came out a C (Sorry, I don't know the technical information). Over the years, they've settled and I'm anywhere from a 34B to 34C. They don't look bad and I don't have any medical problems with them, I'm just over having them. They never made me feel more secure, and the past couple years I've developed a bad body image because of having them. They're hard, so every time I hug someone I lean in an awkward way so my chest doesn't accidentally touch them. They have also moved towards the edge of my torso instead of being in a natural spot on my chest, making me feel more like a cartoon character than a normal woman.

So, after reading many of the other women's stories on real self, I've gotten the courage to go through with removal. I met with 3 doctors and chose one who was sympathetic and supportive. My procedure is scheduled for March 24th. I am very nervous. I don't remember what my body looked like before my implants, and I've gained some weight since then. I'm afraid that I won't like the way I look, or the fit of my clothes. Granted, I'm not happy now, but I'm scared of going through with it and not being happy then either.

How do you ladies handle the psychological affects of the procedure? I see a lot of happy women on here and I hope that I'm one of them!

Only a few days to go

Well, my procedure is schedules for next Tuesday. I'm getting very nervous! At times I feel like I'm putting it out of my mind so I won't worry about it, but once a while I'll remember that it's happening and get very scared and excited at the same time. I'll post after it's done, but for now I"m just trying to stay positive and remember why I wanted to do this in the first place.

Some pictures

It took me a while but I finally got around to taking some "before" pictures. I really want to see the transition and healing, and also hopefully inspire other women who are considering this procedure like the women on here have inspired and supported me. Thank you all for listening and for your support.

Well, it's done!

Hello ladies! I just got home from the doctors and everything went well. The procedure took about 45 min to an hour, and ended at 12:30. Right now I'm not feeling much pain, aside from some quick, sharp pains in my left armpit. I think they didn't numb that side up as well as the right, because during the procedure I felt some stabbing, but the doc quickly took care of it. Anyways, I feel SO much better now. I could feel a difference instantly once she took out the first implant. It was like I was me again. They feel soft and squishy, and even though I'm much flatter I feel so much better. I know the healing will be a roller coaster of emotions, but right now I'm confident I made the right choice.

As for the actual surgery, it wasn't as scary as I thought. The numbing stuff they use is great, and I didn't feel a thing except some pressure when they washed me. I have to wear the compression bra for a week, then go back to her for stitch removal. She made the smallest incision she could to help healing. I think they'll heal up nicely.

Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement! You guys are helping me through this and I am grateful for you!

Day 2 Post-Explant

Good morning ladies! Aside from a few sharp pains at the incision site and an uncomfortable compression bra, yesterday went very well. I took some acetaminophen for the pain. I didn't sleep well last night because I'm not used to sleeping on my back, but I just propped myself with pillows and it went better after that.

I'm happy with the results, but I do hope they fluff up a bit. I know it's a huge difference after having the implants for almost 12 years, so I just need to adjust. I'm excited to go bra shopping and try on some of my existing clothes. My boyfriend thinks they look great; he's been so supportive.

Surprisingly, I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be about people noticing a difference. I know if there is anyone who paid attention to my chest over the years, they'll notice that I look different but I don't really care. The way I feel is trumping any nerves I have. That may change from time to time, but overall I feel so light and free!

Day 3 - Gauze Removal!

I got to take the gauze off today, and finally see myself "au naturale" for the first time! Even though I think I'm smaller than I was pre-BA, I'm still very happy with the results. It's so nice to feel my own squishy boobs without a firm ball underneath! I was nervous taking a shower because the tape over the stitches began to pucker, but it wasn't coming off.

I included a pic of my kitty, who is great company while I heal :)

Day 5

Still some liquid that jiggles around in my left breast, but otherwise I'm feeling good!

Week 1

I'm a little late, but I had my first post-op appointment on Tuesday. They took out the stitches, said I'm healing well and to keep wearing a compression bra for another 2 weeks. I pulled a muscle in my left breast doing sit-ups the other day, so it's been a bit sore, but I'm just taking it easy on the strenuous workouts for now. Hopefully it heals soon.

I couldn't be happier with my decision to get them removed! I absolutely love my natural breasts, and so does my boyfriend. I feel much more confident about myself. That could also be because of age and being more mature than when I was unhappy with my body, but either way I feel great!

I can't wait to go bra shopping, but I'm holding out for more fluff. The doctor said I could start wearing regular bras around 3 weeks, so I'll definitely go shopping then! Although, I have to say, it's super comfortable to wear a sports bra all day long. I might not completely give that up ;)

Week 2 and Scars

A few days ago I was able to take the tape off my scars and see them for the first time. Because I had my BA done through the bellybutton, my doc had to guess as to where my fold would be in order to place the scars. I think she did a pretty good job of the placement! I'm putting neosporin on them twice a day, and they seem to be healing well. I can't wait until I can use some scar-reducing lotion. I use a mix of carrot seed oil and argon oil on my breasts and chest, and it seems to be helping moisturize. I'm still happy with my decision!
Dr. Ellen Janetzke

Dr. Ellen was amazing. She's so supportive and understanding. She listened to me and went over every option before helping me make my decision. She has very good bedside manner and is easy to talk to. Her staff is great! They made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Ellen!

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