Tummy Tuck fail with Mrs Kat

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I have had an appalling experience with this...

I have had an appalling experience with this surgeon in Birmingam back in Feb. The surgery did not go ahead at the very very last minute (already marked up) therefore I can not comment on her surgical results but I can on her treatment of me leading up to, on the surgery day and subsequently.
I will write a review of my story shortly, I have been too upset to write anything until now. Until I get the review submitted (hopefully in the next few days) if you are considering a consultation with this woman please PM if you wish for a brief outline.

Tummy Tuck Story/Cancellation

I will add this review in sections as it has taken on a life of its own and has turned in to some cathartic exercise! Thanks to all that make it through to the end!
I decided on a TT for aesthetic reasons and to maybe have some in improvement with lower back issues if I was lucky.
First I will say why after much homework decided to see this surgeon. I live 8hr drive away from Birmingham but could find no surgeon closer at the time that did a TT without drains, having looked at her ‘ lock and glue’ technique I thought this was the procedure for me. I didn’t find a lot of client reviews on her on the TT front compared to others and I found both good and a bad reviews on this surgeon but following a patient youtube video and how most reviews were saying she was lovely, I thought ok this sounds like the one.
The bad review I read was relating to her attitude surrounding some TT post-op problems, I now sympathise with that girl.

The consultation Oct 2014:
Prior to booking the consultation I checked she was able to fit me in December/January as this when I wished it to happen for a variety of reasons, I was assured that this was enough notice and I would likely get surgery within this timescale.

I thought the consultation would be an hour perhaps for such a surgery, so when she spent most of the time taking photo’s speaking a lot about post operative exercises, and telling me how obese I was and that I needed to lose weight etc, I waited politely for ’my turn’ saying I was likely only to achieve 7lbs loss realistically in the time frame as I have always struggled with my weight, she told me to do my best.
She showed me an after picture of a previous patient of similar build and shape to me and it looked good and I stated it was better than I would have hoped and would be very happy if she got close to that result. I am indeed overweight and have been most of my life and so never expected to look thin just wanted to lose the loose rolls like many of us have. I look like I have had children but I haven’t :) She recommended a full TT with lipo as I expected.
I was aware she is known for aggressive lipo along with the TT so thought this would fit with what I needed! The consultation was abruptly ended at the 30min mark, and I was left feeling like I had not been given the opportunity to discuss what I needed to and now had to about turn and drive 8hrs home! I did mention this to the nurse I saw afterwards and she managed to get Mrs Kat to see me for another 10min but I felt she may have been annoyed at feeling compelled to do that…maybe her dislike for me started at that point who knows.
In spite of reports on how lovely she is I found her cold, a bit abrupt, with an undercurrent of arrogance and did not like one bit really, however I convinced myself not to judge her by her bedside manner but by her reviewed surgical results which after all was the most important factor. I also thought I may just have caught her on a bad day…we all get them sometimes!

(I have put some pics on to show my size etc, my ‘rolls’ look slightly odd due to lipo I had 15yrs ago that left my tummy a bit wavy but other than that I look similar to hundreds of woman that have this done) I have put back all of the weight I lost for the op and some extra comfort eating so my tummy in the pics is a good bit bigger than it was in Feb but you will get the gist….I am not mobidly obese..around a size 14 or loose 16 most of the time but I am only 5’3.
On the clerical front they sent all my paperwork to my old address which was my banking address not my home address (as I had recently moved) I told them this twice but it was never rectified luckily it was not a problem as my banking address was a relatives home so I just picked it up as it arrived, I received all correspondence…..or at least that is what I thought….this will come up again later in this saga..

She ended up being busy in November, away in December and off on holiday leave the entire January. So much for getting the dates I had wished for (and was told I would probably get), I had to take a date for late Feb.

The preparation:

This part explains what had to happen for me to get to the operation day.

Note: The distance I decided to travel for this op and the logistics involved was my choice I know but I am explaining it so that people might appreciate why I got so upset on the day and for sometime after. She cancelled for no logical reason I can find after marking me up on the day! (she went on to be derogatory about my tears on that day claiming afterwards that was one of the reasons she cancelled!)

I had to fly down (couldn’t face another 8hr drive!) and hire a car to get to Little Aston for the pre-op, a blood test and swab later I was off home again.
I live on my own so needed someone to help look after me for the first week post op, and to drive the 8hrs to get me home again. I have no family or friends that could take the time off so an ex of mine agreed to take his one and only annual two week holiday and travel from overseas to look after me and do all the driving. I had to hire a car as he was not allowed to drive mine on my insurance. I had to book a holiday let cottage for the week post op as I was advised not to travel that distance and also to ensure I was around for the first post-op examination. Both of these tasks ended up being a tad trying in their own right!
I was crash dieting and making tons of soup to take down to the holiday let for the first week and to have in my freezer for my return home (my ex can’t cook!) I also knew I was to be on my own unable to drive for weeks after he went back so was being an organised little soldier!
Luckily I was not working at the time which is why the timing fitted well with the start of the year for me.
Started taking arnica, buying protein mix, bio oil etc etc for after the op. Bought button up front clothing as I expected getting dressed might be an issue for a couple of weeks, raised my sofa seat so I didn’t need help getting in and out, a step for the shower you name it I organised it! Quarantined myself for two weeks prior so I wouldn’t catch any colds or flu and demanded my ex wear a mask on the plane J he wouldn’t but agreed to being careful washing his hands and staying away from sneezing folk on the flight!
We had decided to travel down the day before surgery, but when we went to pick up the hire car instead of giving me what I booked.. a low level automatic saloon they gave us a SUV which I would have been unable to climb up into post op, so then a day later and a 4 hour drive to exchange the car at another rental firm we then had to drive through the night instead, arriving at the hospital in time for check in at 11am!

The day of the TT Feb 2015... or not as was the case.

So we arrive at the hospital frazzled but present :)
The nurses and anaesthetist (who was a lovely man and spent ages chatting with us making me laugh) did their stuff and I was told I may not be operated on until 4-5pm L It was going to be a long wait with a bit of a nervous tummy and I was dying to get to the other side of it, I was just so excited to be finally getting this done.
Mrs Kat came in to the room in her usual offish manner (in my opinion) and started marking me up, she was taking time and had a ruler and everything I was thinking to myself this is great she obviously is being very precise with her measurements, I was really pleased at this point that I had ignored my dislike of her manner.

THEN….. She poked me above the belly button on my upper ’roll’ and said I quote “ there is nothing we can do about that” clearly a bit taken a back I asked her what she meant? After some dialogue to understand what she was meaning she eventually stated “you will be perfectly flat below the belly button but not above“…WHAT!?

Looking like a rabbit caught in headlights and with tears starting to form in my eyes she then said it was all in the ’letter’ eh what letter I asked? She without any hesitation went straight to “you signed the contract saying you read it” She produced a 3 page post consultation letter I had never set eyes on….repeating ‘it’ was all in there, what was all in there I thought? The consultation letter must have taken longer to type than the consultation itself! It was packed with comments on how she discussed this and that with me, I really didn’t recognise much in the letter that reflected the contents of the discussion at consultation.

Now the ‘contract’ she mentioned did indeed made reference to a ’letter’ but it also makes reference to breast operations, in other words is a one contract for all surgery.. a generic contract. As I had received a fair bit of correspondence from the over the months and since the ’letter’ it mentioned was not entitled ‘consultation letter’ I just thought it was pertaining to something else that had been sent to me that I had seen or was something sent to breast op people. I have had two previous cosmetic surgeries and one other TT consultation years ago and never once had I received a letter summarising the consultation so I did not know to expect one.
She was determined I had received it stating it was posted and emailed, indignantly inferring I must be lying about having not received it, my ex jumped in albeit calmly asking her to prove I had received it (he is normally so quiet and non-confrontational I knew he was getting irritated by her attitude even to speak up) Now this was clearly was a mistake to challenge her given her inflated ego…and I don’t blame him he saw I was getting upset and also knows how honest I am so knew if I said I didn’t get the letter…..I didn’t.

Trying to quell an escalating situation, I asked meekly if I could have a few moments to read the letter that I had just set eyes on, she curtly replied “I‘ll give you longer than that” with what can only be described as ‘how dare your ex challenge me’ sarcastic smile and stormed off.

And there it was in the letter….a statement saying TT below the umbilicus!? Now for those of you that have looked at my pictures below the BB is not my only problem area and it would make me look pretty misshapen if the below the BB was flat and the upper section was left with the roll? The hundreds of pictures I had ever seen with a body shape like mine had perfectly good results above and below including the picture she herself showed me at consultation. Plus surely if she is pulling downwards tight enough to have to move my BB it will flatten to a point due to all the skin removal/tightening, let alone some lipo on the area as well? I was utterly confused.

Ok so now exhausted from the trip and with panic setting in I started to fully cry, my emotions were all over the place, I couldn’t believe what was unfolding.
Neither Mrs Kat or any staff at any point tried to clarify or explain what she meant.
A nice nurse came in while Mrs Kat was gone to topically numb up my hand for the anaesthetic injection and asked why I was crying? After explaining what had just happened and that I was confused she left.
Moments later Mrs Kat re-entered the room with a nurse and said she was cancelling my surgery, and said I quote “ your expectation are not in line with what can be achieved“ …WHAT!? My ex then said in his cool manner “ if that is the case then a few hours before surgery was not the time to find that out and why wasn’t this ascertained at consultation stage? “
She then said I had not lost enough weight? WHAT… But she didn’t give me a goal weight, and I told her 7lbs was all I was likely to lose back at the consultation, (which I duly did lose) had she said I needed to be stones lighter clearly I wouldn’t have booked with her as I knew that was impossible for me. She then stated I was too upset for surgery anyway! WOW, well I was smiling when I arrived.
Her parting gesture in a benevolent sounding manner was “she would of course refund her fees“, then abruptly left.

So there I was, left in my gown, marked up, having spent 4 months planning (all my adult life dreaming about it) all shattered in minutes. I was feeling sorry for myself, guilty my ex has just come a long way and took holiday for nothing, and with the realisation I had no chance of all this coming together again anytime soon.………. I was understandably pretty inconsolable by now.

The aftermath

Enter the Spire on duty patient co-ordinator, she was nice doing the concerned bit, said the Spire would refund the hospital fees and took a statement as to what happened. As it was Saturday the usual girl that would deal with it was not back until Monday. We were asked to return to see her also.
Monday we arrive to again very nice treatment form the co-ordinator. I had somewhat composed myself but was still a bit tearful. I told her I could not imagine that the surgeon would leave my upper abdomen bulging out and as I had never seen such a result in my research (except for one which was a surgical error) in desperation to recoup the situation that was months in the planning I said that it must have been mis-communication and that my expectations were realistic, the letter saying below the BB only just didn’t make any sense, unless it was a mini TT. I asked the co-ordinator to ask Mrs Kat to reconsider her stance on the grounds it may be just a miscommunication and we may be able to still sort it out the confusion. Mrs Kat agreed to see us but would not change her mind on performing the TT so we didn’t bother as what was the point..to have her blame my weight or my expectations again.

The Spire then kindly organised for me to see another surgeon that day, he was a totally delightful man spent ages with us and said he could certainly achieve what I was expecting..yay I hear you all cry…eh no…he couldn’t do it that week at that short notice so all was lost again as my ex had to get back to work… so my chauffeur home and little helper was going to be gone by the end of that week. At least I knew my expectations were in line with what could be achieved with this surgery.
It also came up I vaped, it transpires that you shouldn’t be vaping prior to surgery, but I was only asked on the forms if I was a smoker and my GP surgery told me medically they consider me to be a non-smoker now so I put no. Nowhere on the health questionnaire did it mention e-cigs… By now it didn’t matter anyway but he claimed I had a lucky escape as I could have suffered necrosis. I think he was trying to give me the consolation prize but it didn’t really work, he was sweet though trying to make me feel better about it being cancelled.

We left the cottage early to return to my home as we couldn’t face hanging around for the week so had to throw out all the litres of great soup I took with me :(
My ex by now was in his damage limitation mode and a bit irked that it cost him an expensive £900 flight and a waste of his holiday leave. I too become angry that I had lost over £1100 in accommodation, car hire, petrol pre-op trip let alone all the stuff I bought in preparation.
I put this in a letter to Mrs Kat, along with proof she had not emailed that consultation letter, it seemed unbelievable to me I would fail to receive both the hard copy as well as an emailed copy.
If I had got the letter I may have been able to clarify sooner about the above and below the BB issue and maybe have sorted it out prior to the last minute, or maybe would not have had the surgery with her at all.

The Spire said they would hold an enquiry into what happened, their conclusion was a well scripted legally protective letter with no content…I was disappointed as I had no complaints with The Spire at all and their co-ordinator seemed very empathic towards what happened to me, I perhaps foolishly thought they would be less on the fence than they turned out to be.

We didn’t expect any financial restitution from Mrs Kat that’s for sure.. but we did ask her for it in writing, she offered to refund my consultation fee..it was a drop in the ocean on our costs.
I did not accept her offer.

Anyway, as no shock to me, included in her reply letter were downright lies about what happened on that day even saying there was a nurse in witnessing her nice manner with me at all times, the only time anyone other than the three of us was in that room was at the end when she cancelled, she brought the nurse in then. She even blamed me for not ’disclosing’ my vaping, like I had deliberately been disingenuous. Line after line of blaming me for anything she could dreg up. Citing it wasn’t her problem I travelled so far and even said the fact that I did travel must be testament to how good her reputation was….humble to the end! All of it was in case it was to end up in court she was just positioning herself, it still reflects what she is made up of though.
Also in the letter (after I gave her proof) she conceded her office got my email address wrong by one digit…. Fortunately the one they attempted didn’t actually exist otherwise some random person would know all about my personal body issues! But by that token they then must have missed a ping back saying it was invalid as happens when you attempt an incorrect email address, why didn’t they just phone to check, after all it was an important letter for me to get.
Oh and royal mail probably lost the letter according to her so they get the blame for that one. Shame royal mail got every thing else to me except that one letter huh?

Now I have my suspicions as to what really happened over that letter and why she cancelled so abruptly on the day but as this is already like war and peace I will call it a day.

Further surgery

At this stage I cannot contemplate this surgery with someone else due to being unable to recoup the money I lost at the preparation stage, even if I found a surgeon a bit closer I am a long way from a major city so I would still need driven to and fro for the surgery and post-op appts or have to holiday let again for a week plus I have no one I would dare ask to take time off to help me. My opportunity was lost and I admit I am not young so unless I could have it done this year I probably won’t bother thereafter. :(

My advice

Suffice as to say on her surgical skill I can’t comment, clearly I could not recommend her on the personality or compassion stakes! My friends say I am a very likeable, kind polite person so have no idea why she was this way with me when others rave about how nice she is? I am a straight talker which can sound a bit blunt I guess, so maybe I didn’t sound respectful enough, maybe I didn’t sound grateful enough or it could just be a case of hit or miss, or maybe I was too fat on the day for her. If you get the cool and a bit unfriendly Mrs Kat from the offing then I would stay clear, go with your gut like I should have. If you find her really nice like some people clearly report maybe all will be well for you. I can only relay what happened to me.
This would you believe is the abridged version, other stuff happened but I thought I would try my hardest to keep to the main thrust and clearly have still failed on that mission :)

If you are deciding on her for your TT, may I suggest the following;

1) Make sure you receive and read the post consultation letter carefully. She sent it the very next day after the consultation apparently so look out for it.
2) If you are a similar weight and shape to me, (apple) make sure you know exactly what’s happening above the belly button or don’t go with her.
3) Remember this as a business so treat it like you would any other expensive purchase, even if she looks busy don’t feel intimidated not to ask questions, try and take a friend with you, and go for the free second consultation if you can, as some questions may come to you afterwards…. (that offer of a free second consult was in the letter I didn’t get so didn‘t know about it)
4) If you are a vaper you must say you are a smoker on that form, and be expected to give it up!
5) Be careful she has a large ego.

I hope this has been useful to someone if anyone has any question please ask. Good luck to everyone who is pre or post surgery, keep posting it really does help.
Hopefully as Realself is an American hosted site she won’t be able to have it taken down like they can in the UK. USA still has freedom of speech. Bravo!
She may be able to sue me though…but the saying blood out of stone comes to mind on that one!

Forgot to add side shot, its not good, wish I had afters :(

Try again

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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