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This is my first time writing any kind of...

This is my first time writing any kind of blog/review of any kind. I'm 31 years old 5'2" tall & have always been a size 6-8. I've always been described as tiny and over the last 18 months due to a combination of bad diet, lack of exercise, increased work load & hitting my 30s I have been piling on the pounds. I have always been 7.5st-8st in weight and now I weigh 9.5st. Looking at my body just makes me feel sad and angry.

I've always considered lipo but for my chin not my actual body, after months and months of research I decided to bite the bullet and go I for a consultation with Dr Wolf at the Private Clinic. I can say I have done all of the exercise and I can't remove the fat but if I'm being honest with myself and the readers of this blog - I haven't done what I know I can do. I've become lazy, work gets in the way, I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'll go tomorrow - all the usual excuses come into play. So I've chosen the cheats way out. I can afford it so I thought I would do it. I've opted for vaser lipo as it is minimally invasive and I can go back to work after a week.

I have to admit, I'm worried! Will my body shape look very different, will I recover properly, will I be in months of pain, when will I see results? Who knows! Here I am sharing my story with everyone else who is going through the same thing I am. I have decided to have 3 areas done, my flanks, upper and lower abdomen. I'm sick and tired of wearing shape wear under my tight fitting dresses. I am trying to convince myself that if I do this surgery then I'll eat better and look after myself. After all I've paid £6k to get a body I want therefore I want to maintain it. If I like my new body shape then I'll want to exercise more and hopefully I'll then genuinely lose weight on my thighs and arms (not that the fat there is noticeable)

I'll load before & after pics as I get them done & will share my story for those who want to read it & want to share my experience (pain followed by Joy hopefully)! For anyone who has had those areas done I would love to hear from you & your stories on how to deal with the aftermath. I am only confiding in one very good friend about this & have no intention of revealing this secret to anyone else. Thank you for reading!

3 weeks to go.. Before pics

With 3 weeks left to go I wanted to load some before pics of my ever expanding tummy! Hopefully Dr Wolf can make my body look a lot better so I can into my dresses without worrying about the dreaded bulge!

T minus 4 days!

With o my 4 full days left until my procedure the nerves are now setting in. Is this the right decision? If I work extra hard can I lose the fat? How much pain will I be in after the procedure? How uncomfortable is the CG? More importantly will I be able to pee?!

I am excited and massively nervous, I am due to pick up my medication from the pharmacy on Monday and it is all starting to feel very real. I have booked my hotel for 3 nights and am hoping to gain some strength before I go back home.

Any advice from those who have recently had this procedure here in the UK would be great. Does anyone advise I stock up on anything specifically for post procedure? I am dreading the few days after the procedure!

3 days to go - before pics

With a few days remaining thought I would upload a few pics of my abdomen and flanks.

Day 1 post surgery pics

I had my vaser surgery yesterday, it went well and had 1.5litres removed. I'll write a full update on how it went and what to expect later but just wanted to load some day 1 after pics

Day 0 - first 24 hours of the procedure

So I had my vaser Lipu on my upper, lower abs and my flanks yesterday by Dr Wolf at Private Clinic. I have to say that the experience from start to finish was absolutely fantastic and this was thanks to the entire team in Birmingham. They made me feel very welcome and also at ease from the moment I went into the building to the moment I left. I was nervous yet excited which helped ease me into it. It all seems like a blur now. I was greeted by the staff when I went in, I was met by a nurse first who made sure I was comfortable and happy, then met by Dr Wolf who came into reassure me and asked if I had any further questions.

I then went into a room and changed into my white paper pants and my black paper bra (very fetching) and I was given a cap and gown. I then sat on the bed and waited for the anaesthetist to come and have a chat with me who explained that he will be sedating me by inserting a cannula into my left hand and I should be in a very 'happy mood' & then the procedure will start. He said I could be a wake or I could fall asleep. I actually did the latter although the nurses have told me that I kept them very amused during the procedure by waking and chatting to them
about 'how high' I was and informing them that I had been drooling during my sleep! All of which I do not remember! 3 hours later I was done! I was taken into another room and shown how much was taken out of me - 1.5litres of fat was removed in total. Yuck. It looked like someone had put a water melon through a juicer!

I instantly felt nauseous, so I threw up! Water is all that came up as I hadn't eaten since the night before. The anaesthetist put me on saline drip as I was completely dehydrated, my nurse stayed with me during the entire time. She was fabulous. I threw up again - this was clearly the anaesthetic in my system. My friend came to collect me, I was so drowsy and was desperate to sleep, I got changed and left to check into my hotel. I checked in around 3pm and slept until about 6pm. I woke up and my friend came back to check on me with food, she bought fruit and cold pasta. I wolfed down watermelon, it was a welcome relief from all that water I was drinking. She left half an hour later and I instantly threw it all back up - I then went back to sleep until 9pm. Woke up and ordered room service, i ordered mashed potatoes, I knew I wanted something bland but warm. It arrived and I managed to eat half a teaspoon before realising if I ate anymore then I would throw up. I had to call them back up and asked them to remove the food from my room. Dr Wolf called me at 9:30pm, he apologised for calling so late and asked if I was ok, I told him I was but I was also glad he called as there was blood seeping from my left drain on the bottom of my tummy, he told me not to worry and to insert another dressing and I should go to sleep. I took my meds and went back to sleep until 1am! Woke up hungry again, this time I went to the fridge for the cold pasta my friend bought and had about 3 mouthfuls and went back to bed. Managed to keep it down, I then stayed awake until 5 and slept until 7:30am! Day 0 complete!

Day 1 complete

I woke up at 7:30 and was stirring so I stayed in bed until 9:30! Had to force myself up as was absolutely dreading taking the garment off and then getting into the shower! I finally mustered up the courage and did it, after all I had to check out at 11:30 as my first MLD was at 12pm back at the clinic. So I got up and made a coffee, ate a biscuit and then took my meds, including a painkiller as I figured now would be the time to take it! Surprisingly I haven't been in excruciating pain as I thought I would be, it just feels like someone is poking me with a pin where the incisions are. It does hurt a little getting up and laying back down but once I'm in position I'm fine.

So after my coffee I walk over to the mirror, I sit on the side of the bed and start to undo the hook & eye on my garment, as I do that the dressing all starts to drop to the floor. Soaked in my blood and fluid, I have no idea how they managed to pack all of that dressing under that tiny garment. I walk over to the mirror and look at my body, it takes me a while to realise that what I am looking at is exactly what I wanted. It looks amazing, in fact I also know that as the weeks and months go by my body will get even better and look even more smoother. I am delighted. I instantly start snapping away my after pictures (I have loaded them 2 posts up) I gingerly make my way to the shower and dread getting in, I just know my incisions will sting but I do it anyway. I am in and out in 5 minutes and then pat myself dry and get my new clean dressings on and then on goes the compression garment. It wasn't as bad as I thought, it hurts putting it back on but it's bearable pain. I have to try and remember where I need to apply the padding and dressing.

I'm back in my CG and then I pack my things and leave, it feels really tight. I feel like I haven't done it properly but I'm thankful that I'm on my way for my MLD massage, the nurse will fix it I say to myself. She was brilliant, the massage was nice and soothing and lasted about an hour, maybe longer as we were chatting for ages. She puts me back in my CG and shows me how to put my dressing on, she says that as the days go on the less I will leak and the less dressing I will need to put on but warns me that on Monday she will be putting on my foam padding! Oh great - off with the dressing but here comes the foam padding. It's to stop a crease from forming so I'm good with that. I'm told 2 weeks 24/7 in the CG, 12 hrs with the foam in the day and 12 hours at night without and then 2 weeks of just 12 hours in the CG and 12 hours without. Then after that point it's up to me if I wear it.

So 4 MLDs to go and so far so good! Day 1 complete

Updated pics

The other ones weren't as clear so have added fresh pics

Day 4

Yesterday was day 3 and I was in quite a bit of pain, the incisions were hurting. Showering was horrible, my body was so tender and the incisions were stinging, I lasted 5 mins in the shower and had to get out! I didn't take any pics yesterday as I just wanted to wrap my dressings around my body and get back in my CG as quickly as possible and back to bed.

Today is day 4 and I'm much better, the incisions don't hurt as much but the back right one is still leaking red fluid, it still looks like blood but thin, almost like a red coloured water. I'm waiting for it to go pink as promised then clear! The front two drains don't look too pleasant, they look very red and the left one is leaking quite a lot. I get I the shower and it is so comfortable, I'm in there for about 15 mins, my body isn't as tender not do the incisions sting. Finally after 4 days I get to enjoy a shower properly. I took some pics today, my body is quite bruised today, much more noticeable than the last few days, there is still swelling but not as much as I expected. I'm hoping that with the MLD over the next week or so it should subside, if this is what my body looks like swollen then I can't wait to see the final results as in already happy with the way it looks now. Tomorrow is my second MLD and I will be put in the foam garment, hopefully I will stop leaking and I won't been to put too much dressing on before I put my garment on. I'm not sure the garment will fit with the dressings and then the foam!

Anyway, here are some day 4 pics!

Day 6 review - 3rd MLD session and drains removed!

It has been almost a week since I've had my vaser Lipo and so far everything has been going great. I have recovered really well, I had my 3rd MLD session today and the nurse has said that I am looking good. My tummy is flat and I barely have any bruising, I am still slightly swollen but even with the swelling I am still flat so I'm really pleased. Dr wolf text me from his holiday to ask how I am doing and has said I can call him if I have any questions, he didn't need to do that so I was very appreciative of his message.

The MLD sessions are really not as painful as people think, it's really nice and calming, the area you have had treated is naturally tender so it does feel odd but it's nice and relaxing, the massage itself is really soft. As the lymphatic nodes are just under your skin, you don't need to press to hard when massaging.

The foam that I have to wear under my CG can be quite uncomfortable as it almost feels like you're being restricted. My drains were taken out today so now there is a small plaster like dressing over the two incisions, all other incisions have now healed really well. I go back to work next Monday so need to figure out what outfits I can wear without revealing the bulky foam under my CG. I only have to wear my foam until the following Sunday and then it is just the CG which will be much easier as the CG itself is like wearing shapewear.

To summarise, I have no complaints. My body is looking great, I am in minimal pain and haven't experienced much since last week. The MLD sessions are going well, my only problem is figuring out what to wear next week!

Day 8 pics

Feeling much better, due back to work on Monday & I feel like I've almost fully recovered. I don't feel much pain apart from the odd pull in the muscle when I bend over or move too quickly but apart from that I feel fine. Just can't wait for the week to be over so can stop wearing the foam inserts, it is so big & bulky and very difficult to hide under my clothes. Anyway, wanted to share day 8 pics with you all - these are move 'before and after shots' they were taken 3 days before the procedure in my white skinny jeans and then 8 days later in the same white skinny jeans so you can tell the difference. I still have more swelling to go down but so far so good
Dr Dennis Wolf

Very warm in his manner & friendly in his approach. Advised me that I don't need my chin done which was nice of him. Put me at ease straight away & felt very comfortable with him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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